Texas Style Council Conference

I’ve been kind of avoiding the internet these last few days. I came home to a sick little baby and well some really, really nasty comments that honestly crushed my spirit a little. The mean comments on this blog have been getting kind of out hand for me lately. They are constant and are they hurtful. I know that is what happens when you put yourself out there but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes it makes me want to retreat into my family and forget the internet world, but then I remember that for every mean comment there are hundreds of sweet, lovely girls out there that make all the mean words worth it. I also think back to this weekend and how fan-freakin’-tastic is was and would never think of giving any of it up.

The Texas Style Council Conference was probably one of the most fun and exciting weekends ever. It kills me Kev wasn’t there to be a part of it but it was seriously one of the best weekends of my life. I have never meet so many wonderful girls all at once. It was a big party all weekend long. This conference had such a different vibe then the ones during fashion week. It was laid back, but so well planned out and stylish. I was overwhelmed with how sweet and genuine all the girls were. Thank you to each and every one of you that came and introduced yourself to me. I made so many new friends. Austin is an amazing city. Like, I would move there in a heart beat kind of amazing city. I want to bring Kev there so bad now.

Friday night was the Swap. Of course Amy and Melissa pulled off a fantastic night. The store front they got to use was awesome. There were people lined around the block waiting to get in.

The next day I got to spend shopping around 2nd St., there was a great scavenger hunt planned, eating bbq, hanging out with Kendi and Jentine and husbands and helping Lulu’s set up for the party. It was a great laid back day. The party Saturday night was super fun. It was held in Bo Concept which was this awesome furniture showroom. All the sponsors of the event had little pop up shops set up with lots of prizes and discounts. The photo booth was of course my favorite.

And then there was the conference. Oh boy was I nervous. I think I did better than I thought I would. I was sure I would be passed out on the floor or have an extremely shaky voice, but I think I held it together enough to make some coherent sentences. I really enjoyed speaking on the panels. I could talk blogs all day. haha. It was an honor to speak on the Authenticity Panel with Indiana and James. I loved getting to hear all the panels as well. Everyone has their own unique take on blogging. I always leave pumped and ready to make my blog better. After the conference there was an etsy party where I swear someone told me there was a dj with 2 eyepatches. I was excited and started telling everyone, but was very sad when I realized that they meant she had 2 ipads. Eyepatches seem way cooler. We rode lots of pedi cabs around the city that night. So fun!
TXSCCDayConference1 30
TXSCCDayConference2 13

It was sad to say good bye that night. I really felt like I had made all these new friends and saying goodbye meant I didn’t know when I would see them again. Next year for sure, but I really loved all the ladies that were there. What a great blogging community that we are building.

* Big HUGE thank you to Lulu’s.com for providing my travel and accomedations. You ladies were awesome!

* All photos by Adam Towner except photo booth photo by Nathan Russell Photography

  1. I cannot possible understand why anyone would have anything mean to say about you or your blog! That’s awful! I absolutely adore your blog, and I’m also suuuuuuuuper jealous that you had so much fun in Texas! The conference looked amazing! Keep smiling because you have a gorgeous family, a great blog, and amazing readers who love following you!


  2. Hey Jen, I’m so bummed that people are leaving rude comments on your blog. But, I guess some people are just miserable & spread their unhappiness around -boo to that! I certainly adore you & your blog so I hope that makes up for it.

    AND so glad to hear that the conference went well, you look CUTE, CUTE -and I lovey ALL of the beautiful dresses + shoes that you decided to wear. It sounds like you gals had a blast, might consider going next year. xx veronika

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had some narty comments, that’s awful, can’t believe anyone would want to hurt someone like you who is clearly so full of love and happiness and whose blog brings so much delight to so many. Rise above it!

    Sounds like you had a fab time! How wonderful!

    narrowboat lucky duck

  4. Jen,

    I am so sorry that people have awful things to say about something you pour so much of youself into. But, you kow what, it has nothing to do with you why they are so mean and hurtful. You work hard, you love what you do and we all love hearing what you have to say!

    All the best and chin up pup!


  5. I absolutely loved meeting you. Let us know if you come back to Austin! And I agree with Erin, can’t imagine why anyone would spend their time saying hateful things. I mean, really. Your blog is inspirational. Don’t listen to the mosquitoes. Not worth your time. What is Ò€” staying focused on what you love.

  6. Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of months now and am hopelessly addicted! Your love of life, family, fashion and running (I’m training for my 6th marathon…this time with my boyfriend, his first…it’s been really great to train together) keeps me coming back day after day to see what you’re wearing and what you’re up to. Your blog is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚


  7. I’m with Erin — I’m appalled that anyone would leave mean comments on your lovely blog. I’m guessing that they’re just jealous, and I’m glad that you know that there are TONS of us that adore your blog and look forward to each new post.

    (My favorite part of these photos, by the way, is getting the chance to check out all of the amazing shoes that were worn at this event. I’m so ready for warm-weather-footwear.)

  8. I cannot believe anyone has anything bad to say about you! WHAT??? I cannot even imagine it πŸ™ Anyways the style conference looks soooo much fun! Oh how I wish I could have been there! It’s a shame noone ever organises any of these in Europe! ;(


  9. I’m sorry people feel the need to be so mean. Haven’t they ever heard that if you can’t say something nice, than don’t say anything at all? The weather in these photos looks amazing! Hopefully Spring is on it’s way to New York soon!

  10. boo meanies. i think you’re rad. also, i LOVE those yellow (?) shoes you’re rocking with the black dress. please please share where you got those! xxo

  11. I love reading your little blog! Don’t let mean people get you down. Seriously, your family is adorbs. Can you post Rowan’s weekly photos? I miss seeing that cuteness!!

  12. that is sad about the comments, i dont know who could ever have a bad thing to say about you. the conference looks so fun and everyone keeps blogging about it! i wish i was there to see you speak i am sure you did a fabulous job πŸ™‚

    <3 steffy

  13. Haters, they gonna hate. Cheer up, Charlie. You’re an inspiration to me and many others πŸ™‚

  14. I absolutely love your coverage of the conference, it looks like it was fantastic! As for the nasty comments, it always amazes me how hurtful people can be, and for what? It completely befuddles me! I adore your blog and would be distraught if you stopped blogging because of the nasties out there. Keep up the awesome blogging!

  15. Melanie •

    Sending positivity your way! When I was younger, my mom would tell me that “the only reason anyone will be mean to you is if they are jealous of you.” It is something I never fully understood until adulthood, but it is true. Be happy and enjoy all the great things in your life!

  16. I’m so glad you had such a great time! Hopefully next time Kev and Rowan can come along : )

    Ps – I feel so bad that you’re getting all these nasty comments! I know that Jessica Quirk from What I Wore was getting some pretty bad ones for a while and she turned off her comments. That was definitely a sad thing for us readers who really enjoyed her blog, but I believe it benefited her in the long run. I hope this gets sorted out : /

  17. Alisha •

    Who the heck is leaving mean comments on your blog? I can’t even imagine what mean things they could say about you! Boo to them and their meanness.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed Austin! It’s where I live, and it a great city.

    And you look so gorgeous, by the way! Seriously, I wish I could pull of style like you do!

  18. Well.. you know what I feel about the first part of the post..ugh…
    However, thanks for making me laugh about the eye patches… who was that dj anyways? Matt is still talking about how he was watching her and she was doing nothing on those ipads that made a difference in the music…

  19. aww that makes me so mad that people say nasty things on your blog! your posts are always so full of love and joy, i can’t imagine anyone having anything negative to say! grr… i hope they knock it off ASAP.

    sounds like the conference was a total blast… maybe someday i’ll be able to attend one of these big events! πŸ™‚

  20. I have fallen in love with you and your family just about a year ago when I find your blog through Jessica at What I Wore. My only guess is that the mean comments are related to parenting. People goes ca-ra-zy on telling others how to raise their children on the internet (actually same goes for pet parents too) and they forget that raising a child is a personal journey. No rights, no wrongs. But I can understand why you would be so upset. If it’s not parenting, well it’s just the smaller stuff, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ Water doesn’t flow the fastest under a bridge, it flows the fastest on the outside of a bend where the river is turning into a new direction. Love and Cheer from Massachusetts!

  21. oh sweet jen! you were truly the highlight of my weekend. such a sweet and happy mama with so much in common with myself. i just love you and think you are so adorable. we must get these little babies together one day soon. shopping trips and sushi (veggie for you) would be swell. i am highly annoyed that you have been getting more nasty comments. especially after our topic at the conference. let me at em’!
    keep shining pretty girl.

    xo, james.

  22. Hi Jen, I was also wondering about those yellow shoes! And I love your conference outfit.
    I do hope you keep blogging. You remind me of my best friend. I don’t have many female friends, reading your blog makes me hopeful of finding more people like you in my life. And of finding a love like you guys share with each other.

  23. Tiffany •

    I’m not sure why every blogger thinks that they should be showered with constant praise and compliments… it really is so frustrating and a bit disgusting to hear bloggers bitch about this kind of thing. You put yourself out there, and you must realize that not everyone is going to be head over heels about your outfit, or might say a truth that you just don’t want to hear. Every time you get a negative comment you immediately delete it. You act so cowardly, and continue to send this message that bloggers live in lala land.

    You get compliments all day from people that don’t even know you, and because of what.. you dress up and post some cutsey baby pictures? With all that is going in the world (Japan.. etc)… you really have it in you to whine about some blog comments?

  24. I can’t believe people are leaving you nasty comments. I just started reading your blog and I love it. You seem so nice and relatable!

  25. The two eye patch dj would have been the highlight of my trip!!

  26. Hi Jen! Wanted you to know you have a fan in Illinois! You have great style. Keep bloggin’ baby!

  27. This looks like a ton of fun. I was bummed to miss out on th IFB conference this spring bc I would have loved to meet you. You seem like such a fun, nice person and so real that I could see us becoming friends. I think that’s why I lov eyour blog so much..you seem like the best friend every girl wants to have.

    On another note…I am really bummed that you keep getting nasty comments. I am so sorry that you are getting that negativity on such a positive and AMAZING blog. I know you know it’s purely jealously but I know that doesn’t make it hurt any less. I just hope you know how much your readers love you and we all think you are FANTASTIC!

  28. I think Jessica of What I Wore is a great example of how to deal with negative comments. It is so refreshing to see a blogger actually post the less than favorable comments, and respond/not respond as she sees fit. So much lately, it seems like blog are becoming less and less personal, and more and more about the ego boosting machine.

  29. I unfortunately will stop following your blog after this post. I think you deleting that comment above was horrible. It was an opinion that could quite possibly be expressed by many of your followers, and could have generated a good discussion here on the comments. It did not directly attack your child or family, so why did you have to delete it?

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Haters gonna hate:). You just keep doing what you love!

  31. Heather •

    Jen, don’t let those mean people get you down! You are a truly wonderful and beautiful girl, inside and out! Keep reminding yourself of all of the people who look up to you πŸ˜‰ By the way, the conference looked like it was a blast! I love meeting blog friend in real life, it’s such a great reward of blogging. xoxoxo

  32. Seems like you had an amazing weekend, but so sad to hear about readers leaving nasty comments (can’t even guess what negative they have to say about you). There’re haters everywhere, just know that the greater you are the more you’ll have! As far as I can read you’re an amazing mama wife and blogger and at the end of the day you know that’s enough. πŸ™‚

  33. Yay for the most amazing three days ever. It was so hard for us to say goodbye! I already can’t wait for next year. Please bring Kev (and Rowan) with, too! πŸ™‚

    You did amazing at the conference and I would have loved to hear more of your thoughts. I was just hanging on every word you said. Ha! You were so open and honest and kindÒ€¦it was awesome.

    I’m so excited that I’m in a few of these photos And my husband is in one too. πŸ™‚

  34. Tina B •

    LOVE the yellow shoes! Good thing I didn’t have a drink in my hands while reading this. I would have spit on my screen after you telling about the eye patches! It really made me laugh. Hope Rowan is feeling better!
    Sorry you have to deal with negative comments. I really don’t see why they’d even be a part of your blog. In no way are you ever trying to debate anything or cause anyone to get their feathers ruffled? Good thing you have an awesome support group you can rely on that are positive!
    It’s been inspiring to see you since you started the blog in Hawaii to where you are now! You are a great role model to young and old that if you love something…GO FOR IT!

  35. Jen I love all three of the outfits you choose. They’re all so different too.
    I hope you’re having a fantastic st. pattys day πŸ™‚

  36. jaycee •

    Previous commenter Tiffany wrote: “IÒ€ℒm not sure why every blogger thinks that they should be showered with constant praise and complimentsÒ€¦ it really is so frustrating and a bit disgusting to hear bloggers bitch about this kind of thing. You put yourself out there, and you must realize that not everyone is going to be head over heels about your outfit, or might say a truth that you just donÒ€ℒt want to hear. Every time you get a negative comment you immediately delete it. You act so cowardly, and continue to send this message that bloggers live in lala land.”

    I say, Here, here to that! No offense, but with putting yourself out there so much, you should expect some negative feedback. If you don’t like it, don’t blog. Magazines and newspapers that have online sites also have comment sections, and they are not all cheery. But they continue publishing each day. I think you need to suck it up a little, honey. You are not perfect.

    PS The only thing that really bothers me about you is your grammar and spelling. I just wish you would copy your blogs into a word document to spell and grammar check before publishing your content … I think that would make a lot of bad comments go away!

    And PPS I’m not trying to hate on you, I’m just trying to keep it real.

    You get compliments all day from people that donÒ€ℒt even know you, and because of what.. you dress up and post some cutsey baby pictures? With all that is going in the world (Japan.. etc)Ò€¦ you really have it in you to whine about some blog comments?

  37. That makes me SO angry that people would say hurtful things to you! Just remember those people that say things like that are insecure and jealous and I’m glad you know that for every asshole comment you get, there are hundreds of girls who love and adore you, me included! You keep doin’ your thing and looking amazing and showing beautiful photos of you and your family! We love ’em!

  38. It’s unfortunate, but the minute someone becomes somewhat recognized in the blogging community, and starts doing things like speaking at conferences, gaining sponsors, etc. the rude and jealous little girls come out. So many people say that you should just “take it” not “delete” negative comments etc, but that is bullshit. This is YOUR blog and if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. People are ridiculous.

  39. That saddens me so much that people would try to hurt you and knock your spirits down. I think your blog is wonderful and you seem like such a great wife and mommy. Don’t listen to the negative comments, I think you’re such an inspiration!

  40. It’s really unfortunate that haters have to hate, but don’t let them get you down. I used to be a newspaper reporter, and sometimes people left really nasty online comments on my stories (attacking me as a person, not as a journalist–or god forbid I forgot a comma! hell hath no fury like a reader who finds a mistake) and I don’t care what anyone says about “oh, you put yourself out there, so you should expect criticism, blah blah” it is still incredibly hurtful, especially if it’s personal and unwarranted. Writers are people, too, and we have feelings! Do what you need to do to make yourself happy, even if that means turning off the comments. Bottomline: It’s your blog. Don’t let anyone ruin that for you, girl!

  41. I agree with previous commenter Liz! You do not have to “take it” and you can “delete it” if you want to. Your blog, your decision! keep your head up!

  42. People are dumb. That’s all I have to say. Just a reply to the post about bloggers complaining about getting negative comments… There is a BIG difference between a negative comment and a comment that is rude and nasty. I can say, “I hate your outfit and I think you suck” or I could say “For some reason I’m not feeling this today. But glad you can rock it!” I mean, seriously, people don’t make blogs like this to get comments and compliments. They make blogs like this to express their style, who they are, and what they like. No, not everyone is going to appreciate that… but you wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street who has different tastes than you and say, “Dude, your outfit sucks. I can’t believe you wore that.” So why on earth would you do that on the internet? It’s common courtesy to keep such things to yourself.

  43. Also, it’s stupid to take the time and tell someone that you think they have poor grammar and spelling. There are much bigger issues to deal with out there. When you’re typing quickly, don’t you ever mistype a word? Come on, people.

  44. You did SO awesome on Sunday!… I’m with everyone else, I have no idea why anyone would have bad things to say to or about you. Too bad your readers can’t moderate your comments so you don’t have to even see the mean ones!


  45. rebekah •

    romans 8:31-37

  46. Sylvia •

    Tiffany & jaycee, it’s not a matter of bloggers expecting constant praise and adoration, it’s feeling attacked for putting a part of your life out there. Blogging is personal, and it sucks when you get people who not only come to your blog under their own free will, but also think it is perfectly acceptable to make personal remarks that go way past just the run of the mill “Your spelling and grammar need work”.

    People are cowardly when hiding behind computer screens, and lack tact when jealous bug bites. This blog is not meant for them, it a record of your day to day life with the people you love that just happens to be on a public forum. Keep writing! I for one like cooing, squeeing, and awwing at everything you post.

  47. this seems like a dream come true. what a lucky girl.
    p.s- screw the nasty people. you seem like an amazing woman. i’m glad to have found your blog.

  48. I’m sorry to hear about the negative comments – jerks. I’m so glad you had a great time in Austin, though! It looks and sounds amazing! πŸ™‚ As a Texan myself, I’m glad to hear it was so welcoming and fun!!

  49. I NEED that blue flower dress and brown sandals you are wearing in those first few pics. Can you let us know where they are from?! Also, those black platform sandals you are wearing on the panel, where are those from? I think I’ve seen them before, they are super cute. Keep up the great work, I’m not sure why people would leave mean comments, but I love your blog!

  50. @ Tiffany and Jaycee

    I find your comments extremely unproductive. I’m sure Jen is very open to constructive criticism, and I know she did not start a blog to be showered with praise- suggesting that is ridiculous. Blogging is a form of self-expression, but because it is online people have the ability to leave hurtful comments. Please recognize that hurtful, mean comments are very different than constructive criticism on an outfit, spelling, etc. I hope that people wouldn’t leave comments on Jen’s blog if they wouldn’t say the same thing to her face, and I really question whether you would think it appropriate to use a natural disaster in Japan for your own agenda during a conversation.

    In truth, I question why you feel the need to leave comments like these at all. For me, living a happy life means not bringing other people down. If posting snarky comments makes you smile, I think some serious inner reflection is in order. If you don’t like Jen’s blog or something she has to say, leave constructive criticism or visit a different website, it’s as simple as that.

    I hope you, and other commenters like you, don’t bring these negative vibes to this blog anymore.

    And Jen- you’re the bomb. For the record, I think spelling errors add character and personality to a blog. This ain’t high school english, so shove it haters.

  51. First, I cannot imagine anything more stressful than a sick baby, so I am sorry and hope that everything’s already worked out. And second, I was at the conf and watched everyone practically mob you for your time and attention because they felt you were a friend even if they’d never met you in person before. So I have to assume that anyone who made a nasty comment was either delusional or not aware of the truly nice person you are. Or maybe they can tell that you are a kind person and they would rather attack you than someone mean and petty like themselves. It amazes me that people stoop to such levels.
    Sorry for the diatribe! I enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak, so keep kicking ass and ignoring the asses along your way.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  52. Jen, As I said before, I was so impressed with you at the conference this weekend, you seem to have a genuine, sweet spirit. I also think you were an excellent moderator for the panel. Before fashion blogging, I was covering political stories for a local publication…you cannot imagine the hate mail I received. Sometimes scary hate mail. So, I understand when you say you are tired of it. But…the worse thing you can do it allow those “mean, immature girls” to win…just ignore them…don’t respond to them….but focus on the joy of what you are doing and delete the rest! You have an audience and talent and there is no reason to let the naysayers win and drive you away!

    And Jaycee, Blogging is often done with real life family, occupations, friends swirling around the blogger….therefore mistakes do happen. Every publications has typos! If you are so perfect, why don’t you start a blog and teach everyone else what true perfection looks like!

  53. Andrea •

    I cannot believe that people are mean to you via comment. That is rude and pretty disrespectful. I will say, my friend, Shawna met you in Austin and said that you were absolutely as wonderful as your blog. I believe her!

    Keep it up! Ignore the haters!

  54. Omg! Who on earth would dare to be rude to you? Everyday you write nothing but lovely lines and always have positive things to say, too bad for those people, so sad “envy” sometimes drives people crazy, don’t ever think of getting off the net, they hate cause they wish they had such blessings like you do!

    <3 Cess O.

  55. Wow, I’m sorry to hear/read about the negative comments, which can only add more stress to an already stressful situation you are in (i.e. sick baby—been there, no fun).

    It seems to me when people take the time to leave disrespectful comments what they are really trying to say is that they believe their way of viewing and experiencing the world is the only way, and that you (or whoever they are addressing) are wrong or bad or misguided for not mirroring their opinions and attitudes. So, maybe you can look at these comments as coming from a narcissist who only wants to see themselves reflected in the world, and who has no tolerance for others’ rights to make their own choices on how to live life.

    I, for one, love your blog and look forward to reading it. πŸ™‚

  56. Aw Jen, I’ve never commented before, but I feel like now is as good a time as any to say that you are a huge inspiration and seem like the sweetest lady! It is saddening to know that people feel the need to waste the time, energy, space, and emotion to write mean/hateful comments. If I don’t like something, then I just keep my mouth shut and peruse a different blog (which has never happened at this blog, I love everything you write about)! Cheer up, buttercup, your life is much too beautiful to let others get you down! As you know, there are a ba-zillion of us readers that absolutely adore you! πŸ™‚

  57. Tiffany and Jaycee, I have to agree with Ellen – using the disaster in Japan as Jen’s reason not to say her feelings have been hurt by some comments? That is so hypocritical on so many levels. Life isn’t sunshine and roses all the time, just like you said, so why should she pretend like those comments didn’t hurt her feelings? THAT is inauthenticity at it’s worst.

    Not that I don’t care what goes on in the rest of the world, but a major natural disaster in Japan doesn’t erase everyone else’s daily life and the personal struggles that go with it. How successful have YOU been at shutting down your emotions and daily struggles since the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and Japan? Not to mention the hundreds of other natural disasters that have happened in your lifetime.

    Every person has the right to be hurt when someone chooses to dump negativity all over their hard work.

    By saying she’s hurt, Jen’s not “bitching and moaning” about how people don’t like her. She’s admitting that blogging is what she’s passionate about, but it’s not without it’s hard days just like any other job. As a blogger myself, I value the moments when other bloggers say, “This is hard. Today is not a good day.” Because I have those days. Everyone has their insecurities. No one is perfect.

    So, in short, your argument is totally invalid. πŸ™‚

    Jen, keep up the good work. You’re an example to us all. <3

  58. Sorry to hear people are playing nice. You know what? I don’t think that a happy person would leave a mean comment. It just sucks that they let it spill onto you. But something that might make you feel better is to think of what you have and how you would never do the same. I think you are just peachy. As they say, living well is the best revenge!

  59. Erykah •

    Nobody is perfect, that is a fact! No matter how people portray we must all remember that there is no perfection!!
    With that said I really enjoy your blog and if I didn’t I would stop reading!
    My thinking is if I have nothing nice to say then dont say it at all, but that is totally different than constructive criticism!
    To the people out there: why waste your time if you don’t enjoy the blog, stop following unless you enjoy that kind of thing and putting people down. If so I feel sorry for you and encourage you to find more productive uses of your time.

  60. Tiffany? Jaycee?
    Stop reading blogs if it bothers you so much. Actually, maybe you should read people’s twitter or Facebook books accounts either. Now that I think of it, many news site occasionally have typos. Maybe you should not read online content at all. You should stick to newspapers and magazine. No wait! Those often having opinionated editorials and also retractions! I’d hate for you to read a retraction. You know what…why don’t you both go watch Two and Half Men? That’s about your right speed.

  61. I honestly cannot imagine leaving a nasty, hurtful comment on someone’s website. That SO goes completely against the grain of what this community is about. Somone else already said this, but it bears repeating again: People hate because they’re jealous. You’re stylish, successful, have a gorgeous baby and a husband who adores you and who you adore in return. Your happiness kills them. They think they could never be so happy, so they try to drag you down to that level of self-flagellation. Don’t let them! You’re fabulous! Your blog is an inspiration. I totally copped a classic ‘Jen’ pose in my morning outfit shoot, and it turned out to be one of the best pictures.

  62. If someone has so many negative comments about a blogger, then why do they keep reading the blog? I love your blog and if I read a blog that doesn’t interest me, then I got to another one. There are so many blogs to pick from these days so you can choose which ones to follows.It’s like complaining about a TV show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I just never understand people like that – they must be depressing to be around someone so negative. Keep up the good work.

  63. Please don’t let nasty comments get you down. As Vicki said above me, if they’re not interested they should just leave. Meanwhile, all of your loyal readers LOVE hearing about your family, fashion and running adventures! Thank you for being real & honest & a dedicated blogger πŸ™‚

  64. oh man, jen! i never comment on here but i felt like i HAD to to tell you just how much i love your cute cute blog! i don’t even get who would leave mean comments…just a bunch of jerks. i love to hear and see your adventures. keep on, girl!

  65. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, and even with the changes I’ve kept reading because the spirit of the blog has never waned. I think it takes a ton of courage to put your personal stuff routinely on the internet, not only for the community that follows but the criticism. I think that any blogger knows what there getting into, but no one can ever anticipate the magnitude of an audiences response.
    So Jen, I really hope you keep blogging and keep making us readers and the nay-sayers apart of your life,blog, and community.
    Good and Bad, it’s you that makes us routinely come back for more.

  66. there is so much negativity in the world as it is that i can’t understand why people would willingly want to put more of it into the world. this blog is your own personal journal about life, style and loved ones. we, as your readers, can either choose to enjoy it and go along for the ride or find something else to read! if i don’t like a blog (for even the simple reason that it just doesn’t appeal to me), i would choose to read something else. that is no fault of the author just a taste preference. i am sorry you have to deal with that. that is a shame. well i for one love your blog and i am a loyal reader and as a newly pregnant lady myself i even went back through some of your archives to get inspiration for my growing belly πŸ™‚

    keep doing what you’re doing!

  67. Haters are going to hate and then say that they aren’t hating, they’re just being real. That’s what’s cowardly; calling cruelty honesty. Mature people can be honest without petty unkindness and ripping people down. Telling someone to suck up mean comments and not mention any hurt feelings they may have is also cowardly in that it tries to remove the consequence that mean words produce.

    Jen, girl, I love ya. I’ve never commented before, but I read your blog all the time. You inspire me with your graciousness and sweetness. No wonder people are jealous of you; you’re awesome! Keep it up!

  68. So sorry people feel the need to leave you mean comments. If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it?? Why be mean.

  69. Ugh – I am totally repulsed by the negative comments I’ve read on this post, and that you’ve been getting more of them lately.

    As far as the former goes, how dare anyone try to tell you that your feelings aren’t valid by comparing this situation with the suffering in Japan. That is disgusting and unspeakably low.

    As for the latter, there is no way that beating up on someone in the comments of their personal blog is in any way defensible, or is honestly meant as ‘constructive criticism.’ It is bullying and cowardice, plain and simple. These commenters feel so ugly inside that they want to try and bring someone else down, make others feel as badly about themselves as they do, and unfortunately the anonymity of the Internet makes it all too easy to pick on others. I am so glad you are not letting them bully you out of doing something that you love doing (and, incidentally, that brings some joy to SO MANY PEOPLE who read and love your blog). As for deleting comments, that is absolutely up to you – this is first and foremost your blog and you should always feel free to make your own choices about it.

    (And personally, I am sending you & yours a huge internet hug from over here.)

  70. I don’t understand how they found anything mean to say! I tried to think of something to criticize but found none. I think that you and this blog is amazing! Just try not to mind too much…

  71. I’m so floored by people that leave mean, unproductive, spiteful and rude comments. And Tiffany should probably keep her completely ridiculous thoughts to herself. There is always bad stuff going on in the world, so by her standards nobody should ever express any feelings of negativity unless they’re suffering for unimaginable circumstances. That’s pretty much ludicrous. We all have things that get us down and we all have a right to share them. ESPECIALLY on our PERSONAL BLOGS.

    Jen, keep up the real, honest and adorable posts. Just remember how sad those rude, mean people must be in real life. Keep your chin up!

  72. It’s amazing…people who just want to say bad things always need to hide behind a nick with no link to any blog/site/personal page.

    You know what? Delete it! I think that when you don’t like something/someone, just leave it behind. You’re not obligating anyone to read your blog, so I reeeealy can’t understand why to leave nasty comments on your blog. But honey…it always happens. And do you know what does it mean? It mens that you became very popular, and it’s pretty good!

    You’re so cute, and your posts about Rowan always help me with my little girl, once I can know in advance what to expect from her. My baby was sleeping all night, but started now to wake up during the night…and she doesn’t want to sleep anymore. It’s driving me crazy…I’m a very tired momma…

    I hope Rowan will get better soon!

    Sorry for my english – I speak portuguese! Kisses from Brazil!

  73. Glad you had fun! Everything I’m seeing and reading from you and other bloggers in attendance are making me extra jealous! The whole weekend seems so fun! It must be amazing to get to connect with other bloggers and readers in person! I hope someday I get to do something like this!

    Super cute pictures. I LOVE that dress in the first few photos!

  74. I echo many of the sentiments in these POSITIVE comments posted. Please don’t let the negativity bring you down. You are an inspiration to many of us moms (and ladies who are not mothers as well) and I really look forward to reading what you have to say. If someone is coming on here trying to stir up trouble, well then, those are their own personal issues coming out.

  75. Rebecca •

    Jen, I think you are wonderful and it makes me so sad to hear that anyone would post something nasty about you and your blog (and apprehensive to create a blog of my own). I follow you every day and love your style, your projects, and seeing pictures of your beautiful baby girl! I’m sure all of these posts are a testament to how amazing you are, but I wanted to reiterate.You are wonderful.

  76. I can’t believe people would waste their time saying negative things. I for one think your great and love your blog. It’s normally the first on my list that I read each day. You may be on the other side of the world and have no idea who I am but I think if I was to come to MA I would deffinately try and meet you. I think you have a passion for life that shines so brightly that it would be a shame for you not to share it with the world.

    As readers we have to realise it is our choice to read other peoples blogs and not our right to critisize and be nasty just because we don’t like what they have to say. If you don’t like it don’t read it and live by those words of wisdom I think most parents insite on their children do to others as you would want for your self and if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    xx Poppy

  77. Like everyone else who has commented on this post, it is a shame people have to make such hurtful digs. You have tremendous style and are extremely poised, despite the jerks out there. I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis!

    As my mother used to say when people would hurt my feelings, “They think they’re hot shit on a golden platter, but really they’re just cold turds on a paper plate.”

    Go get ’em, tiger!

  78. Wow. I have seen so many bloggers having problems with nasty comments at the moment. I know that the internet is a great blanket for many mean, cowardly peoplebut I always thought blogging should be a nurturing environment. Blogging for me is something that makes me feel pretty vulnerable- you do put yourself out there and actually that is quite a scary thing! I don’t know many people that are hard-skinned enough to not feel hurt if they get cruel feedback (not constructive criticism) and I think you are especially brave (and great cos I love the Rowan pictures!) to involve your personal life so much in your blog. You have every right to feel stressed about negativity, especially with all the other things you have going on. I think Bethany got it right on.
    I have loved your blog from when I first found before you got pregnant and that is precisely because I feel like I can see so much of how you are through it. I felt very privilaged to ‘share’ so many important experiences with you. Keep your chin up and please keep doing just as you have been.

  79. You’re fabulous Jen! Just remember that you have LOTS of supporters out there who love your blog. I know it must be hard to ignore the mean people, so I say delete their comments!!! No need for them to be hanging around!

  80. Great post Jen! You looked so stylish!
    And regarding those nasty comments … I know they hurt (I’m a blogger too!) but please don’t pay attention to them! You are such an adorable and inspiring person! Be sure that there are way more people loving you than hating out there!

  81. Ashley P •

    Jen, I don’t think I’ve ever left you a comment, but I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and had to tell you that I love it. I feel like you’re honest and genuine and an inspiration to those of us that are way less fashionable (like me!). You have awesome style and there’s no way I’d let a few misspellings or grammar mistakes cause me to judge you differently. Those people need to get over it.

    Look at it this way – the commenters who actually take the time to leave you nasty messages obviously don’t have much of a life and a poor attitude. It’s only natural to feel hurt by those comments. There’s certainly nothing wrong with deleting them either, seeing as this is your personal blog and not anything like a newspaper or whatever else was mention above.

    In regards to the Texas Style Council…I was reading a blogger’s post and it mentioned someone did a huge recap of the whole event, but now I can’t remember who it was or who posted about it. Do you have any idea? Does anyone have video – I know I and probably other readers would love to watch some of the panels you guys did!

  82. It makes me so sad to think that anybody would have anything bad to say about you, let alone leave negative comments on your blog! You have amazing style and are obviously a wonderful, genuine person – I couldn’t love your blog more!

    You looked gorgeous in all of these outfits, and this sounds like such a fun weekend!

  83. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And why do people even take the time to leave mean comments? Your blog is awesome.

  84. I am a new reader to your blog and I absolutely love it! You have great style and youre adorable – who cares about them! As long as you enjoy it, no need to worry! Keep on writing! πŸ™‚

  85. You are such a tiny thing for just having a baby! You look great, Jen!


  86. Claire •

    Jen, I’m a long time reader, occasional commenter from Dublin, Ireland. Love your blog, love it. Don’t let the haters get you down. Hope rowan is feeling better. Claire PS happy st patricks day!

  87. Shauna •

    I am so sorry you have gotten negative comments!! If I find a blog I don’t enjoy I stop reading … it’s not very hard. Plus I think alot of commenters would do well to remember what our mother’s used to say … if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!

    I love reading your blog!! As a new mom I love seeing that you can get out there and dress great even with a baby πŸ™‚

  88. Jen, I’m so sorry you’re getting nasty comments on your blog. I think it’s important to remember that some people are just TROLLS… and are profoundly unhappy individuals and use that pain to hurt others. Don’t let them get you down! I’m a new reader (from TxSCC!) and have so far become enamored with your style, your adorb baby, and the way you portray your life online. Anyone who says differently is just jealous, girl! Also: two eye patches is WAY more impressive than iPads.

  89. But you are so great!!! I am so sorry about nasty comments…. I read your blog a lot, but I never say hi. But when i read this I just have to say that I think that you are awesome, and I am glad that you don’t let the nasty people bring you down!

  90. So sorry to hear about the rude comments. You seem so sweet and I know that you have done nothing to deserve them!

    I really wanted to go to the Texas Style Conference; it looks like such a blast! I live only a few hours away, but lack of money and planning kept me from going. I plan on attending next year though!

  91. Looks like y’all had such a fun time in ATX, hopefully they will have another TxSCC. If they do I’m definitely there!

  92. I just wanted to pop in and say that you are wonderful! Don’t let any of those negative nancy’s get you down. πŸ™‚

    Glad you had fun on your trip my dear!

  93. Holly Mae •

    As so many people have said before, haters are gonna hate! leave them to it Jen, they’ll soon get bored or find some other blog to pick on, the circle of blog troll life I guess!

    Keep your chin up, you have a lot of supporters out there!

  94. Cpaig ( aka Carey C.) •

    Sorry to hear about the deflating comments.

    I will never understand why some people find it so hard to live by the golden rule. I mean, at least follow the “if you have nothing nice to say” rule. (That is not to imply that my general lack of commenting is an indication of anything other than me being a lurker by nature.)

    I know it is impossible to un-see bad comments, but you do a good job of keeping the tone upbeat. My sister and I ran a fan blog for about 2 years that just got too full of drama and nonsense so we just backed off – it wasn’t fun anymore.

    I, for one, am always giddy to see your posts in my feeder!

    I’m glad you had a great weekend. It looked like such fun!

    I hope Rowan feels better!

  95. You’re great, and people who leave negative comments are likely sad/angry/not busy enough.

    I really want to offer some unsolicited advice, though: stop telling people on the blog that the negative comments bother you! Don’t let the jerks see that they’ve got the best of you. And, of course, don’t let them get the best of you.

  96. Candace •

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I love it!! I’m honestly confused by the negative comments. If you don’t enjoy a blog, don’t read it. It seems so simple. Clearly, TONS of people love your blog, and that’s exactly what it is, your blog!! If you want to delete nasty comments, then delete away!

  97. Hi Jen,

    I have followed your blog for a while now and I cannot imagine why any one would feel the need to leave hurtful comments. I agree with the other readers that say it is jealousy. You have a wonderful husband, an adorable baby and family and friends that you can tell mean everything to you. Keep doing what you do and don’t let the jealous, mean girls get you down.

  98. Like I said in twitter, it’s sad that people hide behind the anonymous screens and keyboards and lash out uselessly at people to try and make them feel better. I can’t even imagine what anyone would have to say about anything on your site. It boggles my mind. I’ve been hoping that we could somehow become better friends through twitter and blogging because our girls are so close in age and I’m absolutely digging the mommy blogger world. That’s why I twitter you so much, lol. Just my way of saying I’m here, and interested in being ‘net friends. Hope you are having a better time after reading all these comments above. Lots of people love your stuff so take heart! The people who like wayyyyy outnumber anyone who doesn’t. <3

  99. People have always used the internet to feel powerful while remaining anonymous. Those that say they will stop reading bc u choose to delete hurtful comments are not worth worrying about and to the girl who said you shouldn’t complain about your life bc of the state of things in othet places like japan, pardon me but who the hell are you? Please don’t try to pretend that in the last week you have not complained about something shallow in your own life. The truth is all human lives are small and insignificant, there is no point in being purposely hurtful. It just makes you more shallow than you claim these bloggers to be.

  100. I can’t believe people are leaving you offensive comments, that’s really a pity. I’m definitely in the camp of ‘if you can’t say something nice or constructive, then move along’. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t give anyone the excuse to be mean.
    I love your blog, and I read it more for your bubbly personality than anything. Keep on keeping on darling! Hope your baby girl is feeling better!

  101. People that make rude, negative, judgmental comments, especially under the cloak of anonymity, are just feeling small inside. Your blog is sweet and kind, and you’re so generous to share these snippets of your life and family with all of us. I’ve read for a long time, and especially love when you share sweet Rowan with us…I had my Juliette just a week after πŸ™‚

    Keep facing towards the sunshine, and have a wonderful weekend!!

  102. Jen, at first I wrote something really snarky to “TIFFANY” but then I finished reading through everyone else’s eloquent comments and decided you don’t need ANY negativity on here, even negativity directed at the RUDE, IGNORANT commenters who honestly make no sense. So instead I just want to say that you seem just lovely and I really DO look forward to finally meeting soon, I think we’ll get along so well. Chin up lady, those who would post hurtful things truly are not worth thinking about. Sending love across the river. Rachel xo

  103. I love your blog and it makes me smile…always…please dont let peoples negative comments put you down…its worth all the positivity it brings πŸ™‚

  104. I was ready to write a pump-you-up “don’t let the haters bring you down” comment… but yeah, I get it, nasty comments can hurt even if you know they shouldn’t. I’m sorry you’ve had so many lately but if you believe in what you’re doing here, then keep at it. Take it as just another opinion… and then leave it if you choose. Keep smiling Jen πŸ™‚

  105. i didn’t read the 100 comments before me (only a few), but I hope they were all a sweet word of encouragement. I had a blast at TxSCC! You all were so kind and encouraging. I came home refreshed & encouraged!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  106. Eloisa Chaparro •

    hi jen- i found your blog thru another and now i look forward to your posts! your blog is honest and if people don’t like it then they should move on. sending positive, happy, and smiles your way.

  107. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for maybe a year and have aways found it so charming. I can’t imagine why anyone would have a bad word to say about you, or what they would accomplish from being such a bully. But from just glancing over these comments here, you are totally right- for every bully there are tons and tons of fans who love reading about your adventures and hope you continue writing.
    Have a great weekend!

  108. Looks like you had a blast- don’t let those comments get you down!

  109. Here Jen goes… fishing for compliments. Feel validated? This is what you wanted, right? You pretty much silence everyone who doesn’t compliment you, validate you, or has some sort of different opinion. Good for you!

  110. Well who the hell would write something bad about you! Your are so nice and sweet!! People are crazy! Well all that matters is that you had a great time in Austin and I for one was so stoked that you wore my dress and would love to dress you again! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  111. Jen, I think that you and your sweet little family are fab. You have every reason to feel hurt for unkind comments and I don’t think that deleting them is wrong. It’s not like I walk around with a sign on my back stating all of the negatives people have ever said about me in my life. I don’t think your blog needs to either.
    You are a creative, healthy and whole person. I know you can handle this. But you shouldn’t have to.
    I tell my children that they have to be nice to everyone, but they don’t have to be friends with everyone. it’s your blog and you can choose who you decide to give a voice to on here. I say, delete the people who are not friendly. It’s your choice to allow them to play their mean game or shut them down. I say, don’t let them play here!

    xo rhonda

  112. I forgot to tell you when we were chatting in Austin that I am pretty good with handlng bullies. The next negative comment I get…send them my way.

    Don’t ask questions afterwards though. The less you know…the better off you are!

    I heart you much and I’m so glad I got to meet you…and enjoy a free coke on the house…errrr…well kinda.

  113. Denise •

    Jen, I stumbled across your site a month or so again and ever since then I’ve been addicted. I confess I couldn’t get enough and even went back to look through your older posts (is that creepy?). Your blog is so full of inspiration, from your style to your art to your adorable family. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  114. Jen, I don’t believe you were looking for any validation but you know what, SO WHAT if you were? What’s wrong with wanting some encouraging words from your blog community after having a hard day consisting of negative unproductive feedback? A lot of people get upset when the majority of the posts are positive because you’re seen as not “being real” but then when you do reveal some true feelings they can’t handle that either.

    I didn’t even want to bring up the Japan comparison but it’s just such a pathetic attempt to make a point I couldn’t resist. I love when people over stretch to ridiculous lengths to make a point it reveals such a simple immature intelligence. They’re acting like you titled the post “Yeah, yeah whatever Japan, I have real problems.”

    Jen, just continue to be true to yourself. I’m a huge supporter of you and I’m all for CONSTRUCTIVE feedback but its your blog and what you say goes. To be honest I love your blog so much I rarely read comments because I don’t care about what random people have to day I only care about what your saying.

  115. Claire Josset •

    Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now, and I love it! Every time I read one of your posts, it makes me smile, I especially loved the videos you made lately.
    Don’t let mean comments get you down, your blog is great and inspiring.

  116. Ashley •

    I really enjoy reading your blog and love your sense of style. It takes Confidence to put your life out there . lets face it people can be caddy and mean but who cares about them. really!?!! you have a beautiful family and that’s all that matters

  117. So fun!!! And honestly, you seem like the sweetest EVER, and i can’t imagine what crazy people would leave a mean comment! I’m not sure if I’ve commented before but I’ve been reading forevery and I finally had to say something. πŸ™‚ I just blob about random things now, but I tried to start a healthy living blog and used to get SO many mean comments, just in my first week! luckily, nobody has anything mean to say about my boring life (so far atleast) haha.

  118. I will NEVER understand the need that some people have to say rude things anonymously. Luckily, I have gotten very few of them, but I am a much smaller blog than you! But seriously, if you don’t like my style or my personality or life or whatever, then don’t read my blog. Simple as that! The internet is VAST and varied, go find something you do like and hang out there, right? UGG, infuriating!

    That first dress you are wearing is adorable and I love all the photo booth pictures! And I’m insanely jealous! It looked like so much fun! I heard around the blogosphere that you did a really good job and were very genuine!

  119. I love this quote when people are giving me guff, “The only way to never be criticized is to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.”

    Keep being you!

  120. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on here, good and bad. You have a huge following of readers that are attracted to your sweet and honest nature. You seem so earnest. But you also seem very vulnerable and you are imperfect (duh). Some people seize on vulnerability like a kid on ice cream. I say, this blog isn’t private any more. You have advertisers and you now live a public life. Negative comments are part and parcel of that. You are making money doing something you enjoy, and people, nice or not, find your blog important enough to leave a comment on. Just work on growing a thicker skin! It will be a valuable skill you can teach to your daughter!

  121. I actually appreciate that Jen is honest about how some comments are hurtful. Maybe it will make people think twice about what they say. It also gives people an opportunity to address those who are being unkind. Sure, we can all benefit from a thicker skin. But people telling Jen she is not perfect (as if she think she is) is just mean and why shouldn’t they be addressed?

  122. Jen, delete what you want, do whatever you want, this is YOUR blog and you should absolutely delete anything that people say to you that you don’t feel good about or that hurts your feelings.
    I know I would do that in a heartbeat.
    If people don’t like what they’re reading, stop right now and direct your attention and energy elsewhere. Those who take time to leave nasty comments need to get a life.

    You’re a fantastic blogger and I, like loads of other girls, really enjoy reading what you have to say. And ofcourse, get inspiration for outfits.

    BTW, totally in love with your outfits that you wore at the conference and I’m glad that you had so much fun. And Punky looks awesome – like always.

  123. I can’t believe that anyone would have negative things to say about you! Your blog is wonderful, really a fun read! And you seem sweet as pie!

    I hope Rowan gets better soon! Would you mind telling me where that blue flowered dress you are wear in the top few photos is from? It’s so pretty!


  124. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now and enjoy it very much, it’s one of my favorites! I always have to remind myself when I am dealing with people being cruel…that they must be very miserable themselves to want to bring others down. Some people never learned if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Also it is amazing what jealously can do to people…so please keep that in the back of your mind too, the mean comments whatever they may be, could stem from some form of jealousy. Great blog and an inspiration to me as I start a blog.


  125. Hi Jen,
    Don’t ever let people make you feel like just because you have a blog that you shouldn’t have feelings. Guess what dumb commenters? Even if you should “expect” people to criticize you doesn’t mean you have to like it or tolerate it. People who have hate in their heart feel the need to make unproductive and hurtful comments to someone like you. Whats the point in those comments? Does it really make them feel better about themselves? Keep doing what your doing Jen, you’re obviously a sweet honest person who has a great following on your blog. Hopefully some day those nasty people will find peace in their lives and realize putting others down doesn’t make them better.

  126. I really enjoy reading about this little sliver of your life. Like I told Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings a few weeks ago when she blogged about the same thing, life is way too short to let anonymous people make you feel anything other than positive about your life! Those people don’t know you AT ALL – they only know this tiny piece of you that you blog about.

    Keep doing what makes you happy and don’t let the chattering classes ruin it.


  127. Hi Jen, I’ve never left a comment on your blog before, but after I read that you’ve been getting ugly comments from people, I just had to leave a comment telling you how much I absolutely love your blog! You are such an inspiration, not just for what you wear but also for your upbeat personality and the love for your little family that just radiates from your posts. I really hope you keep it up! You have no reason to let those strangers get you down!

  128. kelly jo •

    i totally agree with the things liz said! she’s right on!


  129. Jen! Hi!

    Goodness, just writing a comment on your blog gets me a little starstruck. I hope you won’t mind me not addressing any of the afore-posted comments (because I really think that Ellen nicely took care of all the un-niceties in one fell swoop…hurray!) but can I be a bit selfish and tell you what your blog means to me?

    I really could write you a whole lot…I want to tell you all about myself! But this is a ‘comment’ wall, so I shall try to keep it brief. I am newly pregnant and fairly-newly wed; I first saw your blog a couple months ago and went absolutely frantic with happiness at seeing your Pregnancy Style Files. I even wrote about you in a post on my own blog! (yes, that is my nerdy-starstruck attempt to get you to notice me) I am very much amazed and impressed by your creativity and panache, but your most wonderful, OBVIOUS quality is your sweet and precious graciousness. You are genuine, my dear, and your love for your baby and husband and life makes you glow! (even through the very scary and impersonal internet world, your heart truly shines – Luke 6:45)

    I hope you don’t think that I am placing you on a pedestal; that is never fair to anyone. I gush only because I am pregnant and so to me other women who have gone through childbirth already are automatically superior and more amazing than myself. (oh no! I think I am putting you on a pedestal!) I was VERY encouraged by your birth story (we are going with a natural birth as well!) and goodness, you should know that!

    I hope your weekend is filled with happiness! It is almost the springtime, hurray!

  130. Lauren •

    Hi Jen!

    First of all, I love your blog. Your style is so super cute and fun, and i seriously love seeing rowan, she is DARLING. After reading your post, it broke my heart a little bit. I can only imagine that Rowan is the most precious thing in your life, and you’ve said before how much you value motherhood – and it truly shows. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than the person you are! The negative comments simply baffle me; they are unproductive, hurtful and appalling. People truly have no limits. Trying to call you out because of the crisis in Japan? ridiculous! Life has to go on – we have to laugh, we have to cry and we have to persevere – that. is. life. I know that sounds silly and maybe a little bit cheesy, but if we couldn’t find the good in the bad or the beauty in life through any catastrophe, then what’s the point? Furthermore, it seems pretty hypocritical for someone else to tell you that you are ridiculous for blogging about these things during the crisis in japan, but writing a nasty comments isn’t trivial? Your blog is adorable, and you are incredibly brave for putting yourself out there – take a break whenever you need, everyone will be waiting for you when you come back πŸ™‚

  131. I kind of feel that websites are not democracies or republics; they are dictatorships or oligarchies. Each site is ruled by one supreme person or a select council who decide what is allowed and what will be deleted, and you are simply allowed to be present on the site as long as you comply with their set of rules. If someone is offended that their comment is erased because it is a dissenting voice (or just plain rude), welcome to the internet. This is Jen’s website. Just as a business will not allow disgruntled customers to stage protests on the business’ premises, Jen doesn’t have to allow you complain about her site in her comments.
    As everyone has said, it you don’t like the site, go away; no one is making you read this. If you find whatever Jen has posted to be so odious, stop torturing yourself and stop reading. At least keep your dignity and keep your bitchy comment to yourself. As the old saying goes: if you can’t say anything nice, keep your damn mouth shut.

  132. Grace M. •

    I can’t believe people leave nasty and snarky comments. Everyone parents a different way and every multi-tasks and handles their lives in a different way. If someone doesn’t agree, it doesn’t mean be nasty. Keep your comments to yourself and guess what? Don’t read the blog post if you don’t want to. I honestly think you are doing a beautiful job of taking care of your precious daughter and keeping up with the blog. Clearly, some losers are jealous. Continue to do what you do!!!!!! <3

  133. How could anyone have anything mean or rude to say to you! I’m pissed!!
    They can only be jealous, your so fantastic and your family is sooo cute! I love your blog, it’s one of my favs, people need to get a life!

  134. I’m glad you had a wonderful time, and sucks about the sick baby (dealing with it right now) and mean comments.

    I love LOVE LOVE looking through everyone’s TxSCC photos, and just so jealous. I hope I can attend next year! πŸ™‚

  135. Another Erin •

    “Spelling errors add character and personality to a blog” … WTF? They’re called mistakes .. because they’re … ah … mistakes. Seriously. Life is not kindergarten. Expecting grammar, syntax & correct spelling on a blog which is run for profit it not an unreasonable expectation.

  136. It was awesome meeting you in person last week at the TxSCC. I’m sorry to hear that you’re receiving such hurtful comments here on your blog. I remember you briefly mentioning something about this at one of the panels. I cannot believe that people would actually waste their breath, or rather their energy, to type such hurtful things. I never really thought that being harassed or bullied online would be a problem when I started my blog. It’s just awful to hear that this is a problem for such a nice, sweet, successful blogger as yourself. I hope things start looking up for you and that Rowan is feeling better.

  137. TWO EYEPATCHES! I’m gonna start DJing with two eyepatches. Maybe dressed as a pirate. DJ Captain Doublebeard?

    It really bums me out that you’re getting hate comments. It seems to happen to a lot of my favourite style bloggers, and it also seems to happen in direct proportion to their readership. The more eyes you’ve got on your page, the greater the number of jerks that get caught in your tuna net, you know?
    Whenever that happens, I point people to rule #7 in this post:

    And also, these timeless words of wisdom:

    P.S. I’m totally jealous of all the piles of fun you guys CLEARLY had at the conference. πŸ˜€ Maybe I’ll be joining you guys in TX next year…

  138. you have the right to delete comments, but that doesn’t help the way reading them made *you* feel, wish it could! people can be so mean.

    do you require people to enter an email address (that’s not posted) to leave a comment? maybe that would deter the meanies?

  139. Charlotte •

    Hi Jen, like so many others commenting, I read your blog all the time and hardly ever comment, but I guess you’ll never know how much I love it, unless I tell you. So here it is – I love your blog! All those negative people sound very jealous and need to get a life of their own. I think you should definitely delete any comments you don’t like, why should you give space on your lovely blog to their mean words? Keep up the good work Jen, you have so many readers like me who love hearing from you!

  140. Hi Jen….long time reader and i hardly ever comment but I had to say something here. Honestly…this just shows that you’ve made it in the blogging world. Don’t you know all of the major female bloggers in the world (dooce, pioneer woman, etc) all have these ladies with NO LIVES leaving snarky comments on their blogs? It’s kind of sad really…I see someone complaining about how there’s more important things in the world like Japan but they take the time to complain about your grammar LOLOLOLOL. That just shows you what kind of people we are dealing with here. Anyways, I would try not to take these comments to heart (I know it’s hard!) but realize that your blog has gotten so big and popular that you actually have haters! πŸ™‚ And most likely a lot of the mean comments are probably from the same 1-3 ppl who are posting under different email addies/ip addresses acting like there’s more of them than there really are….I think you can tell that 99.9% of your readers love you!!!

  141. I forgot to add….please delete negative comments. Anyone who is a true fan of this blog does not want to read them and have a debate or whatever. This is a fashion/personal blog for god’s sakes….what is there to discuss!!! If you lose readers because you delete comments….that’s ridiculous….that’s one reader I wouldn’t want to have! Besides, the girl who wrote that probably wrote the original comment that got deleted!

  142. Oh no! Don’t worry about those mean people! There are plenty of us nice folk who just want to tell you how awesome you are. πŸ™‚ Also, I read how you and Kendi became bffs. I totally think that we would be bffs! Don’t let the jerks get you down. πŸ™‚

  143. Rudeness in the comments section is sadly becoming a common feature in Blogging. No, a blog is not a democracy. There is no situation anywhere in life that justifies rudeness. Most of the negativity comes from Blog Trolls. If a person is out in public with an awful outfit, it doesn’t give anyone the right to approach them just to make a negative or rude comment. It’s as bad as the ignorant people who assume it’s there right to touch a pregnant womans belly because she dares to leave her home.

    Even constructive critiscism can be made in a positive way. I suppose there are some very sad people out there who can’t see anything positive, and when they do, rather than share it, they prefer to keep it to themselves. Jen, pity them. It’s up to you whether you want to delete the comments or not, it’s your right to decide. But leaving them up, says more about the Blog Trolls than you. Some people will never have class hon, it’s not something money can buy. Leaving the comments for all to read doesn’t reflect on you or your blog. It merely shows everyone who comes here, the character of these “nameless” ignorant trolls. Rise above it with grace, and let your happy, intelligent readers support you.

    Lisa x

  144. I just wanted to comment too, because I was surprised to hear that you get mean comments on your blog! It’s very strange to me that people who post nasty comments think you should just deal with them. I think the real issue is why people would take the time to post something hurtful in the first place! If you don’t like a blog, don’t read it. I think you’ve always come off as very real and very sweet and I hope you keep it up!!

  145. Hi There!

    I’m new to your blog (having found it via Kendi Everyday), but let me just go on record as saying that I am now and have always been adamantly opposed to negative commentary on sites. To me, it is cowardly of anyone to write something that s/he would all in likelihood never have the nerve to say directly to someone’s face. You do your readers a service by sharing your life with us and you are, in a word, lovely, and anyone who would dare say otherwise is sorely mistaken.

    On an unrelated note, I have fallen in love with the black dress you’re wearing in one of these pics (the one with the sort of lace collar that you paired with yellow heels). May I ask where you got it? I think (nay, know) that I have to have it.


  146. Oops…faux pas in my previous response. I meant to say “…that s/he would, in all likelihood.”

  147. It was so great to see you at the conference! You did a great job πŸ™‚
    Hope we get to hang out again soon.
    And sorry to hear about sick babies and rude comments… I hope she is feeling better and just try to ignore the internet meanies!
    Big hug,
    – Pamela

  148. do some of these rude commentators know you in real life or something? I can’t fathom why someone would go onto another person’s blog and leave hateful comments. If you don’t care, then don’t visit. And as one rather nasty comment pointed out above, there ARE loads of more important things going on in the world–so why have you taken 5 minutes of your time to post a spiteful little comment? Is there some vested interest at stake prompting your need to tear Jen down?

    Women should treat each other better. This is the cattiness and acrimony that negatively characterizes what it means to be a community of women. Someone IS putting themselves out there…not for your judgment or your opinion, but to SHARE their experience with you. For those of us who went to kindergarten, when someone SHARES something with you–you thank them.

  149. Jackie •

    1. High five!
    2. My daughters name is Rowan too, she’s two and half and AWESOME.
    3. I live in Texas, it’s kinda great.

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