Everyone needs a good hooded sweatshirt in their life. I know I have an entire shelf full of them. They are my comfort clothing item for sure, but who says they cant looked cute at the same time. Enter in Adri Apparel. How cute are these handmade sweatshirts? The fun little details take these sweatshirts to a hole other level of cute.

Adri Apparel would like to offer one lucky reader a gift certificate for $45 dollars towards whatever your heart desires in their shop.
To Enter:

1. Visit Adri Apparel and take a look around and leave us a comment letting us know so.

Simple, Simple!
Giveaway open from now until next Tuesday night. Winner will be notified on Wednesday thru email.

Good Luck Everyone!

  1. Alisha •

    Wow, I had no idea sweatshirts could look so cute! AND they have thumbholes! I really, really want this so much now! I’d definitely get the button down hoodie in navy and red. 🙂

  2. I like the teal big bow hoodie. 🙂

  3. I adore the “quote me” earrings! So cute!

  4. love the button down hoodie!

  5. Jackie •

    I like the button down hoodie. So cute!

  6. Love the quote me earrings and Big Bow Hoodie in Picnic Plaid!

  7. what an adorable hoodie!!! i’m wearing one right now but these are decidedly cuter.

  8. i love the navy buttondown hoodie! great giveaway!

  9. I love the teal hoodie with the white button!

  10. Oversized gray hoodie please. 🙂

  11. I like the the big bow hoodie with the teal polka dot bow and the lucky crane necklace!

  12. Caitlin •

    I love the style with the buttons on the side! They look like a great way to feel comfortable yet put together.

  13. petra galvan •

    I really like the oversized hood sweatshirt with fabric detail.

  14. Michelle •

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the button-down hoodie!

  15. Oh goodness how comfy do those hoodies look! I’m in love with those quote earrings as well!

  16. omg i never enter these things but the green hoodie. I want! I really want it looks so cute, and I’d probably never stop wearing it!

  17. LOVE the unexpected details on these hoodies!

  18. The button down hoodie in navy and red is adorable!

  19. Love everything! Especially the easy being green hoodie. So cute and comfy:)

  20. Jenn L •

    I love her shop! The wrap ring is gorgeous.

  21. I am also a fan of the navy button down hoodie! Very cute.

  22. Jacqueline •

    LOVE Adri! Especially the green hoodie!

  23. Love the button down hoodie!

  24. Siobhan •

    easy being green hoodie! love it!

  25. So cute. I love that green hoodie

  26. Lindsay •

    Cutest hoodies ever! Want!

  27. jessica hale •

    oh so cute. i would have such a hard time picking… i like them all.

  28. Love the hoodie in picnic plaid! Such a great interplay of cute and comfy!

  29. Like he Angel Wing Cameo Necklace 🙂

    from ©

  30. Nicole •

    I love the button down! So cute!

  31. I love the kelly green hoody! So bright and pretty.

  32. the button down hoodie is super unique for a hoddie.

  33. Marina Salinas •

    Her jewelery is so adorable, but I absolutely love the hooded scarf. Genius!

  34. I love the Easy Being Green Hoodie with Oversized Hood and the Oversized hood sweatshirt with fabric detail!! So adorable!

  35. I live in hoodies up here in Seattle. Love!

  36. Allison M •

    I LOVE the Oversized Hood sweatshirt! The pleats on the hood make it so unique! Thanks Jen!

  37. I love the quote earrings!

  38. This is perfect. I am so craving spring. Just sick of my winter clothes but it snowed this morning. I cute new hoodie is just the thing to tide me over.

  39. Katherine •

    love the mustache necklaces, how adorable! The hooded scarf is also a great idea!

  40. Oh my gosh I NEED that “I <3 SoCal" necklace!! Thanks for introducing us to this cute lil shop! 🙂

  41. Holy cow, yet ANOTHER new favorite etsy store! The Lucky Crane necklace is so lovely!

  42. I’m IN LOVE with the Big Bow hoodie. And pretty much everything else in her shop. The mustache necklace is adorable!

  43. They have such cute stuff, but I think that hoodie is my favorite!

  44. So It’s hard to say…but I think I am in love with everything on the site. I want the oversized hoodie with fabric detail, the mustache necklace, the hoodies with the bow tie on the front…I keep seeing something different every time I go back to the site…Love it!

  45. too cute!

    i would love the blue version of the button down hoodie…

    perfect for campfires. 🙂

    thanks so much,


  46. Andrea •

    I LOVE the hoodies with buttons! I’m kind of a hoodie fanatic but I don’t have any that pretty/unique/fun. Love it!

  47. Amelia •

    awesome give-away! i love comfy clothes (i mean, i could live in my pj’s) so to have something thats comfy and stylish would be such an amazing addition to my wardrobe!
    I’m really liking the two sweaters in this post – the oversized hoody with the cute rufflish detail and the grey button down hoodies with those awesome colourful buttons. Fingers crossed!

  48. I love the fun twist on a plain old hoodie! Also, I need a hooded scarf! 🙂

  49. These are super cute! So is all the jewelry in the shop.

  50. Ashleigh •

    OMG! How cute are these hoodies!?! One of my new favorite etsy shops!

  51. Love the quote me earrings and super cute hoodies!

  52. I love these!


  54. They are all toooo cute. Totally my style to a T.

  55. Everything is so cute. The accessories are adorable as well. Loving the mustache necklace(!!) and quote me earrings, smart and chic!

  56. i love the big bow hoodie in mustard! it’s adorable!

  57. I like the green hoodie!

  58. The bow hoodies are the cutest!

  59. I love the big bow hoodie in polka! It’s still cold here in Ohio so this would be a wonderful item to have! Their jewelry is adorable too! Hope I win! =)

  60. Rachel •

    AH! I saw this linked from a tumblr or something ages ago, and have been lusting after that navy hoodie with red buttons ever since. Must be a sign… This shop is great. Thanks Jen and Adri!

  61. very cool! i love the button down hoodie, which would only be $5 with this!

  62. I love it all, especially the ruffle hooded sweatshirt! So cute!

  63. I love the teal bow one and I don’t even wear hoodies usually.

  64. i would wear everything in her shop! so creative and lovely.

  65. I LOVE the picnic bow hoodie! I want to order it right now 🙂

  66. Autumn •

    I love the button down hoodie and the angel wing cameo!

  67. These are the sweatshirts I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much for sharing them with us 🙂

  68. Love the sweatshirts! The Big Bow Hoodie looks especially fun!

  69. oh gosh all of this is so cute! i love the quote me earrings!

  70. so adorable! i can’t decide if i like the mustard bow hoodie or the button-down one better. Too cute!

  71. lindsay •

    The oversize hooded sweatshirt with the fabric detail is adorable!!

  72. Joanne •

    the bow one, in mustard! they look so comfy 🙂

  73. I really love the one in the picture, the oversized with the fabric detail!

  74. This stuff is ALL so cute! I love the fun details on the hoodies, and I’m a big fan that they’re longer!

  75. elliec •

    Cute stuff. I love the simple yet bold necklaces!

  76. Hannah •

    I love the mustard bow hoodie! So cute!

  77. Love, love, love the button down hoodie!

  78. I SO want that button down hoodie in picnic plaid – I’ve been eyeing it since Kendi did a similar giveaway! LOVE IT!!!

  79. I am in love with the quote me earrings! Too cute 🙂

  80. Ashley •

    Wow I love the idea of BUTTONING up a sweatshirt against a chill!

  81. Shannon •

    I like the big bow hoodie in mustard best, but I do love the gray button-down hoodie too. Super fun!!

  82. Love the red buttons and hood on the navy hoodie! Everything is adorable.

  83. I love the button down navy hoodie! So adorable.

  84. Oh my gosh those hoodies are soooo cute!!!!

  85. Breanne •

    Looks so cute and comfy! Fun giveaway 🙂


  86. i love them!

  87. Love the navy button down hoodie! Such adorable stuff, cute way to dress up an old classic and still be comfy.

  88. So. Adorable.

  89. The button down hoodie is fab!

  90. I’ve entered a giveaway for them before and didn’t win, but I love love love their stuff! Their Big Bow Hoodie in Mustard and their Quote Me earrings make me drool in delight. 🙂

  91. It would have to be the oversized hood, hoodie. I love having my hoodie actually on my head and feeling so cozy!

  92. so cute! i love me some hoodie action. I think i might need the adorable button up one…or else.

  93. How sweet is the Hood with the details? Oh I love this shop!!

  94. Bows, buttons, and amazing necklines make this girl swoon. Adorable stuff!

  95. Oh my goodness! I would love that sweatshirt. Still cold in Vermont and I can’t bear to look at any of my winter clothes. This would definitely help make things brighter!

  96. How fun! I love those sweatshirts, and I also love the quote earrings in their shop!

  97. Chelsey •

    I need those quote earrings. Air quotes are kind of my signature. 😀

  98. Joslyn •

    Cutest hoodies ever! I love the one with the ruffles around the hood! And the glasses necklace!

  99. I looked around! Cute stuff. I really like the minty green wrap ring.

  100. Jackie •

    So I have a new store to obsess over in Etsy! I love the sweatshirts and (like everyone else) am loving the quote earrings too! The only thing I don’t like about sweatshirts is when they make me look and feel frumpy – I think these might be the answer to that problem!

  101. I’ve got my eye on the quote me earrings and the minty green wrap ring – so cute!

  102. Erykah •

    Hi Jen 🙂
    I like the featured hoody at the top!
    Super cute!

  103. i love hoodies with fun details! the easy being green hoodie is adorable.

  104. really cute things in their etsy shop 🙂

  105. I LOVE all the hoodies! Thanks for introducing me to a great shop!!

  106. Wow, what great value for a handmade hoodie. I love the grey oversided hoodie, It would be perfect for looking cute even when lugging my little one to swimming lessons!

  107. I adore the big bow in mustard sweatshirt. So cute!

  108. I like the mint green ring – but I also like the mint in several of the sweatshirts. Would go well together.

  109. Oh boy! What an amazing little Etsy shop! I want one of those yummy oversize hoodies in the worst way! Being a mommy of two, there’s nothing better than throwing on some Lululemon stretch pants and a big ol’ CUTE sweatshirt! And maybe a cute pair of earrings and some 80’s style slip on tennishoes 🙂
    Pick me, Pick me!

  110. I love the sweatshirts! I am also a sweatshirt addict, so it’s nice to have some super cute options!

  111. Love the laid back style. So me!

  112. Aaah, i love the sweatshirt with the folded/ruffle detail on the hood. How adorable. And the shades necklaces is cute too!

  113. completely darling – i NEED one!

  114. Sarah Rogers •

    ooh! I can’t decide between the Easy Being Green Hoodie and the Button Down Hoodie in Picnic, oh and the Mustache Necklace!!!

  115. i love the navy button down hoodie!

  116. Button down hoodie in picnic plaid. Super cute!

  117. love love love their hoodies!

  118. Kristen •

    That green hoodie would be so cute for spring!

  119. I absolutely love the gray button down hoodie!!

  120. OMG. These are Fantastic! They are so adorable, look so comfy, and the best part is how stylish they are!! AND they have Thumb-holes!! I so need one of these hoodies. I’m such a hoodie type of girl, but I always feel like they make me look kind of scrubby, you know? This would be so perfect!

  121. Rhiannon •

    Super cute hoodies!

  122. *GASP!* An Adri Apparel giveaway?? I LOVE Adri Apparel! All the jewelry is soooo cute, especially those quote me earings! Makes me giggle every tiiiime.

  123. I love the button down hoodie. Great shop!

  124. I am in love with the hooded scarf!!!!! I also love that plain jacket, its perfect for that inbetween winter and spring where I am!

  125. shaine •


  126. Very nice. I expecially like the jewellery (although the button-up hoodies are also great!).

  127. What a great find for busy moms – love the hoodies!

  128. Ashley K •

    I love the Button down hoodie in picnic plaid, it’s my favorite.

  129. beene31 •

    Button down hoodie in picnic plaid is my fav!

  130. aahh! so darn cute! i would love to have the navy and red sweatshirt or the i heart utah necklace or the quotation earrings … or … can you tell i’d pretty much like one of everything from this adorable shop?! i’ll be crossing my fingers that i’m the winner winner, chicken dinner! 😉

  131. justine b. •

    these are great! win or lose i’m getting one of these for myself!

  132. Love the button down hoody in picnic plaid! So cute!

  133. I love the plaid button down hoodie and the animal hoodie-it would be so tough to decide which one!

  134. Button down hoodie in picnic plaid is so cute!! The quote earrings are always so wonderfully nerdy!

  135. I LOVE! ADRI APPAREL! So cute! I love their adorable sweatshirts!

  136. I know you have it on your blog, but I love the button down sweatshirt…maybe in a different color though. So adorable!

  137. oops, that last comment was linked to my old email which doesn’t work, this is my new email. Thanks!

  138. Tina C. •

    I adore the button down hoodie in picnic plaid! What an awesome giveaway!

  139. Easy Being Green Hoodie. I’m a sucker for sweatshirts with thumb holes.

  140. Very cute stuff 🙂

  141. How cozy! I love the quotation mark earrings.

  142. Cristi •

    Love the bottom down hoodie!!! And love the shades necklace!

  143. I love the oversized hood sweatshirt with fabric detail!

  144. chelle •

    The desert doesn’t lend itself to hoodies at this time of the year, but I love the cameo and wing, glasses, and mustache necklaces. Cute!

  145. I love the oversized hoodie. Super cute detailing.

  146. Killer giveaway! I’m especially lovin’ the SoCal necklace!!!

  147. Kjersten •

    I can’t decide between the Easy Being Green of Button Down in picnic plaid hoodies. And on top of that, some of the jewelry is really adorable.

  148. Love all the jewelry and the Easy Being Green hoodie!!!

  149. rwvanvoorhis •

    Button down hoodie in navy and red!!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  150. I am really feelin’ the shades necklace. Hope to win!

  151. I love both the button down and the fabric detail! Such a creative spin on a staple.

  152. Love that button down hoodie!

  153. Lisa P. •

    That navy hoodie with the red buttons is just about the cutest thing ever.

  154. Great giveaway! I am loving the button down hoodie in picnic plaid!

  155. Shauna •

    Oh my goodness … what an adorable shop!!! I can’t decide what I like best!!

  156. leslie •

    Oh my! I just love the pleating on that sweatshirt!

  157. These are adorable!

  158. boon1211 •

    big bow in teal polka dot!

  159. These are all GORGEOUS! My fave though, is by far the classic oversize with the cool hood detail 🙂 so so cute!

  160. the button down hoodie is gorgeous!!!!!

  161. Ashley •

    love the oversize hoodie with that hood detail… so cute and original

  162. Oh, how I adore the Big Bow Hoodie in mustard. I am SO happy there are minds out there who think of and create adorable things like this; where would we be without them?

  163. I love the button down hoodie!

  164. Denise •

    Easy being green hoodie for sure, I think I could live in that

  165. loooove this! I really want the button down hoodie, it’s perfect! thanks!

  166. I love the one you pictured; the oversized hood with fabric detail one.

  167. Easy Being Green! it matches my Irishness.

  168. anapaula •

    i love them all!!! 😀 they’re different!

  169. Amazing the work she does! i simply love everything.

  170. I really love both the button down hoodies. So cute and unique!

  171. button down hoodie in picnic plaid!!! so cool

  172. The contrasting buttons are genius! Her necklaces are cute too.

  173. Tina Z •

    The button down hoodie is great! Makes me wish for a crisp fall evening already… (it’s already summer where I live)

  174. I loveeeee the Big Bow Hoodie in Teal Polka sooo cute and i love that it has thumb holes!

  175. I realy love the sweatshirt that is pictured above. LOVE it. Even the sleeves (where the band attaches at the wrist) is more special than the usual sweatshirt. Very cute stuff that I have bookmarked.

  176. Tarynn •

    I’m digging the button down hoodie- very, very cute!

  177. Wow! I love the blue hoodie! The “quote me” earrings are also super cute!

  178. They’re all so adorable, but the oversized hood sweatshirt might just take the cake!!

  179. kathleen •

    i love the button down hoodie in picnic plaid! so cute.

    thanks for having such a lovely blog:)

  180. Rachel •

    I love the animal hoodie.

  181. Love the green hoodie in her shop! Thanks for the opportunity!

  182. I love the button down hoodie in navy. I like that pop of color! Thanks Jen!

  183. The oversized hood sweatshirt is so cute!

  184. I love the hooded scarf and jewelry! So cute !

  185. Ahh, I need that button down hoodie in picnic plaid!

  186. Oh my goodness!!! So adorable! What an awesome giveaway! 🙂 I LOVE the button down hoodie. That is definitely my pick! Thanks a bunch for the opportunity!

  187. Oh my goodness I LOVE the big bow hoodies! Love love.

  188. What a great Etsy shop. The button down hoodie lucky crane necklace are especially lovely!

  189. I believe another blogger had a giveaway from Adri Apparel, and I was super bummed I didn’t win. I love these hoodies, so I’m going to go ahead and give it another try!

  190. Virginia •

    OMG, I love the button down hoodie. The plaid looks so good! I am tempted to buy one right now and not wait until this contest is over. 😀 If I win, I might buy TWO. I also love the easy being green sweatshirt.

  191. i LOVE the button down hoodie in picnic plaid. buttons AND plaid? sounds like a win-win to me!

  192. I bought a hooded scarf from Adri Apparel a couple months ago. I love it! I would love one of the button down hoodies!

  193. Jessica •

    Love love love the button down hoodie in picnic plaid!

  194. Shelley •

    I like the Big Bow Hoodie in Mustard!

  195. I love the button down hoodie!!!!! Hopefully I win, and if I don’t will have to start buttering up the hubby to get it for our anniversary!

  196. I want to wear that ruffle one everyday!

  197. marissa •

    The button down hoody in blue and red is adorable! I love it when your comfy clothes are still your cute clothes!

  198. Oh man… the Big Bow Hoodie in Mustard…it’s amazing!!!

  199. I love the minty green wrap ring and all the sweatshirts! So cute!

  200. I definitely love the oversized hood sweatshirt. So cute!

  201. Stephanie •

    I love the button down hoodie in plaid. I haven’t seen anything like it before!

  202. All the things in her shop are sooooo cute! I want the Oversized hood sweatshirt with fabric detail! The ruffles are adorable! =)

  203. Katie B. •

    The “I love SoCal” necklace is my favorite! Love the shop!

  204. oh dear, that button down hoodie is AMAZING. i would buy it for sure.

  205. I just love the Button down hoodie in picnic plaid! It would make my Montreal winters a lot cozier!

  206. Valerie •

    SO Cute! I need one 🙂

  207. LOVE the oversized hooded sweatshirt. The pleating around the hood looks incredible!!

  208. Shannon •

    I love oversized hoods:) The Easy Being Green looks like perfect weekend wear!

  209. Such a cute shop! My faves are actually the ones that you have featured in this post: the picnic plaid, and the one with the fabric detail. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  210. ohmygosh, comfy AND cute?!? seriously? awesome. the oversized hood sweatshirt has my herat!

  211. Love the Easy Being Green hoodie!

  212. Amanda B. •

    Who knew hoodies could be so cute?? Loving the grey and picnic plaid button-up hoodie!

  213. Renate •

    This has got to be my most favorite hoodie – absolutely adorable and flattering!

  214. love the button down hoodie in picnic plaid. it’s just too cute!

  215. I would love to win the big bow hoodie in mustard!

  216. The button down hoodie is adorable! And the jewelry is super fun too 🙂

  217. Oh man, I love the button down hoodie.
    So much better than the big clunky ones I have.

  218. Sarah R. •

    I would definately get the Big Bow Hoodie in the picnic plaid, AND get the mustache necklace AND the “quotes” earrings! Love it all!

  219. I love the navy blue hoodie with red buttons. So cute!

  220. I love the detailing of the Button down hoodie in picnic plaid certainly makes it feminine comfy.
    The necklaces are super cute too, hello shades necklace.

    xx Poppy

  221. ooh i like the green one with the big hood and white buttons. cutiepatootie

  222. I love the lines of the button down hoodies, but there’s something about that big bow I just can’t go past!

  223. love that button down hoodie in picnic plaid!

  224. I love the Button down hoodie in picnic plaid & the quote me earrings. Cuteness!

  225. Ann M. •

    i looked around and loved all the hoodies. i totally wouldn’t be able to pick one if i won. hope i win though. thanks. so cute.

  226. Love love love the big bow hoodie in mustard, too cute =)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  227. I really like the green one with the oversized hood! Soo cute & green is my favorite color 🙂

  228. Roseanna •

    I love the Big Bow Hoodie in Teal Polka 🙂

  229. These are gorgeous! I love the button down hoodies.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  230. Ericka •

    Super cute sweatshirts! They’d be perfect to help keep me warm during the long, long, long Swedish winter and for chilly summer nights. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
    Great giveaway!

  231. I love the unique take on the sweatshirt!

  232. DUDE! I Love this shop! I must own the oversized sweatshirt with the hood detail. It looks so cozy and super cute!

  233. A hoodie with ruffles?! Genius! Love this!!!

  234. LOVE love love the Button Down Hoodie in navy and red… also dying for the “Quote Me” earrings… ahhhhmazing.

  235. Oh my gosh, I’m in love! I really want the blue sweatshirt with red buttons. These are so adorable.

  236. ashley •

    ah! these are all so cute! I think I like the gray hoodie with the mustard bow the best.

  237. oh so fun! i was just saying i needed a good new hoodie! i love the Easy Being Green hoodie <3

  238. oh so fun! i was just saying i needed a good new hoodie! i love the Easy Being Green hoodie and the gray button down one <3

  239. I’m all about the oversized hoodie with the ruffled hood. So cute. Great giveaway.

  240. Emily Teeter •

    The button down hoodie in picnic plaid is to die for!

  241. So hard to choose a favorite. I think the button down hoodie wins by a slight margin but I reserve the right to change my mind.

  242. I love the Quote Me Earrings!

  243. Alexis •

    Love the button down hoodie in navy! So cute! Perfect for summer nights here in the midwest 🙂

  244. I like hooded sweatshirt with folded detail on hood. It was love from the first sight! ) I wish I win the certificate to buy it! @->-

  245. I love this shop – I’ve had my eye on the button-front hoodie for awhile now!

  246. Meredith •

    Gotta have that Go Green hoodie!! Love it!!

  247. I’m loving the teal hoodie with the cute white button.

  248. I love the oversized hoodie, but I also love the lucky crane necklace. So cute.

  249. Amanda •

    I love this etsy shop!!!!!! The Big Bow in picnic is my favorite!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  250. Heather •

    I’m loving these colours!
    I could use another sweater after this dumping of snow and -15 degree weather. Just when we thought spring had arrived…. Go Canadian weather go! Ha


  251. I love hoodies with extra detail and thumb holes 🙂 these are so cute! Please pick me!!

  252. Shannon •

    Really like the Button down hoodie, it looks comfy without being messy!

  253. Catherine •

    Wow, the button down hoodies are so cute! I would love one.

  254. Christine •

    I am absolutely hearting the “Button down hoodie in picnic plaid.” Who can resist buttons and a cute plaid lining!

  255. hannah •

    i lovelovelove the ruffle hood hoodie as well as the button down!

  256. I would love to have the button down hoodie. I live in hoodies and this one has style!

  257. My favorite one is the “Button down hoodie in picnic plaid”… so cute!

  258. oh my goodness! i adore the button down hoodie! And all of the jewlrey. Love.

  259. Ooh, such cute things! Love the cameo necklace!

  260. Shannon •

    WOW!!! This is not decision that I can make so easily…so, one of the button down hoodie in every color would make my day!!!

  261. KristenZ •

    Cute stuff! Love the sweatshirts.

  262. Oh I love those button down hoodies!!

  263. so so comfy looking & warm & cute too!

  264. Nicole L. •

    Those quote me earrings are to die for!

  265. Laura L. •

    The button down hoodies are so cute, especially the navy one!

  266. i LOVE the sweatshirt with the ruffled hood in the first photo! thanks for the giveaway!

  267. Oh, how freaking adorable. I can’t decide which is awesomer: the red and navy button-down or the one with the big teal bow. Bows are awesome!

  268. OMG, and she does custom. I could get one with buttons AND a bow. Sorry for the double post, I was just too excited to see that 😀

  269. Very cool! I would get so much wear out of one of these!!

  270. Ashley •

    LOVE the Minty green wrap ring!!!!!! So fantastic!!

  271. Those helmet scarves are a great idea! But the button down hoodies are nice too.

  272. Selina •

    The “Easy Being Green Hoodie” is so cute!

  273. the big bow hoodie in picnic plaid is a great weekend wear piece! 🙂

  274. I love the button down hoodie in navy. So adorable. I may be buying one anyways.

  275. sarah z •

    such great button down hoodies! chic but cozy

  276. Jenny Day •

    I love the Quote Me Earrings! So Cute!

  277. what a cute shop! i love the mustache necklace! 🙂

  278. Alesha •

    I really like all the quirky things in the shop. the quotation earring and plaid bows on the goodies are darling

  279. Michelle •

    i love the quote me earrings! too cute.

  280. loveee the details of the buttons on the gray button down!

  281. Stephanie •

    I love the gray buttown down hoodie w the teal-ish plaid interior. The navy and red one is super cute too. I live in Chicago and this will be perfect to the transition into summer.

  282. So many comments, so little time! That hoodie would be perfect for the upcoming Aussie winter!

  283. gazellita •

    Button down and mustard bow are my favorites. Very inventive stuff!

  284. Stefanie Jane •

    the button down hoodie is to die for! <3

  285. I would to have Button down hoodie in picnic plaid. It looks so cute and compfy

  286. Stephanie •

    Such a great site! I love the hoodie with the details and buttons.

  287. the “quote me” earrings are pretty much the cutest thing ever!

  288. Amanda •

    Oh my gosh! I love the oversized hoodies with the detail around the hood and the quote me earings.

  289. This is such a great giveaway
    The hoodies are all so cute… it would be touch to choose between the big bow hoodie and the oversized hooded sweatshirt with fabric detail!

  290. Love it all!!! Super-dooper cute!

  291. Such adorable hoodies! But what I really want are those quote earrings. Fabulous.

  292. Hillary •

    What a fun shop! I especially love the easy being green sweatshirt. It looks like it would be perfect to wear in the sleet/rain mix we’re getting here today!

  293. Oooh! I love the oversize gray hoodie!

  294. annie sf •

    I adore the button down hoodie! Great giveaway!

  295. LOOOVEEE the Shades Necklace. Great simple design! Thank you for sharing!

  296. meghan •

    the bow hoodie is great!

  297. Christine •

    Wow! Everything in that shop is adorable! I heart the button down hoodie big time!!

  298. All of the necklaces make me so happy, especially the “lucky crane necklace with the mint rose” 🙂 🙂

  299. Britttney •

    Love the shop, and the big bow hoodie is lovely!!

  300. I’m an English teacher, so I TOTALLY need those quote me earrings! And I’d be all over that button-down hoodie. Well, I guess all _inside_ that hoodie.

  301. I love the Black lace applique necklace! Very versatile!!

  302. Big Bow Hoodie in Mustard <3

  303. Christine •

    I love love LOVE the quote me earrings and the big bow hoodie. Both are so original and just my style! I would so enjoy adding these items to my wardrobe.

  304. I Love the Button down hoodie in picnic plaid, though those with the cute colorful bows in front are a very close second! And the California Necklace!

  305. Rachel •

    I actually have a bunch of things from this shop on my etsy faves list already! I’d pick up the hoodie with the pleated hood, with thumbholes!

  306. Those sweatshirts are SO GREAT!

  307. Love this one–love the grey and would like thumbholes please!

  308. I love everything, but my favorite is the button down sweatshirt…I WANT IT!

  309. Stylish hoodie? Dream come true!

  310. i want to wiiiiiiiin. obviously the quote me earrings are amazing.

  311. I’ve had my eye on her hoodies for a very, very long time! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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