Style File 03.31.11

When I was in Austin, Kendi and I decided to swap some of our clothes for a bit. She has already styled one of my favorite little spring time jackets and here is my first styled post with a dress she gave me. I love the vibrant colors in it. It definietly pops from the bland background. Isn’t the beginning of spring so ugly? The snow is gone and all that is left are barren forests and tons and tons of salt and dirt on the roads. Wishing for pretty flowering trees soon!

Dress: Swapped with Kendi
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Studded Flats: Target
Necklace: forever 21

  1. Oh HEAVENS i LOVE your flats!!! the dress is so cool too, but I am drooling over studded flats lately.

  2. LOVE that blazer!

  3. gorgeous dress and i love that jacket with it! so many amazing textures 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I am still oh so obsessed with that blazer. I want, I want! Looks great with a colourful flowery dress. Great outfit.
    Love, L.

  5. You look amazing! All the fun layers and textures make this look PERFECT. xo, Kim

  6. Colors on that dress are so vivid and springy! Setting was perfect.

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  7. I think it makes for a really awesome backdrop! Great Dress!!

    The Weekend File

  8. Oh! I love this! It looks really great 🙂
    Did you guys swap more than just those two items? I can’t wait to see your take on her clothes and hers on yours (though I am not sure she is going to want to give that jacket back! She’s worn it a few times on her blog)


  9. I adore that blazer! And these photos are so pretty-the colors are just warm and gorgeous! Great outfit for your setting-they fit together perfectly 🙂

  10. I love that dress! So perfect.

  11. Your flats match so brilliantly with your blazer, and the dress adds to the gorgeousness of that entire look! Plus, you look super cute with glasses on, Jen!<3

  12. Still love that blazer!! You look great 🙂

  13. I love how you matched the bright colors of the dress with that muted blazer.

  14. Clothing swaps seem so fun! This dress is super adorable on you. I really love the blazer too.

  15. I love the loose, textured, ruffled blazer and I have those same flats! My sister and I just swapped clothes and she gave the flats to me. I love em. You look great!

  16. loooove it!! such a sweet dress!

  17. That blazer is so great! Loving this.

  18. you are a beautiful, bright flower in the barren woods, darling! 🙂 you are so lovely, those glasses and your smile! best wishes to you always! <33

  19. Birta •

    I always wish for lots of rain in the spring to wash away the gray and winter-y feeling spring has sometimes.

  20. I love that dress and this outfit combo. I also LOVE your glasses!

  21. ooooooh my goodness. such a cute outfit!! I love that dress on you!! I saw kendi’s version of your jackets already and i kept wondering what you were going to wear of hers!

  22. wow, your resemblance to my mom in the first picture is uncanny (def a good thing, you are both beautiful!). I cannot get over it still. I had to scroll down and look again when I came back today. she had glasses just like this back in the 70s. I love this look too! The blazer is perfect with such a colorful dress. I love how the blazer looks like a mix between a cargidan and blazer, more relaxed and comfry-looking.

  23. Melanie •

    These shoes! I almost bought them a couple months ago and I’m kicking myself for not doing it. And great great blazer!

  24. I love this Jen! That color is gorgeous on you!

    You should have never opened up the swap gates with me…I’m making a laundry list of items I want from your closet 😉

  25. This is such a pretty look! I can totally see you wearing it standing next to a big blooming lilac bush too…ahhh


  26. Ah, such a great dress, the colour is so good… and boy I’ve got a bad case of blazer envy here. Spring will arrive in your corner of the world soon, trees are all blossoming here and it has erased the memory of the long winter completely.

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