TxSCC Style File pt. 2 | 03.22.11

Don’t you love when you are wearing something so simple, yet you feel like a million bucks? That is how I felt in this dress. I didn’t need any necklaces, bracelets, handbags or rings. I just wore the dress and the shoes and it was perfect. I wore this outfit to the dress up party on Saturday night during the conference. It was the right amount of fun and feminine. Isn’t the collar amazing? I love the back of the dress too.

This is my new favorite LBD. Do you have a favorite little black dress?

Beloved Dutchess Dress: c/o Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted from Savers
JC Good Morning Sunshine Wedges: c/o Modcloth


  1. Cute but so short! Do you wear shorts/hot pants under it?

  2. Jen, you look AMAZING! I love this outfit and your pictures are beautiful:)



  3. Love the dress, and loooove the shoes!! You look great!

  4. you are so adorable!!!! i LOVE those yellow shoes! xoxo joanna

  5. Oh those wedges make me happy, they’re like a bit of sunshine on your feet! LOVE!

  6. that dress is so pretty and feminine! you look gorgeous!

    <3 steffy

  7. Thats a really great LBD! I don’t currently have one, but I should!!

  8. The addition of the bright shoes is genius!

  9. This dress is perfect. The detailing on the top paired with yellow shoes. Lovely!

  10. You look so great- your shoes are so insanely awesome! I have a summery lbd that I love but I need to find one that’s more wearable.

  11. You look gorgeous in these photos Jen! That dress suits you so well. And talk about legs for days!!

    (btw you looked amazing in this dress and the Clydes Rebirth harness too!!)

  12. Love the pop of yellow against the black, so chic!

  13. I’m actually on the search for the perfect LBD! I have a couple styles in my head, but I just haven’t found the one yet.

    THIS ONE looks perfect though. I loooove it. I’m a big fan of simple style — the bright yellow shoes are the perfect accent. LOVE IT!!!! <3

  14. Hayley •

    Oh, I just love this outfit! The pop of yellow really makes it so fun and cheery!


  15. Christine •

    I really love that dress! It looks so cute on you! I’m going to save my money so I can have it too! 🙂

  16. this dress is perfection on you, you look gorgeous!

  17. i totally loved this dress on you!!!!! and these photos are amazing. i love that you found some out of the way places for your outfit shots. gorgeous!

  18. I do have a favourite LBD! Saved my butt when I was running late for my own birthday dinner last weekend :). Those yellow wedges are so nice, and you look like a million bucks indeed.

  19. Love the dress and shoes! MY favorite LBD is from the Gap. It is 100% cotton and perfect for layering!

  20. I need a new LBD! Mine is a tuxedo dress, but I would like a more feminine one. This one is great.

  21. That dress looks stunning on you!


  22. Cute, cute, cute!

  23. my favorite color is yellow but never thought i could pull of yellow shoes…..but after seeing that outfit i think i’m determined! very cute 🙂

  24. Looooove it! You do look like a million bucks, no need for more that dress is so gorge as it is! Yellow shoes were just the perfect touch, love the pictures they way you’re feeling looks in your eyes!

    <3 Cess O.

  25. STUNNING dress! Who needs a necklace when you have such an awesome dress collar!
    And I’m sure being out in the sun was nice!

  26. So Jealous of the warm weather 🙂 This dress fits you like a glove! You look amazing!

  27. all my fave lbd’s have sleeves (hate my arms) soooo I need some fun spring shoes to jazz em up a bit……thanks for the ideas!!!

    Third Street Photo

  28. This is great! Those shoes look absolutely amazing with that dress too.

  29. ahh, yes this dress is SO amazing. I love it Jenn, the collar is fab and the yellow platforms are the perfect touch. AND you are the cutest, love these gorgeous pictures. xx veronika

    PS thanks so much for visiting my bloggy.

  30. Oh my goodness your last two outfits have blown my mind – you looks so amazing!! I LOVE this dress – but I think the best thing about it is how it looks on you. It suits you perfectly!! And I think it’s awesome how you paired it with an unexpected pop of colour. Home run lady!

  31. Whoza! You look stunning!

  32. you’re gawggeous girl 😉

  33. Super Cute!

  34. beautiful dress- and i like the pop of yellow colour!

  35. I would love to have a LBD that works constantly for me. I’ve never had one! Ha.

  36. who needs accessories when you’ve got 2 perfect stand-out pieces?! absolutely loving those wedges and the dress looks fantastic on you!

  37. this outfit is perfect! perfectly simple! I am so glad you didnt clutter it up 🙂

  38. Love that dress! You look adorable in it!

  39. Oooh, I would love to find a perfect lbd. I’ve owned a couple black dresses, but none that stood as a a go-to. This one is adorable. I love the touch of the frilly, girly lace. Too cute!

  40. Holly Mae •

    You look fantastic Jen! I have some major love for those shoes!

  41. Ooh, Jen, this dress couldn’t be more perfect on you! I absolutely love it! And yes, agreed, so amazing when the simplest of outfits just works SO well and makes you feel so good. LOVE this! Yer a beauty!

  42. You look FANTASTIC in that outfit! Love the collar and the colour of the shoes!

  43. Lauren •

    I don’t know that I’ve ever commented your blog before (though I read almost every day) but this outfit is just too perfect. That dress fits you so well and I love that you kept it so simple. I went to the modcloth website and even the tights they show a girl wearing with it are too much. Two thumbs way up for this outfit!

    ps-you’ve got such a great body for being a new momma!

  44. Wow! This outfit is stunning! I love how simple it is. The dress and wedges are amazing, I want them both!! You look beautiful.

  45. I can see why you felt that way–you look great! Both the dress and the wedges are spring perfection!

  46. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I don’t know which I’m more in love with…the dress or the shoes. You look fabulous!!!


  47. oh my dear jen. you are a such a gorgeous girl!!! the shape of this dress is so dreamy! and I love how you paired the yellow shoes with it. It really makes it fresh! LOVE it. xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  48. These photos are gorgeous! Those wedges are perfect with the dress. Love your blog 🙂

  49. This dress fits you like a glove and I love the sunshine yellow shoes!

  50. The neckline on that dress is amazing! You look so pretty!

  51. Michelle •

    super cute combo but i gotta say i feel like it’s a little short for a mama. i think it’d be even more adorable with a longer underskirt.

  52. The yellow shoes are PERFECT!! One thing I loved at TxSCC was all of the tall girls in heels! Love it.

  53. Those shoes are amazing! They make the dress. So cute. 🙂

  54. Absolutely beautiful Jen, that lbd is amazing. Oh, and that collar is adorable 🙂

  55. You look like a million bucks here! 😀 What a pretty light and location! 😀


  56. Kelsey •

    You look great! The shoes are too cute and the dress is perfect!

  57. This dress DOES look amazing on you!!! The collar is simply fantastic!


  58. Stunning! Absolutely love this dress!

  59. this is so pretty! I love this look Jen!

  60. Um I am in LOVE with your shoes! So perfectly spring-tastic.

    Just found your blog and really loving your style!

  61. Ashley •

    Ever since I read your post last week about all of the unnecessary and nasty comments that you have received lately, I haven’t been able to get that off my mind. I have no idea why, I have never met you… I learned once from a college professor some words I try to live my life by.

    If this situation is going to matter in 10 years, then I will give it all my effort and attention. For example: if these ugly comments or a silly disagreement with my husband is going to matter at that distant point in my life, I will argue until I am blue in the face… However, if this is not one of those situations that are going to matter at that time, it is not worth my time or energy that I could be applying elsewhere.

    I have learned that no matter what there is ALWAYS going to be someone somewhere that doesn”t believe the same as you or doesn’t have the same interests as you. And there are also those people who have nothing better to do than try and hurt others by the selfish comments they make.

    But at the same time, in 10 years I strongly believe that when you look back at those comments, the time and energy that you spent thinking about those hurtful things will hurt you even more because that is energy that you spent away from your husband or Rowan, or having time for yourself and your art.

    Don’t let ridiculous comments get you down. Realize the devil is always around the corner and strives on doing just that!!! Keep your head up and enjoy the amazing life you have!!!

    I love this LBD by the way, I don’t think you have ever looked better… Ashley

  62. Brianne •

    You look fabulous!!! Love this dress, and the wedges… Ah, I want those shoes so bad!!!

  63. Know what is awesome? These shoes!!

  64. So, I figure you could use another “OMG – you look amazing” post bc who doesn’t love to hear compliments, and because it’s true! I LOVE that dress, so classic, and you look great in it! I’m also gushing over the shoes.

    Also – I’m a size 9, so if you want to do that shoe swap – email me…just kidding (only if you want me to be) 😉

  65. I was talking about how much I love fashion bloggers, and asked my readers for suggestions – you came up! And it’s no wonder – you’re adorable! Loving those yellow shoes. Get it girl.

  66. You are absolutely right – that dress is beautiful enough to not need any necklaces, rings, or bracelets to glam it up. And those shoes…WOW! You look stunning! 🙂

  67. I agree that the dress is adorable, but those shoes definitely won my heart. SO PERFECT.

  68. look out sexay mama comin thru! your legs look a mile long! love it

  69. love, love, LOVE!!!

  70. Ana E. •

    :O I’ve been eyeing those wedges on modcloth! they look so cute.

  71. I *do* have a favorite little black dress; we go everywhere together, her and I. Not quite as exotic as your gal, but so comfy. Here she is: http://ow.ly/4paay Loved my time at TxSCC, as well.

  72. This outfit is absolutely perfect, Jen! I’ve wanted those wedges for so long! Eeee! And is Rowan really yours? I’m starting to doubt.. no real woman could have a body like this so soon after birth. You’re stunning. 😉

  73. I love this dress! It’s so feminine! The yellow wedges are amazing, I wantttt.

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