Hello Friday

Its been a long and busy week. A good week because my mom has been here helping me with the nursery but I am exhausted. We are having a really hard time with Rowan sleeping lately. It is getting better as we get more strict with a little sleep training but it still makes for long nights. I still have to get to a 6 month post for her but there has been no time. I snapped this photo this morning as she played in her new crib. Her room is looking fantastic. Lots more to do but we are getting there. There will definitely be a nursery tour when it is all done.

I couldn’t be happier it is friday. I am looking forward to Mexican food tonight with friends and then a weekend with Kev all to myself.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately from around the interwebs and from my lovely sponsors…
1. We are off to Florida in a month. I can’t wait for the beach. Isn’t this bathing suit just darling?

2. An absolutely beautiful new lookbook from Ruche. Drooling over everything!

3. Such a cute hibiscus tee for a little girl

4. Mini Nutella Cheesecakes? Umm yes please!!

5. Love the collar on this pretty dress!

6. I want to own these cute vintage glasses.

7. How awesome is this paper house mobile? I love it!

8. Erin really nailed it with this outfit. I really wish I owned this beautiful coat.


  1. aw, thank you jen!

  2. Oooh, look at that sweet little baby face!

  3. That bumper fabric is to die for, can’t wait to see more pics of her nursery!!

  4. oh my, she is soooo adorable!!! ^,^

  5. I just made nutella cookies last night but those cheesecakes look ah-mazing. Also, thanks for showing me that dress because it will haunt my dreams until I buy it. So cute!

  6. Baby in just a diaper…so cute!

  7. Hang in there with the sleep training! I know it sucks, but it’s worth it in the end 🙂 email me if you need a pep talk! XOXO

  8. Her crib padding “thing” (can you tell I’m not a mom) I’m loving this fabric. Where did you purchase the fabric?

    Baby Rowan is growing to be one of the cutest babies on the net. Haha. Congrats! Those cheeks get me every time.

  9. #4 officially combines 2 of my favorite things in the entire world. love 🙂

  10. Ashley J •

    OMG, that pic of Rowan is a framer for sure, she is precious!!!

  11. What a happy baby! =) I like the bikini you linked too, I’m really hoping to be bathing suit ready in a few months =/

  12. Oh my LORD, that Ruche lookbook! I can’t even look at it right now.

  13. What a cute picture of Rowan! Loving that bathing suit too! My fav colour combo is the abstract blue 🙂

  14. Oh man she’s adorable. I know what you mean with the sleep thing. Just as you think you’ve figured them out and got them sleeping right something changes. But don’t give up hope and keep working on it. She’ll get back to it again. That swim suit is nice. I like how it has the wire, great for post-baby boobs. 😉 I miss these friday posts with all the things you like.

  15. very cute… can’t wait to see the finished nursery!

  16. Hello!

    First time commenter, just wanted to let you know how much I adore your blog and your outfits and your cute, chubby baby and husband. Oh – and your cooking posts! Love those too. I also really admire your ability to balance family and work. You are amazing!



  17. Ah! That first photo is SO adorable!

  18. what an adorable little girl she is… can’t wait to see your finished nursery!!

  19. i linked to your blog in my newest post, like i stated before in a previous post your newest follower and love your blog 🙂 you have an absolutely beautiful family! xx

    stacey @maple bacon & beavertails

  20. That bathing suit IS awesome. It reminds me of a similar one I got from ModCloth last year: http://www.modcloth.com/Swim+Noir/Look+2+Red+Visor/-Beach-Blanket-Bingo-Two-Piece-in-Black. A little pricey, but it’s retro-inspired cut is so cute and super flattering. Totally worth it!

  21. Rowan is adorable in her new crib. Her nursery I have no doubt will be exceptionally beautiful. Loving your girl!

  22. I really enjoyed this post! I liked how we could get a little insight into what you find when browsing like so many of us do. Plus all the items were fantastically gorgeous! Thanks! I hope to see another post like this again!

  23. phew girl. sleep training is a nightmare isn’t it? we really went through the wringer to get our baby to nap well and go to bed without lots of screaming and fighting. i just wanted to reiterate how helpful i’ve found the blog Chronicles of a Babywise Mom, and also Dr. Weissbluth’s sleep research and findings. The book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is a CHORE to read, but the man knows baby sleep like no other.

    Praying for all 3 of you. it WILL work and she WILL sleep well! you’re a super mama.

  24. Ruche’s look book really is amazing! I love all the pretty lace dresses. and Rowan looks absolutely adorable, you can tell shes going to be such a girly girl!

    Miss Neira

  25. I love this week recap + links, Jen! I hope your run went great this weekend!

  26. I LOVE LOVE that bumper! Where did you get this?!

  27. I love those sweet little ‘Rowan’ letters in her crib!! Handmade?

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