Last Nights Dinner

So, we are combining posts here today. It’s going to be a little bit Last Night’s Dinner, a little Running Monday (it’s monday right?). I ran 12 miles on Saturday and although the run went pretty smoothly, I’ve been hurting these past few days. Whew! My legs are sore!! This week looks like this…
This up coming weekend would be a good weekend to plan a half marathon race, but I couldn’t find one in the area that worked out for me. Erin and I will be running a half marathon next month in NJ though. It should be really fun. I love race weekends. It is always good to plan to run a smaller race before your actual planned race. No matter what length. Well maybe not for a 5k. But if you are running a 10k, find a 5k before. Or if you are running a half marathon find a 10k to run. It is good to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you on race day. What to eat, what to wear, etc…

With all this running I have had a crazy appetite. I have been trying to make sure to eat healthy and meals that have lots of protein. I have been making lots of soups to save for lunches throughout the week. A little while ago Annie asked me to do a guest post for her while she was loving on her new little baby and I shared one of these soup recipes.
Minestrone with Arugula and Spinach
1 Tbs. Olive oil
2/3 cup of chopped carrots
2/3 cup of chopped celery
2/3 cup of chopped onion
1 tsp. light brown sugar
1 tsp. smoked paprika
1 bay leaf
1 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes
1 14 oz. Vegetable broth
1 15oz. can of cannellini beans
1 cup of uncooked Whole Wheat elbow macaroni
3 cups of arugula and spinach chopped
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat oil in pan. Add celery, carrots and onion. Cook 2-3 mins.
2. Stir in tomato paste, brown sugar, paprika and bay leaf. Cook 1 more min.
3. Add diced tomatoes with juice, broth, beans, macaroni and 1.5 cups of water.
4. Stir and cook all together until elbows are al dente.
5. Stir in arugula and spinach. Cook till they are just starting to wilt. Maybe a min.
6. Salt and Pepper to taste.
7. Serve hot and with some bread.

Keeps me fueled and energized for evening runs.

  1. wow congrats on the long run! that is so amazing, you are turning back time 🙂 or at least thats what ‘they say’ about running!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Cristi •

    The soup looks delicious! I printed off the recipe and planning on making it this weekend! YUMMY!

  3. It’s no wonder you feel like a million bucks…. you look amazing.

  4. the soup looks incredible…i have a container of arugula sitting in my fridge and now i know what to do with it!

  5. What half marathon are you running? I just ran the NYC half this past weekend and am already looking for something else to sign up for 🙂

  6. Looks great, I never had brown sugar in soup before, I suppose it helps take away some of the acidity of the tomatos? This red lentil soup is my current favourite:

  7. I’m going through the same thing with the crazy running appetite, although I’m not training for anything as serious as you are. I’m actually just coming back to running after many years and trying to lose a few pounds and get healthier. The crazy hunger has been terrible though – any other tips for staying full. Any specific foods? Eating more small meals? I’d love to hear what works for you. I’m trying to be good so I don’t undo my diet – but gosh it’s hard.

  8. Amanda •

    Hello Jen!

    This recipe looks absolutely fantastic– I can’t wait to try and thanks for sharing! It looks as though the directions call for the use of tomato paste, but how much should I add? Thank you!

  9. That soup sounds super yummy! I am going to have to try it out. I am a vegetarian and I am always looking for interesting dinner ideas!

  10. Yum! I love healthy, hearty soups.

  11. I’m enjoying your delicious soup as I am typing this comment… Yum! As I am currently in a place where food is so expensive, it’s a relief to find a recipe for a tasty meal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Thanks! 😀

    I added a bit of shredded Gruyere on top, to keep things “swiss”.

  12. I need some more inspiration to sign up for our half marathon in Toronto this fall. Keep the running updates coming. Slowly but surely I might put my name on the list. I’m learning it might be a more expensive hobby than I thought. New shoes. Pace thingy? Orthotics?

  13. Woohoo go Jen! 14 miles is fantastic =)

  14. I made the soup for dinner tonight and it’s delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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