Style File 03.30.11

So I am still heading back to Texas outfits here. This was what I decided to wear the day of the conference. It was an easy choice because this dress is awesome. Have you heard of 81 Poppies before? If not you should definitely check out their site and see if there is a store location near you. This dress has quickly become one of my favorites. The colors are so pretty and I love the little details (like the hemline!). I decided to wear a white blouse from Forever 21 under it. I really liked how the ruffle sleeves popped thru under the dress. It dressed it up just a little for conference day. The dress has a cute drawstring waist but I opted for a black belt to tie my black heels in. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect day.
Dress: c/o 81 Poppies
Ruffle Sleeve Blouse: Forever 21
Belt: Target
Heart Necklace: gift from friend
JC Splendid Heels: Lulu’s

  1. you look sensational! What a beautiful dress! You look lovely in that color of blue.

  2. Ooooh, I can’t wait to start wearing my JC splendid’s more! Stunning, as always!

  3. This is not meant to be a snarky comment, but do you ever worry about modesty? Most of the dresses you wear are cute, but so so short! I’d be so afraid of flashing everyone every time I bent down or sat down.

  4. You looks so cute! The dress looks awesome on you and the heels are amazing!

  5. This dress is lovely! I really like the print

  6. I didn’t notice that awesome hemline in Texas! Lovely.

  7. Adore that dress, the shape, color, print is adorable! never heard of them, so gonna check them out!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  8. Jannira •

    I found you through Kendi’s blog. I am in love with your shoe collection! πŸ™‚

  9. Ooooh, I love how it’s tiered on the bottom. All about the details. Love this dress.

  10. Loving the 81 Poppies dress. That blue/purple looks great on you.

  11. Jen,

    I adore this dress! It is beautiful. I also really love the belt with this. Keep on showing these pictures from Austin… it makes me look forward to warmer weather sometime soon!

  12. Nice outfit! Love the heels!
    xxx from Spain

  13. Those shoes are great! I love that the black/brown combo and how chunky they areÒ€”it’s a great contrast to the dress! I’m also super jealous of that weather…

  14. Im so in love with your entire outfit! Thats so my style, and you look gorgeous πŸ™‚

  15. This was such a clever idea to pair the blouse under the dress, I wouldn’t have thought to do that! Great look Jen!

  16. I love that dress! It is so colorful and the hemline is wonderful. I wish there was an 81 poppies near me!

  17. I agree, do you end up wearing shorts under your dresses? They are so short!

  18. Michelle •

    Jen, you look amazing even cuter the second time around if that is even possible:) thanks again for representing the brand so well! Xoxo

  19. You’re rocking the short dress Jen! Love the print =)

  20. Gorgeous dress! I love it with the belt + platforms, such a lovely choice for the conference. I’m seriously envious of your amazing dress collection, you look gorg Jen! xx veronika

  21. Love these shoes! I always see shoes like this and really want a pair, but I have to ask – how realistically comfortable are they to walk in?

  22. The print on the dress is fantastic!! You look gorgeous, as always, and I of course love that you are wearing my favourite shoes!!

  23. You look gorgeous in that dress the print is so lovely! Also love that belt and those amazing shoes.

  24. Heather •

    Jen is tall so it is a must for her to know how to wear short dresses in a lady like manner. I’ve figured it out over the years as well, it’s not that hard as long as you pay attention to yourself!

  25. as a fellow tall lady, you learn to do the semi-kneel bend. never from the waist. always in the knee. never sacrifice a cute dress for a less than ideal hemline. especially when the hemline is as awesome as this one is! love the tiers!

  26. Ooh, that’s the dress I’ve been eyeing since your conference overview. It looks so great on you. Seems like that brand has a lot of dresses I like, wish I could get my hands on them over here too. You have the longest legs btw, am totally jealous πŸ™‚

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