Some Facts

Fact: Rowan is looking more and more like her daddy everyday. Her eyes have started to change. I thought I had a chance with brown like me but they are definitely turning hazel. I think she is going to be a little blonde, hazel eyed baby girl.

Fact: Seeing your baby cry in pain is absolutely heartbreaking. Rowan obviously has cried before but this past week we had some constipation issues from switching to solid foods and it had me in tears a long with her. It was a different cry. A helpless cry. Poor baby. It was a very long night that night.

Fact: After having an excellent sleeper for the past 5 months, well since she was born this new waking up 3 times a night thing is killing me. Any suggestions on what has changed?

Fact: As much as you (ok, I) said I didn’t want any of those monster baby toys in the house (swings, walkers, exersaucers) when your baby sits in one at a friends house for over an hour playing happily, all goes out the window. Get me to the nearest Target please so I can get one. Your pre-baby arrival ideals sometimes go out the window when baby gets here. We have learned that a lot!

Fact: Being a single parent is hard. I really have major respect for single parents. I have only been with Rowan for 1 day and night so far alone and I already look like I got hit by a tornado. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and my patience are frazzled. Heres to a good week away I hope!

Fact: I may not be the best mom, I definitely don’t know all the answers but I really love who I have become since becoming a mom. I still have my flaws for sure but I feel stronger and more confident with myself. I try to be less stressed, more easy going, more loving, more giving, more thankful, a better friend, the list could go on and on. For me having a baby has made me want to be better in so many areas.

Fact: Everyday that goes by I can’t believe how much more I love this little baby girl. I fall more and more in love with her everyday.

Fact: We decided to use disposables on our trip to Georgia instead of bring our bumgenius diapers. Awk. I hate them. Rowan has never had a diaper rash until now. It is terrible. I will always use cloth for every baby.

Fact: Rowan is a wiggler. I can not wait for the day (if it even comes) where she will want to sit quietly on Mommy’s lap and cuddle.

Fact: I miss Kev. Rowan misses Kev. It is hard to be away from him even when it is somewhere I want to be. I am so super excited to be here with my friend Laura but it’s still hard to be away from him

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  1. Ah you really make me wanna become a mommy pronto! 🙂

  2. Voted. Who can say no to that face? 🙂

    And I totally hear you on the ucky baby toy thing. It happened to us with Pea and it’s happening all over again with Lu. Don’t worry, though, they outgrow that stuff pretty quickly and, with the exception of the pink plastic Disney princess junk that you will be bombarded with after every birthday party once she starts school, things get a lot nicer.

  3. Hi,
    I just had a baby girl, Audrey, about 5 weeks ago and you completely inspire me to be the best mom I can be. I’ve been going back to your older posts when Rowan was 5 weeks etc… and trying to get ideas of what to expect. The experience of being a mother has been completely transformative, as everyone said it would be, but sometimes it’s hard to believe my identity is completely changing into someone new. I’m trying to figure out who that person is. I think the hardest part is the lack of sleep. It makes things seem even more difficult. Good luck with the teething. I’m not really looking forward to that part either. I think the worst sound I’ve ever heard in the world is my baby’s cry. I think you are a great mom. You want the best for Rowan and you do everything you can to make it happen. Don’t ever doubt yourself! :o) These rough patches are just part of the ride. That’s what I keep telling myself! hahaha.

  4. i love this post and seeing you through your journey of motherhood. You are so inspirational in all aspects of your life and this included the mother you have become. Thank you for continuing to be true to yourself, and know what we all love you and you are an amazing mother!! xo, Kim

  5. what a great list. i totally understand wanting the best for your baby, no big clunky plastic toys but i see if they like it and it makes them happy it is so hard not to give it to them. also yay cloth diapers. love hearing peoples success stories. that is a bit of contention in our household though it is not a big factor, no baby and none of the way.

  6. I love this. I especially love the “Your pre-baby arrival ideals sometimes go out the windown when baby gets here.” That is absolutely true. I’m such a huge advocate for doing what works with your baby. There is not one set of ‘correct’ rules for raising a child. You just take it one day at a time and work with what comes your way.

    As far as not sleeping through the night, you mentioned that you recently changed her diet. This might have something to do with it. Any change, especially one like a diet change, can lead to other little upsets in a baby that young. Also, you might see how much/when she is napping during the day. When I moved my daughters naps to just 30-45 minutes earlier in the day, she sleeps much better at night.

  7. Oh what a beauty! and I really like what you said about becoming mom is making you turn into a better person, gave me chills!

    Im not a mom yet, but I have an adorable niece and nephew I treat them as my own children, and like you I start to cry when I see them in pain. Its so heartbreaking to know sometimes you cant do anything. If im like this with my niece and nephew, cant even imagine how I will be with my own kids!

    Best of luck to ya

    Miss Neira

  8. great post! I really enjoyed reading this. I know how you feel about the whole 3 times waking up at night thing. Olivia was doing that about a month ago because she was teething, but then one week she went back to normal. Last night she slept from 9-7…I was shocked! It will get better!

  9. Voted again. And I hear ya about the disposables on the trip thing. I didn’t have room to take cloth with me on our trip to Florida last month. Get some zinc cream, doesn’t work with the cloth, but really helps keep the rash away while she’s travelling. Travelling with a baby by myself really humbled me as well. It is not easy by ones self… Have a fun trip!

  10. My daughter Wynne has NOT been a good sleeper, ever, and it is exhausting, but I’m almost glad she didn’t start out doing well and then suddenly take a nosedive. At least I have nothing to miss, you know? Bless your heart!

    I love Dr. Weissbluth, who is a sleep expert and pediatrician, and I am constantly consulting a blog I found called Chronicles of a Babywise Mom. I haven’t read the actual Babywise books yet, but Valerie does a great job giving advice based on the Babywise methods which really make sense to me and work for us. I have no idea what you think about “crying it out” or any modification thereof, but even if you don’t want to go that route i still think the information on the babywise blog is super helpful.

  11. Chelsey •

    Such a sweet post. It is pretty crazy how you can fall more in love with them each day. 🙂

  12. Supermom •

    As for the disposal diapers, use the ones free of dyes. For diaper rash, I use half vaseline/half desitin creamy. It helps slide it on easier and quicker so baby doesn’t feel it too much.
    Yes Exersaucers are great! I got my baby a jumper and she would jump and play for up to an hour! It was great. We also had a swing, she would take naps on that too. The big toys are great if you are a stay at home mom.
    I have a 16 month old and she’ll sit with me for 20-30 mins if she gets to watch barney. I didn’t think I would let her watch TV but she has learned so much. She has a huge vocab not just because of TV but because I teach her as well. She knows already 7 alphabet letters can loves to sing and dance with Barney. But as a parent you got to learn to tune out that dinosaur. LOL
    She changed sleeping habits because thats what they do. Teething plays a big part. New foods.
    My daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was 12 months. So, I use to wake up everytime she did, usually twice a night. She was hungry so I gave her a bottle around 2am. I weaned the night bottle around 8 months. But, she still wakes up around 6-7am for her morning bottle then goes back to sleep until 8-9am.

  13. Meghan •

    Hey! Great list. As for the sleeping issues: we have a baby boy a few weeks older than Rowan. He was a great sleeper up until right around 5 months…then suddenly, he was up several times a night. Thankfully, within the last few weeks (he’s 6.5 months now)he’s gone back to sleeping 10-11 hours /night. I think the reasons were: (a) he was going through separation anxiety (totally normal, but hard on mommy!) and was waking up to make sure I was still there and (b) he made some awesome developmental leaps during that time (sitting up unsupported, crawling…) and was waking up to practice them. I bet Rowan’s problems probably stem from the same things. I know it’s tough (I was dying those few weeks!) but hang in there. She’ll be so much happier in a few weeks and back to her old self! ps-we use cloth dips too and the few times we’ve tried disposables, we’ve had the same issues. I love the cloths!!

  14. How can I not vote for you after such a sweet post like that one? Jen, you are a beautiful momma! I am not a mom yet but I can only hope that I am overcome by love like you have been.

  15. Hey lovely Mums,
    Apparently babies go through a physiological change at around 5 months where at they fully wake up out of their deep sleep every 2 hours. New techniques are required to help babies self settle.
    Try this awesome website they have GREAT articles on getting babies to sleep through the night again. I’m not a Mum myself but work in a parenting organisation. x

  16. My Levi (9months) did the same thing with his sleeping pattern. We let it go on for 3 months and even started bringing him into bed with us in order to get him to go back to sleep. Other moms at work suggested I let him “cry it out” in the night if he didn’t need something (diaper change/food/pain management). I didn’t listen to them for 1.5 months b/c I felt like that was wretched. However, we tried it this week. It’s every bit as hard as it was to let him cry it out at bed time, but I’ve found that he’s much happier in the mornings and after daycare now too. Win win. Good luck figuring out what will work for your family 🙂

  17. i just want to eat her!
    i will never forget when Harper got constipated the first time when we transitioned to solids – i cried, too. they are looking at you like HELP ME and there is little you can do. ugh, SO sad. sorry you had to experience that mama!
    she is so darling and so lucky to have you as her mama.

  18. I am there and have been there! I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 8 1/2 month old. And life as we know it, has been flipped on its side. We have gone through every kind of baby issue and every baby is different. I will say around 5 mo. babies go through developmental changes; teething, learning to crawl, starting solids among other things. This can and will attribute to some sleepless nights…it’s normal and it will pass. Although a young mom, I come from old school methods, you let a sleeping baby sleep. I wouldn’t change her naps if she is napping well, sleep begets sleep. I would suggest sticking to your bedtime routine if its solid and was working before. Solids is a tricky thing. If she is doing well nursing, nutritionally she doesn’t need solids until about 9mo. or older. My little one is really sensitive, I’m nursing as well and on a non-dairy, non-milk protein diet. For a girl who loves ice cream and pizza and all things dairy. Ouch. So introducing solids has left us many sleepless, gassy, tearful nights. A little mylicon(sp?) drops(gas drops) in an ounce of cool water helps settle an aching tummy. I enjoy reading your blog, Rowan is a peach! Navigating through mommyhood is challenging and confusing and it’s the most thankless job in the world. But the unconditional love of your babies is worth its weight in gold. Good luck, be strong, and know this too shall pass.

    Thinking of you at 3 am

  19. I am so excited to hear that you use bumgenius and love them! I first saw them the other week when I was reading Bleubird Vintage, and I’ve become obsessed with them, I look at them on the internet all the time. I’m dying to know every detail from moms who use them, and the no diaper rash for little Rowan is such good news. I love reading about you being a new mommy and how beautiful it is, you’re so honest and even with the hard new-baby things [like being up at all hours of the night] you make it look like an absolute dream. I was having my baby girl Sable in September but I lost her. Now with all the lame medicines and surgeries and healing in may be a whole YEAR before I have my next baby, so to keep myself from going crazy I just love reading about new mommy life from you and Bleubird Vintage to get ideas and inspiration to help me prepare. I think I’ll take advantage of the time and buy like 2 bumgenius diapers a month, then they won’t seem so expensive all at once. How many do you have for Rowan? Do you use the snaps or the elastic band? How did they fit when she was a brand new newborn? What do you do when you’re on the go? You don’t have to answer all or any of my questions, just know that there is people reading who DO love to hear every and any detail about your beautiful baby and life! Thank you so much.

  20. Ashley •

    Grovia has bio-diapers. They have no chemicals and bio-degrade. I’m cloth diapering my baby as well but it’s nice to haveban alternative that is safe for the baby!

  21. Great post Jen! I can relate to lots of things here, but mostly that I can’t wait until my daughter stops wiggling so I can really snuggle with her. She’s 11 months now and it’s still the same. I remember, when I was pregnant, I would say: I don’t care how cold it gets in the winter, I will have Tessa to snuggle with. Not so much. 🙂 Guess that’s what the husbands are for.

  22. Melissa Fiske •

    swings and exersaucers are a life saver! BUT, make sure when you look to get your own exersaucer, that its fully height adjustable. you want to make sure her feet lay flat and knees slightly bend when in it (same for a jumper and walker). if she is on her toes, her muscle tone may develop wrong and lead to walking issues. physical therapists don’t recommend using them at all, but as a mom, sometimes its necessary- especially when babies are on the move and you just need a shower! and as someone else said, they are temporary and won’t clog your home forever!! (as far as sleep is concerned…. we are up many times a night with jd and won’t let him cry it out because mikayla shares a room with him… so i dont have any suggestions for you! praying she starts sleeping again!)

  23. I love this post.

    I completely know what you mean about falling more in love with your child more and more everyday. Every new look. Every new sound they make. Every new milestone. Your heart grows a little bigger.

  24. Michelle •

    She gets cuter and cuter! She may just be getting hungry at nite. As she’s getting bigger she might just need a little extra before bed at night. I had to do that with rylie. I would give her a snack maybe some fruit or something and then her formula and I noticed it would help her go a little longer at night. She may just be waking for no good reason too. I don’t know you’re routine when she does wake up but it might be worth a try to let her cry for a certain amount of time so she can put herself back to sleep. That’s if nothing else is wrong. Give the extra snack before bed a try and see if that helps. Now that she’s in some solids she’s going to need more food
    Hope she’s sleeping again soon! That was always my least favorite stage

  25. on a vacation with my mom this week and we were sitting on the beach talking about what an amazing mother you are!!

    my mom has had four daughters, and she said she used to stay up in the night and pray that she could have enough love for all four of us! it makes me so happy and Rowan is so lucky that you have so much love for her, you’d do anything and aren’t ‘selfish’ at all!! (my older sister has two kids and I feel like she constantly neglects them for her own selfish needs like fixing her hair or making sure she has plans on a Friday night)

    you are an amazing mother and I am so so proud (is that okay?) of you and Rowan is such a lucky girl!! I can’t wait, one day, maybe seven years from now, look back at your blog and take your advice and learn from your lessons when I have my own baby.

    Jen, you are outstanding and beautiful. Never, ever forget that!!

  26. P.S. I love being a blonde haired, hazel eyed girl and I know Rowan will too! 😉 I see Kev in her but I also see you! Such a gorgeous baby! Those pictures make my heart melt!

  27. Ha! I love this list!
    I didn’t want those obnoxious huge playthings, but getting a few stretches of freedom were worth the ugliness and clutter in my living room.
    And yet, being a single mom is really hard.

  28. Andrea •

    Really love this post! And the pics of course. Very honest, very heartfelt. Thank you.

  29. marta •

    Yup, I hear ya on (some of) the pre-baby ideals going out the window! 😉

  30. you mentioned kev is out of town- babies are super intuative, that could be what’s keeping her from sleeping well along with: teething, growth spurt…you mentioned she was super constipated the other day…digesting could still be an issue. she could also be reading your vibes, if you’re super stressed about anything babies can read into that stuff so well…I’ve had LOTS of experience with my kids picking up on my stress vibes.
    good luck! and you know what? it could just be one of those crappy phazes that babies go through that feels like it’s just to torture us. it will pass! 😉

  31. Krystal •

    Oh I hate asking Moms for advice… With every good piece of advice you get one that’s not so good!!!
    Please don’t let her cry it out:(
    I do agree maybe she’s hungry… Maybe sensitive you aren’t home with Daddy…or learning new thugs…. Or maybe it’s the solid foods… ?? Somehow you will figure it out!!! It’s all about learning as you go!!! Give her lots of hugs!!
    You are doing a great job!!! She looks so healthy and happy:) and is as gorgeous as ever:)
    We just learned our next baby is a girl…I’m due at the en of May! We have 2 boys… 4 and 2…. So this baby girl feels so so special:)
    Have a great trip!!!

  32. chelle •

    In my experience with my two boys, I have found that they go through short phases like this. My second son is a much better sleeper than my first. (I learned from my mistakes the first time around.) He has slept through the night consistently from the time I started with him (though I can’t recall his age off the top of my head.) Yet, he still at two has periods where he will wake up at night for a few nights in a row, or a night or two/week for a few weeks. Usually it’s because he’s not feeling well or something like that.

    They change and grow so fast the first year, it seems everything is a phase.

  33. Julia •

    My son is 10 months old. Around 6-7 months we were going through a pretty drawn out moving process. He stopped sleeping through the night, and I credit it to the changes and how I handled them. My husband and I desperately wanted to be the parents who lived a normal life and had baby tag along, but kids are sensitive. So now, big changes have to be introduced slowly, especially the more aware children become. My son hasn’t been sleeping well right now either – it’s a combination of teething and our rather packed schedule I think.

    So it could be Kev being gone, recent traveling, and the introduction of solids too. You have a smart little girl who is very aware if all these changes are noticeable to her already.

  34. I really don’t like the big clunky toys either but after my husband and I saw how happy and content little Wyatt was at daycare in one we couldn’t resist. Our tiny living room has turned into an obstacle course for everyone 😀

  35. The night wakeful-ness is probably caused by her teeth. That is a typical symptom of teething. MOTRIN!!!

  36. Wow…her eyes are so beautiful! They’re like angel’s eyes sent from heaven :))))

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