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Want to see how easy it is to make your baby fresh homemade baby food? I even want to eat it! Yum!
1. Get out your Beaba Babycook. Yes. You can make food with out it but this is just so convenient. It’s a one stop shop.
2. Chop up your food. I chose to make some sweet potatoes.
3. Drop them in the steamer basket. Add your water. Turn the steamer button on.
4. Drop steamed pieces into blender. Blend together. You can blend with formula, breast milk or even just the cooking juices.
5. Eat some yourself. Mmmmm! (I am looking forward to introducing some spices later on)
6. Scoop into handy baby food containers to freeze for later feedings.
7. Done. Food for the whole week!

*song in video is a remixed version of Now by Mates of State

  1. Ashley J •

    Bwahahaha! That outtake was the funniest thing ever, I busted out laughing at work!

  2. That is so awesome! I think its really great to that you are making your own baby food. So great!

  3. thats so cool that you do that for your bbaby but youre scarrrring me!!!! having babies is so much work ahhh!

    <3 steffy

  4. Katara •

    Ahhhh she is the cutest baby!!! I love those cheeks!

  5. She is the cutest little nugget! I wish I had someone to prepare some of that for me 🙂 You seem like such a good mommy!

  6. This actually looks really fun haha. It’s like cooking for baby! I think I may have to have one of these whenever I have kids.

  7. What a cutie pie! That is so amazing you are making your own baby food! I am totally going to do that when I have kids!

  8. Kelly •

    The outtake was HILARIOUS! And now I am inspired to make my own baby food when I eventually have a baby.

  9. Oh my gosh Rowan is so cute!! I love you videos Jen!

    Meanwhile on high chairs – this is gonna sound like an odd recommendation, but I totally swear by this Ikea high chair Antilop. We used to use a really fancy (read ridiculously expensive) high chair, with heaps of padding, reclining seat etc etc but, it was SUCH a pain to clean. Babies are crazy messy eaters, especially as they get older, and I was starting to get super frustrated by all the nooks and cranies to clean. but that ikea one is awesome – it wipes down so good – in fact I’ve even hosed it down in the yard (which is AWESOME) – and it’s still really sturdy and safe.


  10. Love it! You’re such a good Mommy. Isn’t making baby food so much fun? I love it!

  11. Also planning on making our baby’s food. I mean, it’s safer and yummier if mamma makes it right? Can’t wait to start giving solids to baby Amelia.
    This was just too cute… and funny! Nice one

  12. You’re such a great mommy! And Rowan is too cute! 🙂

  13. I just started using my Babycook last week and I love it!! SO easy! The hardest part is feeding baby- the food seems to end up everywhere- hands, face, etc instead of in the mouth 🙂

  14. Laura •

    I never thought I’d care to make my own babyfood. But it really looks so easy. Do you freeze it? Little Anthony loved the video, he laughed the whole time and asked is that Rowan? Can we go there? Is she eating food? Where does she live? Can I go to NY? Did she throw up? LOL! Oh the questions!!!

  15. Ahh!! So incredibly adorable!! I want a Babycook for myself, too!! I’ve seen a Magic Bullet baby food type thing too recently (I stay up too late sometimes) and I think puree’s are wonderful, so much better than canned baby food! Rowan is so so so cute!! And I also busted out a big laugh at the outtake haha!! Even picturing it again is making me laugh! 🙂 Such great memories the two of you share and it’ll be so great someday she can see this!

  16. Rebecca •

    I <3 sweet potatoes and Mates of State! I can't wait to have babies, Rowan is beautiful!

  17. hehehe, so cute! Love the outtake.

  18. We have the same Bumbo! What a neat little bubba food maker this is. My Frankie started his solids this week….and is not enjoying 🙁 so far its thumbs down for rice cereal, pumpkin, banana and mango. A cold slice of apple is all he really enjoys sucking on to sooth his gums.
    Lovely blog!
    Tone xo

  19. p.s. I love your daughter’s name too, she is just the cutest!

  20. What a great post. I don’t have children yet, but I always dislike babysitting for others and having to feed the children the processed food provided. Awesome thing to remember when I have my first little one.

    haha loved the outtake!

  21. You two are so cute!

  22. I loved the video! She is suucchh a good eater! Geesh it took us forever to get miss. rylee to want to eat what was on the spoon! We use the baby bullet – but the beaba looks awesome!

    Here’s to homemade baby food 🙂


  23. Ha… weird fact. I just wrote about my possible future and I wrote about getting sweet potato puree on my shirt… I kinda guessed that it was a good baby food example and I see it is.
    Look at you…making baby food!
    ps. 3 days! Ah!

  24. Nice…. Now I just need a baby! 😀


    P.S: Today is my blog’s Bday!!! 🙂 I’ll be hosting a giveaway which (I know for a fact 🙂 will blow your mind!!! 😀

  25. i used the babycook with my first and i loved it so much! at williams-sonoma there is a book called Cooking for Baby (i think) that i used and it has some of the neatest little recipes and ideas for spicing up the baby food.

  26. You are such a patient momma. And I love the outtake! 🙂

  27. She is such a cutie! I’ve been meaning to comment for absolute ages on her name – when I first read that you called her “Rowan” I thought you might have been an Anne McCaffrey fan. She wrote a series of novels in which one of the main characters was called “Rowan” but that isn’t the case and is just a coincidence – but I had to share my weird nerd fact anyway. 🙂 Sorry for the ramble.

    My SIL has one of those babycook type things (but a different brand here in Australia) and she loves it. So good that you are giving her unprocessed food. I will be doing the same when I have kids. 🙂

  28. Melissa Fiske •

    loved the video- especially the outtake! i think only moms who have gotten thrown up on can appreciate the humor in it! 🙂 as far as highchairs- it can depend on space and the type of dining chairs you and kev have. we use a fisher price space saver which attaches to one of our dining room chairs- it reclines which is great while they are little (but rowan looks like she’s a champ at sitting straight up to eat! ) i love it because JD sits at the table with us while we are eating our dinner and its not another piece of baby stuff in our way- just another chair at the table. the only negative is that they advertise that it changes into a booster …which it does, but the arms dont allow it to go under our table so when mikayla was in it, she sat too far away from the table. at that point we bought a cheaper booster seat for the table which she still uses! i’ve also had clients who enjoy the type that hook onto the table/counter. so i guess it really depends on your lifestyle and how you want to serve meals (especially in the future as she’s self-feeding)

    I simply love your blogging style, your site design and your DELISHIOUS BABY!!! Your picture step-by-step instruction post is quite refreshing and I must say entertaining and inviting. Your video is sooo super sweet and it was very creative that you added the music and speeded up the action. What program did you use to add the music in like that and to fastforward the video? Also, I have never heard of a baby steamer and the demonstration was very informative in so many ways. I also try to make my own baby food as much as possible – but with all the time that goes into it, pots and pans and everything else… it can get kinda hard. Well – thanks for posting about this great technique you have :o)

    Anyway, I so loving your style and blog posts – so I will definitely be back!
    Also, you are more than welcome to visit my baby blog at http://www.BookieBabies.com :o)
    BookieBabies is a blog about baby growth, health, parenting and all the fun stuff in between :o) PS – I’ve got twins… SO LOOOOVE ‘EM!!!

  30. Dang you are like seriously awesome at feeding her! My Godson is a pain in the a$$ to feed!! His mom lets him “explore” his food and use his own spoon. Uh yeah, it’s a huge mess and then he just gets mad because he’s still hungry. With Rowan you’re like “take it!” and she does, it’s so awesome. She’s just the cutest baby ever =)

  31. i made all my baby food with Hendrix and it was so rewarding. i didnt have the babycook, i just used a blender but ill be getting one if i ever have another lil bean.
    The most fun was when he got a bit older and i could try new combos. His fav wasa pineapple with a dash of coconut milk. yummm.

  32. (I’m way behind on this)

    hahah wow. So glad I watched the video. The outtake was great. I think the best part is how surprised you were.

    Rowan’s such a cutie!

  33. this post is seriously adorable! love the video! i think i would have so much fun making baby food:)

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