TxSCC Style File pt. 3 | 03.24.11

Maybe it was the warm air but something about having to dress without so many layers wanted me to keep everything really simple all week. Here is what I wore to the Clothing Swap the night I arrived in Austin. I had been traveling ALL day and I was not feeling like dressing up very much. I kept it simple and comfortable with this pretty floral dress and some really comfy but cute wedges.

I am so sick of wearing layer after layer. I know by fall I will be saying I can’t wait to wear tights again but for now I would like to be done with winter clothes.

Do you have a must have item for spring?

Illustrated Flora Dress: c/o Modcloth
LL Bean Belt: Swapped
Dolce Vita Pela Wedges: c/o Lucky + Bing

  1. I LOVE THOSE WEDGES!! Have you seen the Dolce Vita shoes at Target yet? I’m not 100% about them yet…

  2. Very cute. I love so many modcloth dresses, but don’t feel comfortable in things so short…especially if they are flip-able! I wish I could increase my comfort level (though still couldn’t so something this short at work.) Any tips on bravery?

  3. This is beyond adorable!

  4. I love that dress! It is really pretty, especially with those sandals!

  5. Love the dress I agree with it getting hotter and hotter I am bringing out the dresses and light clothing no morel ayers!

  6. you look so lovely and lady-like!

  7. you cant go wrong with an adorable floral dress, and i love the strappy shoes!!!

    <3 steffy
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  8. All of your outfits from Texas have just been so wonderful. You rock a dress like no other mama I know! Can’t WAIT for bare legs and floral dresses. It snowed again this morning in Montreal, where I’m at. At least I’ve got these lovely posts to remind me that spring is out there somewhere!

  9. You’re so purdy! I for sure need a good pair of brown strapy sandals 🙂

  10. I love being able to go to a dress as something simple to put on. Dresses are no fuss! Yours is so perfect, and it looks incredible on you!

  11. Love this simple outfit! the Shoes are KILLER! You look awesome! 🙂
    Rowan’s so lucky to have a stylish mom, She’ll be raiding your closet in no time! 🙂

  12. I LOVE your blog!

    Would you consider doing image consulting?


  13. This is so cute! I really love those wedges! And yes, I am also longing for the simplicity of summer dressing… it’s so funny to think of super hot humid days last summer when it felt too hot to even wear a necklace when we’ve spent the last few months piling on as many layers as we possibly can! You look perfectly spring like here, I’m loving it!

  14. Been loving your dresses! I’m kind of happy you’re not wearing layers anymore though you do them so good, think dresses are perfect for you!

    <3 Cess O.

  15. oooo that dress and those wedges are so so perfect!! I love this outfit! Actually I’ve really loved all of your texas outfits !

  16. You look tall skinny gorgeous and the epitome of style blogger perfection!

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  17. you look fantastic! and inspire me to be a little more brave in my wardrobe.

  18. What a lovely dress! Beautiful outfit. 🙂

  19. I LOVE the dress, but it is out of stock :*(

  20. Another gorgeous outfit! That dress is perfect on you and the wedges and belt compliment it perfectly.

  21. i’m a longtime reader, but infrequent commenter (because i know you must get swamped with all the comments you get, and i always feel like my comments won’t get noticed anyway. i’m insecure, obviously). wow, that was quite the ellipses rant! anyway, i love your dress! and those shoes! i think i have to go back to target and grab them now. you make everything look so insanely cute. your style is amazing. hope austin was fantastic!

  22. i am just wondering how you wear dresses that short and have no issue bending over and not showing everyone your behind?

    i ask because i am having this problem and looking for a solution.

  23. Ohhh those sandals! I have some very similar in my cart right now at Target online. Might have just convinced me to buy:D
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  24. That dress is lovely!

  25. 1. Those wedges are fabulous!
    2. I love the dress, too.
    3. The post is up! (With a lovely picture of you on it!) Go check out my copycatting here: http://dailymeeps.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-of-these-things-is-not-like-other.html

  26. LOVE this dress. The cap sleeves are to die for ,and the color scheme is perfect. I’m not sure what my must have for spring is yet… I recently cleaned out most of my dresses because I have gained some weight and the weight on top of my height made the dresses unflattering. I might invest in some cropped white skinny jeans this year! I think that could be crisp and fun.

  27. oh how i love those wedges!

  28. Cute dress Jen- I’m also loving those wedges!
    My list of must-haves for spring is ever growing- I’m wanting a pair of espadrilles, a maxi dress, and wide leg jeans!
    Oh, how I wish is was warm enough in New Brunswick to go sans tights but alas it’s still a bit chilly here!


  29. ooh, I’m loving that you are wearing your dresses like this -keeping it simple looks absolutely beautiful on you & oh, so spring! Also those wedges are super swoon worthy too. xx veronika

  30. This dress looks super cute on you! I love how you belted it!


  31. too short girl. toooo short.

  32. the shoes are so cute. it’s definitely still too cold here in beijing to where what your wearing. can’t wait until its warm here. really enjoying your blog 🙂 thanks.


  33. lucky girl! got to experience some warm, delectable weather! love the dress, it’s so cute!

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