Rowan Style File 03.03.11

Hi Friends. I took a little break there at the end of last week. I flew home Thursday and was busy popping in to see grandparents all along my trip back from Boston to Albany. We were so excited when we finally got home to see Kev again! Yesterday, Rowan was miserable ALL DAY LONG. I think she cried all day. The verdict is still out as to why but it was def. a Momma day. Everything else got pushed to the side.

So, here we are Saturday morning. It’s a grey day out and we have been hanging out in bed all morning. I love lazy mornings. We finally got up to go do some errands and thought Rowan looked too cute to not share. Who said little girls have to wear all pink and bows, huh? I always have to check out the little boys section at baby gap. I got her a little flannel there before too. So cute! I couldn’t resist this little pirate sweater.

Can you see her little teeth in the pic she is smiling. They are so far up now and boy, they hurt when she chews your finger. Rowan did have little cute boots on but she kept kicking them off. So, off they stayed.

Sweater: Baby Gap
Patchwork Jean Skirt: H&M
Tights: Walmart
Boots (notshown): Gift from Punky&Adam

  1. I rarely say something like this, but Rowan just might be the cutest little baby I’ve seen…and such style 😉

  2. She’s just all too cute. And I totally agree… girls can rock a pirate sweater just as good if not better than baby boys.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Definitely too cute not to share! She looks SO adorable! I’m in love with the pirate sweater (and those chubby cheeks!).

  4. aww, those boots are killer too! I want them in my size!

  5. Rowan is precious! I love how you’ve mixed this boys department sweater with the skirt! The end result is fabulous!

  6. Do Gap make that sweater in adult sizes?
    I can never have children; I’ll spend my life envying their clothes!

  7. Oh my goodness… she is soooo beautiful!!! 😀

  8. Oh, she’s such a sweet little thing! With great style to boot, and a smile that melts your heart!

  9. Jessica •

    She’s really starting to look like both you and Kev! adorable!

  10. That sweater!! She is so adorable

  11. Oh such a cute girl! She has grown so much!

  12. Courtney •

    aww these pics made me giggle! so cute! i love the sweater!

  13. Rowan’s just so precious! this is so so so so adorable- I love the sweater. Would be perfect for Gasparilla…

  14. She’s adorable!! Love the outfit and LOVE those cheeks! Chubby babies are the best 🙂

  15. She is soooo adorable, move over momma Rowan’s in the house! hehehe

  16. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never thought of heading to the boys section for some clothes for the nieces! I’m so heading there next birthday…and maybe to the girls section for the nephews…pink shirts on little boys, adorable!

    Baby girls cheekies are so cute! You certainly baked yourself a super cute baby-bun! Way to make a newlywed clucky! 🙂

  17. Awww…how adorable! You are going to have a little fashionista on your hands.

  18. Love the sixth photo how cute and beautiful is her smile… plus the outfit a total win 😀

  19. OMG, those cheeks they kill me every. single. time.

  20. OMG, those cheeks they kill me every. single. time. She’s a beauty.

  21. What a doll baby – you can tell she already knows how to work the camera!

    Maybe her funky mood was re adjusting to being a home? I know for my boys at that age the first day of a trip and the first day home make for some very crabby/clingy behaviors.

  22. andrea •

    This is my favorite part of the day…seeing Rowan’s pictures =D

  23. she’s so cool

  24. Those cheeks are to die for! She looks adorable! And I always check out both sections too…there is just way too much pink to only limit myself to the girl’s section.

  25. Love it! Maybe she had a little bit of colic!

  26. After I flew back from Florida my little sweet pea had a couple of rough day too. I think it was just the stress of travel. Hope Rowan feels better soon 🙂

  27. Hello Jen,

    And congrats for your blog!!! It’s so hip and chic. Not to mention the little girl who is just rocking the pirate sweater. I have an 18 months old little boy and sometime I find myself buying him something neutral from the girl area. 🙂 If you like chic, unique, hand made knitwear for kids, you’re more than welcome to come and visit my boutique. I design and create all the garments you’ll see in it. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Have a great day,

  28. I love the sweater! It is the cutest! I find boys clothing cuter sometimes…even for little girls.

  29. Ok I want those cheeeeeks! OH MY GOODNESS! She is so adorable.
    you are beautiful, your blog, your home, your clothes.
    so nice to meet you.


  30. Oh my gosh, Rowan is one hip & stylish tot and those cheeks get me every time, aww. AND that sweater is beyond adorable, I want one. xx veronika

  31. Rebekah kessler •

    I can’t handle how cute her cheeks are

  32. What a cute little smile. Rowan looks great in her little pirate sweater and it just goes to show little girls can be kick but and cute at the same time.

    xx Poppy

  33. She is just adorable! I want to squeeze her cute little cheeks! That’s a Goonies Sweater for sure!!!

  34. Krystal •

    Hi:) I love these pics!!! Love her cheeks and her smile:) these Rowan pics really make my day:) I also love that you picked a boy sweater for her!!! I just found out our baby #3 is a girl…I’m due at the end of May! I’ve saved all the boys’ stuff(they are 2 and 4)… You’ve made me rethink using boy items for the girl:) thanks!!!!:)

  35. Ahhh she’s soooo cuuutee!

  36. marta •

    Love her pirate sweater! And yay for gender neutral clothes! 🙂

  37. She is so sweet. Funny, being that I have four boys and no girls, I was really tempted to dress up my last baby in a dress a few times. Just to take pictures and imagine what a girl would look like. I know that sounds weird, but just honest. 🙂
    Rowan wears the look well!! 😉 Bless you all–

  38. Tina B •

    I can’t help but picture her wearing an eye patch in the picture where she look like she is laughing….CUTE sweater!

  39. A-freaking-dorable! She was born to style file!

  40. She is so frickin cute with her cheeks and her little outfit. <3

  41. ahh! that itty bitty denim skirt! adorable.

  42. Sarah •

    Ahhh so adorable! Love the pirate sweater!

  43. Shannon •

    What a cutie!!! She looks a lot like Kev! I have a 7 month old and love reading your posts about Rowan (such an adorable name too)

  44. This kid-let is stylin’!

  45. I can’t even express to you how much I heart these pictures!

    You should name your next baby Reiko…think about it and then tell me when it happens.

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