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This past weekend, Kev and I took a little afternoon date around town together. Rowan was hanging out at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, so Kev and I took some time to hang out with each other. We didn’t do anything in particular but it was fun to play dress up a little for our time out.

Did you ever watch The Polka Dot Door? I think it is a Canadian show because Kev doesn’t know what it is, but I use to love that show as a kid. Maybe that is why I have a small (ok big) obsession with polka dots. I can’t help but sing the song when wearing them.

Here’s to polka dot lovers everywhere!
Dress: Delightful Dozen (via Tick Tock Vintage)
Belt: J.Crew
Glitter Socks: Forever 21
Seychelles Heels: c/o Lucky & Bing

Are you checking out all the fun on the Delightful Dozen’s new site today??

  1. You look incredible. I love that dress. It is so flirty and playful. Plus it fits you fantastically!

  2. Love it with the heels, my dear. I just feel sorry for all the Americans that missed out!

  3. Fantastic outfit! I’ve been in love with those Seychelles heels FOREVER but I don’t know of any stores around that sell them, and I hate buying things online (esp. cause I’m in Canada and shipping is expensive) to find things don’t fit.

    And I have no idea what show that is either, haha!

  4. Oh Girl! You must have been freeeeeezing your lil butt off!!! 🙂

  5. Rebecca •

    I need to check out this show! One of my co-workers calls me “Little Dot” because I wear polka dots so often.
    This dress is amazing and I love the belt! You are wonderful.

  6. LOL I used to love that show when I was growing up 😀 Polka dots are great 🙂 Love the shoes!

  7. Joslyn •

    Cuuutte dress! I love those glitter socks as well, too bad Forever 21’s are so few and far between up here.
    It really is too bad all those kids missed out on Polka Dot Door! Polkaroo was my favorite!

  8. Felicia •

    March 1st seems like polka dot day!
    Haha, it’s funny because both my friend and I decided to randomly wear polka dot dresses today, and now here you are, posting about polka dot dresess.
    Looks great!

  9. Jen, I can’t believe you’r legs are bare, as a reader I appreciate your dedication! You look lovely, I love the subtil touch the socks add to the look.

    Although I am Canadian I don’t know this show, but I’m French so many it doesn’t count…


  10. I loved Polka Dot Door.. but I’m Canadian. Which is probably also why I’m really alarmed that you’re outside with no coat or tights on!

  11. LOVE this! You look adorable. Polka dots have to be one of my favorite things along with socks and sandals. Who woulda thought?!

  12. Love the red, love the polka dots! Is that dress actually vintage? Because if it’s one of a kind I may have to steal it and run.

    And I LOVED Polka Dot Door as a wee Canadian kid growing up. (Courtesy of my buddy Adam’s Photoshop skills: It’s me with Polkaroo!

  13. Aww, sounds like you and Kev had such a nice day! And I am smitten with this lovely dress, there’s nothing cuter than polka dots, love how you’ve styled it. xx veronika

  14. Oooo Polka Dot Door! I’m from Michigan and remember watching Polka Dot Door. Also, Fred Penner and Mr. Dressup!

  15. I adore the socks with heels trend! That polka dot dress looks stunning against the snowy background….love love love 🙂

  16. I love the socks with heels trend! That polka dot dress looks stunning against the snowy love love 🙂

  17. Polka Dot Door! Yes!!!!! 🙂 I grew up watching that show. And Today’s Special and Mr. Dressup.. I could go on & on! I’m from Ontario, Canada, btw.

    Super cute dress – you look great!

  18. I loved Polka Dot Door, and I grew up in Saskatchewan. Also that show about the train station with the little band that lived inside the vending machine. And Under The Umbrella Tree.

  19. Too precious! Love all the reds together and those shoes will be great come spring and summer, too!

  20. Sooooooooooo CUTE! You wear things I only dream of wearing!

  21. just found you on modcloth blogger of the moment! you are so adorbale, i love your polka dots and the socks with heels look! i am adding you on blog lovin 🙂

    <3 steffy

  22. Super cute outfit!! Glad you had fun on date night, it’s such fun 🙂

    p.s. I totally remember the Polka Dot Door! it was one of my favorite shows, then they changed it to the Polka Dot Shorts 🙁 ?????

  23. Jen, Im from Canada and I totally know what you’re talking about with the polka dot door, I loved it as a kid. Polkaroo was my fav! I dont think its called the polka dot door anymore thou, they have of course revamped it into the Polka dot Shorts.

    Love the polka dot dress its amazing

  24. i am in love with this dress, super cute!! Really pretty with the heels as well and i think a perfect date outfit!

  25. katiemax •

    I loved Polka Dot Door as a kid! I grew up near Chicago…maybe they played Canadian shows on PBS? No idea, but it was my fave!

  26. Haha, I loved Polka Dot Door! This is a tad embarrassing, but it wasn’t until about a year ago (I’m 27) that I realized that the “man” (can’t remember his name) was Polkaroo!!! I’d always see the man leave, then Polkaroo would come and I’d think “Damn, he missed him AGAIN!” All my friends laughed at me, feel free too as well.
    Thanks for the childhood memory!

  27. Stephanie •

    LOVED THE POLKA DOT DOOR! I know so many people who have no idea what I’m talking about, even other Canadians!

  28. Love the shoes! I just love Seychelles!! I too can’t believe you braved the photos without a coat or tights, however, I’m slightly jealous that you are able to wear the socks/heels combo. I just don’t know if I can! It’s a fear I need to conquer!

  29. This dress looks adorable on you!! I especially love the bright color of the dots!

  30. Yes! The Polka dot door and Polkaroo! My US husband doesn’t know what I’m talking about either…and I also loved Art Attack! and Pengu.

  31. Good ol polka dot door! Love that you are from Canada, makes me happy 🙂 Love this look,so cute! Rowan also looks adorable in her above outfit, the jean skirt is so cute, and so is she! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
    I understand how you feel about the snow, Alberta is going to have a long cold spring :(. Oh well!
    <3 Kastles

  32. Kat D.R. •

    I forgot about the Polka Dot Door! My sister and I loved watching it. We’re from Michigan.

  33. Aren’t you cold, missy? You are one brave woman! Bare legs, open toed shoes and nothing but a little layer of socks covering your toes?! Now that’s commitment!

    Lindsay Living

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