Style File 03.08.11

We are going for the casual weekend look here. Jeans. Cardigan and plaid shirt. I really liked these bright colors together. Also, these brown desert boots are my new obsession. I wear them with everything. You can’t beat cute and comfortable.

What is your go to weekend look?
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: UO
Boots: c/o Spotted Moth

hahaha. I have a hair mustache. Thanks a lot wind.

  1. HAhahahha OMG I’m so glad you shared the hair mustache. I needed that giggle.

    Your brights are super happy.

  2. you look radiant with that sun glow.

  3. Your bright cardigan really puts me in a better mood! This winter needs to end soon.

  4. So cute! I adore your cardigan…the colour is amazing on you!

  5. Love these colors!

  6. I love how bright that plaid is. Turquoisey-teal and red are just divine together. As far as my weekend outfit goes, it’s all about a t-shirt and jeans for me. If it’s summertime, the jeans become cutoffs and I go for sandals, while wintertime requires the addition of a sweater and some flat boots. It ain’t rocket science. =)

  7. That last picture is hilarious!

  8. Ashley J •

    Love the hair mustache and that cardigan!

  9. I’m really digging those boots and mayyyy need to purchase them!

  10. I want every one of these items! You look super cute. 🙂

  11. Loving the jeans lady. Beautifully styled as usual.

  12. That picture made me crack up – you’re so cute!

  13. I love the color combinations of your plaid shirt. And that last photo cracked me up!

  14. Love the bright sweater! 😉

  15. i love the colors of this plaid shirt — very cute!

  16. Haha these photos are adorable. Especially the last one 😀

  17. My go to weekend look? Pyjamas!!! 😀
    Love the light on these pics!

  18. i love how the colour of the cardigan contrasts the snow!what an energetic beginning to a nice weekend!
    ps) great blog, have been reading since some time, time to follow 🙂

  19. LOVE your sweater! LOVE! I am always on the lookout for an adorable bright sweater. And thanks for posting the mustache photo – it definitely made me laugh, too.

  20. My weekend outfit is a long sweatshirt dress and leggings, with boots. Ahh. Weekend outfits are my favorite.

  21. I love that plaid shirt because of it’s gorgeous colors! Apparently I need to get myself into a Forever 21. Thrifty and cute 😉

    Lindsay Living

  22. love the color combo so much. oh windy hair mustaches. those are the worst.

  23. You totally rock those bright colours! And I love how you beltet that shirt! I always gravitate towards plaid on weekends, it’s just the perfect match 🙂

  24. i love the red paired with the brown shoes. and the plaid shirt is amazing! you look so happy 🙂

    <3 steffy

  25. I thought for sure the shirt was vintage, it has such a cute ’70s school vibe! Love the hair mustache picture!

  26. omgggee. the cuteness!!! I hope my motherhood ness in the future is half as fun and loving as it looks like yours is!!! xoxoxox Kim

  27. ps. my previous comment was for the video!! WOOPS! OK! the outfit.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combo of this look and simple and carefreeness about it. Red is a great color on u! xo, Kim

  28. Paige •

    Who exactly is “we”??
    I KNEW you had a secret stylist!! 😉

  29. Adorable outfit! and these pictures are fantastic.

  30. Love the plaid!!

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