6 Months

We are well into our 6th month with little Miss Rowan Winter. She had a half birthday party the other weekend with her grandparents and Kev when I was away in Austin. Guess what? This sweater she is wearing in these pictures was mine when I was a little baby. Can you believe that. How cool, right? It’s more like a little belly sweater though. She is so tall.

Every week that goes by more and more of her personality starts to shine thru. She loves to blow raspberries- like the full tongue out, spit everywhere kind. Especially when we are eating and she thinks its funny to spit peas all over me. haha. She is such a good eater. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making her baby food. I love feeding her with homemade baby food. It’s probably one of my favorite things. So far she has had, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, apples and bananas. She hates bananas. She acts like we are gaging her when we try to give her some mashed up. I even smooth them out with some formula. No go.
Rowan also LOVES to stand. Kev has made up a song called “Standing Girl” for her. As soon as you are holding both her hands she straightens her legs and up she stands. I think she would stand for hours if we just kept holding her. She is also a rolling machine. There is no containing this baby. She moves her self everywhere. She is constantly moving. There is no sitting still for her. Even the doctor the other week was like “wow she is a handful.” I think she will start crawling really soon, she is starting to do the hands and knees thing.
There is still no laughing???? We try, but nothing seems to make her laugh. She is amused to no end by everything. She is always smiling but the laugh is just not as easy. We have heard a few but they are few and far between. We had our first sick baby this last month. Poor Kev was home with her when I was in Austin. She had a terrible cold. Isn’t it the worst? You feel so helpless. This little baby is so stuffed up and cant drink a bottle and there is really not all that much you can do for them. We hated every moment of it. She is still getting over it but is way, way better.

We have 2 full teeth out at the bottom. They have been out for almost a month now. I am sure the top ones our on their way sometime. Her little toothy grin is almost to cute to handle.

We have been trying a lot of sleep training methods lately. Ever since she got sick she has been on the worst sleeping schedule. It was almost getting too much for us. We were zombies during the day. She was waking up every hour and not being able to sleep again unless we were holding her. Of course when she was sick we were all for comforting her but then it became a habit for her. She would only want us to hold her to sleep. It was like newborn stage all over again. We finally decided it was time to move her out of our room and make her, her own room. This past week my mom and I have been creating a sweet little room for her. The sleep training + plus her own space has improved things like 95%. We are not there yet but things are getting better. My dark circles under my eyes have decreased dramatically. haha
My dear sweet little Rowan:
Mommy has so much to say to you. This weekend has been very tough for a lot of families in our church. There was a funeral yesterday afternoon for a family who’s son Noah died after only a few days of being alive. It crushes me to think of this happening. Why something so sad can happen. Our other friends sister just had their daughter on Saturday morning. They knew that she was going to be born with a very serious defect. One that would only give her a few days to weeks to live if she made it thru the delivery. God works in ways that most times I can’t understand, but I know that he is in control. I know he can give these families peace but it is heart breaking. It would be heart breaking even if I wasn’t a mom, but seeing you grow, being so healthy and strong and then hearing of these families just brings me to tears every time. You have wrapped yourself around my heart. I feel like we are one, you are truly an extension of me. I want to be grateful for every moment we have. Every smile we share, every hug, every cuddle. Even in the bad I want to be grateful. This life is a blessing. Some days are tough and somedays I cry because it is hard but I will not lose sight of how fragile and special your life really is.
Always remember that.
I love you with every ounce of my being.
-your mommy

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  1. Honestly, Rowan is seriously one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! The big blue eyes and chubby cheeks are just too adorable. I’m so glad things are going so well!

  2. Indeed, it is heartbreaking to wonder why… how?… and see life as cut off too soon and short. I, too, am holding my babies closer this week, grateful for life.

    It is beautiful to hear of your heart for little Rowan, Jen. I love her colorful cloth diapers and that you make her your own baby food (I loved that, too, although it was short-lived; both Satya and Liam preferred whatever we, adults, were eating to even all the baby food I lovingly made for them!).

    There are so many sleep training methods out there from Dr. Ferber to Dr. Sears. I hope you find one that works for you and Rowan.

  3. this is so cute… look at those eyes!

    <3 steffy
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  4. cutest baby in the history of babies!!!!!!!!! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  5. Happy half b-day Rowan Winter! You’re doing so great with her Jen! xo

  6. Gorgeous photos! Happy half-birthday, Rowan!

  7. Thanks for the reminder about just how lucky and precious we all are on this yucky Monday morning…..and those cheeks!!
    I love coming here:)

    Third Street Photo

  8. What a sweet, sweet letter to Rowan. I had a tough weekend with family stuff, and there is no way I could get through it without my faith in God. Good luck with the sleeping!

  9. I went to jr. high with Baby Noah’s dad and hearing of their loss broke my heart as well…I tiptoed into my kids’ rooms on Friday night and kissed them extra.
    Your beautiful gril is growing so quickly! What a cutie! And don’t worry….that laughs will come.

  10. Krystal •

    A beautiful post and a gorgeous girl:) I love the sweater … So pretty with her on the light rug… Love love love these posts!:)

  11. Rowan is a lucky girl to have you as her mother, thanks for your openness in your letter to her, it’s very inspiring!

    Emma xx

  12. She is seriously the cutest! I love the combination of the sunlight, white rug and colorful toys / textures. Happy half birthday 🙂

  13. what a little doll she is, those beautiful cheeks! hope she’s feeling better, and that you’re getting some rest.

    here’s a neat trick with bananas that’s great for a teething baby with sore gums. If you freeze banana, then puree them (we used a hand-turned baby food mill), they taste just like ice cream. Seriously!


  14. omg CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Good job @ making your own baby food! I always tell my mom I am going to do that when I have the babies and she pretty much laughs in my face. Well hopefully I wont have as terrible children as her 😐 THATS RIGHT MOM!!! I SAID IT!!!

    Oh your post…right. Rowan has the cutest chubby cheeks ever!
    <3 tina

  15. Rowan is the cutest most beautiful baby ever! I love this post and the pictures are beautiful. How lucky is she to have a wonderful mother like you.

  16. your daughter is just lovely and your love for her is so beautiful to read and see on your blog. it is so heart breaking to hear stories of loss, i had a miscarriage just a couple of weeks ago, and it’s so hard to find peace while letting yourself grieve. the love you have for your daughter does give me hope that i will have that love some day.

  17. that belly sweater is AWESOME.
    what a sweet letter to R, and so sorry to hear about the things happening to your friends. hugs for you and them.

  18. Beautiful baby! Such a cute sweater. It’s wonderful she can wear something her mommy wore. That’s pretty awesome. Thank for sharing your sweet letter to your daughter. Beautiful photos 🙂


  19. She is insanely cute with those cheeks! Love your letter to her, the best thing we can do as moms is lead them to Jesus and put them in His hands, thanks for the reminder!!

  20. She is so cute! She’ll end up laughing here soon, and chances are, she’ll be hysterical of over something random, or a person who happens to be visiting you guys. Our first daughter thought us saying “hot dog!” was just the funniest thing ever — thankfully i have a video of this 🙂

  21. Look at those thighs. I LOVE them. Such a sweet girl.

  22. Oh my goodness Jen. I seriously want to eat her up! That sweater is too cute on her, even if it’s a crop top…you can say that she’s definitely on trend! haha.

    This letter is so beautiful. I’m so sorry to hear about the other families. My heart goes out to them.

  23. Catherine •

    For the banana– or foods in general. They make these little mesh pocket things with a ring on the end that the baby can hold onto, and you put the food int he mesh pocket and snap it shut, and then they can feed themselves by gumming the mesh and food squirts out– it might help if the banana is a texture thing. Plus, she might like to eat it more if she feeds it to herself. I can’t think of the brand of the masher thing right now– Munckin maybe?– but they have them in the baby aisle with the bowls and stuff at Target, Walmart, etc.

  24. Such a sad story, my prayers are with them. We got our baby to laugh for the first time by pretending to sneeze. Try it!

  25. Hi!!!
    I am from Greece and I read your blog!! Your baby is amazing, so cute and she has the same age with my nephews!!!!!! You are so lucky having this angel….!!!

  26. She is so adorable! You can tell just from her pictures that she is a little busy body! My baby is 7 months old, and she still seems content just to sit in one place for the most part. I don’t think she’ll be crawling anytime in the near future, but they surprise us every day, don’t they?

    Keeping your friend’s family in my thoughts and prayers!

  27. My little guy wasn’t too fond of regular bananas either-then I roasted them and he was in LOVE! Throw 4-5 on a baking sheet (peels on) and in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. They will slip right out of the peels and you can use the liquid to puree them. It gives them an amazing depth of flavor-in fact, now I roast mine whenever I make banana bread or muffins. Yum!

    Rowen is a doll and you’re right, we all need to be thankful for our healthy little ones. I’m going to go give mine some extra lovin’…

  28. Tina B •

    Ah, thanks for the reminder to be thankful… ALWAYS!. Keeping your friends in our prayers.

    We did what Kimmy did….pretending to sneeze worked here as well!
    Rowan is a doll!

  29. Rowan is just the sweetest little thing! The stories about your friend and members of your church are just heartbreaking. Its just so unfair to go through a pregnancy getting excited about this baby and loving it and growing attached only to lose the baby so soon. God works in mysterious ways but this is one I will never understand.

  30. I can’t possibly understand how you stop kissing those cheeks long enough to get dressed everyday.

  31. okay, it’s official. you have the cutest baby ever. with the cutest name ever. so glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

  32. oh my word. that kid is cuteness overload! And that sweater? soooooo adorable. I can’t believe it was yours!!! so sweet!!
    ps. It breaks my heart to hear other families suffer like that too – but I just comfort myself with the fact that God is a loving god, and there must always be a reason, or some plan I can’t see. And it makes me all the more grateful for every second I’m blessed with my kids.
    pps. you are such a great mom my friend!!!

  33. Being a mum is tought at times i so agree, but its also the best job ever isnt it 🙂 She is just the cutest with those big blue eyes. My little girl wear my old baby clothes also its the cutest.

    Zoe x


  34. Rowan is ridiculous. If there were a cute meter, she’d break it! Are your lips chapped? I bet they are a little from kissing her (& Kev too)! Your words give us a glimpse at just how beautiful your heart is. What a blessing we have, to be Mothers of children in our arms and those waiting for us in God’s.

  35. She is sooo adorable! She’s really reminding me of Kev right now. I hope her sleep issues get all worked out.

  36. Jen, your family is so beautiful. Your letter at the end broke my heart. You inspire me daily to try and be kinder, gentler, happier and more appreciate. The love you and Kev have for each other and your beautiful daughter is amazing.

  37. Recently a friend of mine from high school carried her baby full term and lost it two weeks before her due date. I’m not a parent yet, but I was so heartbroken for her I could hardly think about anything else for several days.
    It feels like there are a lot of things going on in my life right now that continue to remind me how short life is, but it is so amazing to hear of your faith and know that He is the one that connects us and reminds us that life is a gift.
    Psalm 39:4-7 is my prayer that I cling to whenever I begin to get discouraged or depressed. Much love to you and Rowan!

  38. She is absolutely gorgeous! And I love that she’s wearing your old baby sweater. I have a box of my old baby clothes saved for exactly that purpose. 🙂

  39. AAAWWWWW!! She is so adorable! Happy mid-birthday to her!


  40. She is so gorgeous it is ridiculous! Heartbreaking news and a good reminder to pray for others when I am giving thanks. -e

  41. I love the pictures of your little Rowan, a great way to end my day. That is so sad to hear what your friends are going through… even without knowing them it breaks my heart. I am not a mother yet so I can only imagine how they are suffering. Poor things…


  42. omg she is too adorable! and i love that she is wearing a baby crop top! give her a little tutu and she’s in business, lol.

    So sorry for the family eho lost their little one, I pray for their healing…

  43. when my daughter was that age she slept about 7-6:15 and napped at 9 and 1. Can’t say when to put her to bed at night but the 9 and 1 during the day was a friggin blessing. It seems like it would be too close together but it works perfectly, I also watched 2 girls about her age the same time as I watched her and they all napped then (about 1.5-2 hrs each nap) I think I got this information from healthy sleep habits happy child, very good read.

  44. Sophie •

    She’s so beautiful! Babies are a miracle.
    I’ll be praying for those other families in your church. I hope they find comfort in the fact that God loves their babies too, and will keep them in His hand even though their lives were short.

  45. what an angel! Those beautiful eyes and those CHEEKS!
    Happy 6 months! Also really love the sweater!

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