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March 2011

Style File 03.31.11

When I was in Austin, Kendi and I decided to swap some of our clothes for a bit. She has already styled one of my favorite little spring time jackets and here is my first styled post with a dress she gave me. I love the vibrant colors in it. It definietly pops from the bland background. Isn’t the beginning of spring so ugly? The snow is gone and all that is left are barren forests and tons and tons of salt and dirt on the roads. Wishing for pretty flowering trees soon!

Dress: Swapped with Kendi
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Studded Flats: Target
Necklace: forever 21

Last Nights Dinner 03.31.11

African Sweet Potato Stew with Red Beans
This is by far one of my favorite meals I have ever made. The first time I made it was probably a year or so ago and it has been my favorite ever since. It has such an amazing flavor. The left overs are even better. Mmmm I could eat this everyday. The peanut butter in it just puts it over the top for me. So delicious!

2 teaspoons olive oil
1 1/2 cups chopped onion
1 garlic clove, minced
4 cups or so cubed peeled sweet potato
1 can, drained small red beans
1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
1 cup chopped red bell pepper
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon grated peeled fresh ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained
1 (4.5-ounce) can chopped green chiles, drained
3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
3 tablespoons chopped dry-roasted peanuts
6 lime wedges

1. In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion and garlic; cover and cook 5 minutes or until tender.
2. Add sweet potato and next 10 ingredients (through chiles). Cover and cook on medium until sweet potatoes are tender. Maybe 30 mins.
3. Take a potato masher and mash up your stew so it becomes thick and chunky.
4. Spoon 1 cup cooking liquid into a small bowl. Add peanut butter; stir well with a whisk. Stir peanut butter mixture into stew.
5. Stir in handfuls of peanuts (how many is up to you)
6. Serve with lime wedges (and maybe some homemade cornbread)

I found this recipe from Cooking Light

Style File 03.30.11

So I am still heading back to Texas outfits here. This was what I decided to wear the day of the conference. It was an easy choice because this dress is awesome. Have you heard of 81 Poppies before? If not you should definitely check out their site and see if there is a store location near you. This dress has quickly become one of my favorites. The colors are so pretty and I love the little details (like the hemline!). I decided to wear a white blouse from Forever 21 under it. I really liked how the ruffle sleeves popped thru under the dress. It dressed it up just a little for conference day. The dress has a cute drawstring waist but I opted for a black belt to tie my black heels in. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect day.
Dress: c/o 81 Poppies
Ruffle Sleeve Blouse: Forever 21
Belt: Target
Heart Necklace: gift from friend
JC Splendid Heels: Lulu’s

Style File 03.29.11

Don’t you love outfits when you realize that they have cost you almost nothing? I love when that happens. It makes me so proud of myself. Everything in this outfit is either swapped or thrifted. These are the pictures I shared on the Delightful Dozen blog yesterday. This dress has been making its way around the girls. I was super excited when it arrived on my doorstop. It is adorably cute. I couldn’t help dress it up a little school girl like. When Kev was taking my pictures, I told him we should play hopscotch after. We didn’t but if I had, had a peice of chalk you can bet there would be a massive hopscotch outside our building.
Vintage Dress: Delightful Dozen via Time Enough for Drums
J.Crew Sweater: Swapped
Dooney & Bourke Bag: Beacons Closet
Vintage Brooches: My Grandma
Oxfords: Bass (thrifted)

Head over to the Delightful Dozen Blog and check out my post and see how the other girls have styled this dress!!

Hopscotch anyone?

6 Months

We are well into our 6th month with little Miss Rowan Winter. She had a half birthday party the other weekend with her grandparents and Kev when I was away in Austin. Guess what? This sweater she is wearing in these pictures was mine when I was a little baby. Can you believe that. How cool, right? It’s more like a little belly sweater though. She is so tall.

Every week that goes by more and more of her personality starts to shine thru. She loves to blow raspberries- like the full tongue out, spit everywhere kind. Especially when we are eating and she thinks its funny to spit peas all over me. haha. She is such a good eater. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making her baby food. I love feeding her with homemade baby food. It’s probably one of my favorite things. So far she has had, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, apples and bananas. She hates bananas. She acts like we are gaging her when we try to give her some mashed up. I even smooth them out with some formula. No go.
Rowan also LOVES to stand. Kev has made up a song called “Standing Girl” for her. As soon as you are holding both her hands she straightens her legs and up she stands. I think she would stand for hours if we just kept holding her. She is also a rolling machine. There is no containing this baby. She moves her self everywhere. She is constantly moving. There is no sitting still for her. Even the doctor the other week was like “wow she is a handful.” I think she will start crawling really soon, she is starting to do the hands and knees thing.
There is still no laughing???? We try, but nothing seems to make her laugh. She is amused to no end by everything. She is always smiling but the laugh is just not as easy. We have heard a few but they are few and far between. We had our first sick baby this last month. Poor Kev was home with her when I was in Austin. She had a terrible cold. Isn’t it the worst? You feel so helpless. This little baby is so stuffed up and cant drink a bottle and there is really not all that much you can do for them. We hated every moment of it. She is still getting over it but is way, way better.

We have 2 full teeth out at the bottom. They have been out for almost a month now. I am sure the top ones our on their way sometime. Her little toothy grin is almost to cute to handle.

We have been trying a lot of sleep training methods lately. Ever since she got sick she has been on the worst sleeping schedule. It was almost getting too much for us. We were zombies during the day. She was waking up every hour and not being able to sleep again unless we were holding her. Of course when she was sick we were all for comforting her but then it became a habit for her. She would only want us to hold her to sleep. It was like newborn stage all over again. We finally decided it was time to move her out of our room and make her, her own room. This past week my mom and I have been creating a sweet little room for her. The sleep training + plus her own space has improved things like 95%. We are not there yet but things are getting better. My dark circles under my eyes have decreased dramatically. haha
My dear sweet little Rowan:
Mommy has so much to say to you. This weekend has been very tough for a lot of families in our church. There was a funeral yesterday afternoon for a family who’s son Noah died after only a few days of being alive. It crushes me to think of this happening. Why something so sad can happen. Our other friends sister just had their daughter on Saturday morning. They knew that she was going to be born with a very serious defect. One that would only give her a few days to weeks to live if she made it thru the delivery. God works in ways that most times I can’t understand, but I know that he is in control. I know he can give these families peace but it is heart breaking. It would be heart breaking even if I wasn’t a mom, but seeing you grow, being so healthy and strong and then hearing of these families just brings me to tears every time. You have wrapped yourself around my heart. I feel like we are one, you are truly an extension of me. I want to be grateful for every moment we have. Every smile we share, every hug, every cuddle. Even in the bad I want to be grateful. This life is a blessing. Some days are tough and somedays I cry because it is hard but I will not lose sight of how fragile and special your life really is.
Always remember that.
I love you with every ounce of my being.
-your mommy

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Hello Friday

Its been a long and busy week. A good week because my mom has been here helping me with the nursery but I am exhausted. We are having a really hard time with Rowan sleeping lately. It is getting better as we get more strict with a little sleep training but it still makes for long nights. I still have to get to a 6 month post for her but there has been no time. I snapped this photo this morning as she played in her new crib. Her room is looking fantastic. Lots more to do but we are getting there. There will definitely be a nursery tour when it is all done.

I couldn’t be happier it is friday. I am looking forward to Mexican food tonight with friends and then a weekend with Kev all to myself.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately from around the interwebs and from my lovely sponsors…
1. We are off to Florida in a month. I can’t wait for the beach. Isn’t this bathing suit just darling?

2. An absolutely beautiful new lookbook from Ruche. Drooling over everything!

3. Such a cute hibiscus tee for a little girl

4. Mini Nutella Cheesecakes? Umm yes please!!

5. Love the collar on this pretty dress!

6. I want to own these cute vintage glasses.

7. How awesome is this paper house mobile? I love it!

8. Erin really nailed it with this outfit. I really wish I owned this beautiful coat.


TxSCC Style File pt. 3 | 03.24.11

Maybe it was the warm air but something about having to dress without so many layers wanted me to keep everything really simple all week. Here is what I wore to the Clothing Swap the night I arrived in Austin. I had been traveling ALL day and I was not feeling like dressing up very much. I kept it simple and comfortable with this pretty floral dress and some really comfy but cute wedges.

I am so sick of wearing layer after layer. I know by fall I will be saying I can’t wait to wear tights again but for now I would like to be done with winter clothes.

Do you have a must have item for spring?

Illustrated Flora Dress: c/o Modcloth
LL Bean Belt: Swapped
Dolce Vita Pela Wedges: c/o Lucky + Bing


Everyone needs a good hooded sweatshirt in their life. I know I have an entire shelf full of them. They are my comfort clothing item for sure, but who says they cant looked cute at the same time. Enter in Adri Apparel. How cute are these handmade sweatshirts? The fun little details take these sweatshirts to a hole other level of cute.

Adri Apparel would like to offer one lucky reader a gift certificate for $45 dollars towards whatever your heart desires in their shop.
To Enter:

1. Visit Adri Apparel and take a look around and leave us a comment letting us know so.

Simple, Simple!
Giveaway open from now until next Tuesday night. Winner will be notified on Wednesday thru email.

Good Luck Everyone!

TxSCC Style File pt. 2 | 03.22.11

Don’t you love when you are wearing something so simple, yet you feel like a million bucks? That is how I felt in this dress. I didn’t need any necklaces, bracelets, handbags or rings. I just wore the dress and the shoes and it was perfect. I wore this outfit to the dress up party on Saturday night during the conference. It was the right amount of fun and feminine. Isn’t the collar amazing? I love the back of the dress too.

This is my new favorite LBD. Do you have a favorite little black dress?

Beloved Dutchess Dress: c/o Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted from Savers
JC Good Morning Sunshine Wedges: c/o Modcloth


Last Nights Dinner

So, we are combining posts here today. It’s going to be a little bit Last Night’s Dinner, a little Running Monday (it’s monday right?). I ran 12 miles on Saturday and although the run went pretty smoothly, I’ve been hurting these past few days. Whew! My legs are sore!! This week looks like this…
This up coming weekend would be a good weekend to plan a half marathon race, but I couldn’t find one in the area that worked out for me. Erin and I will be running a half marathon next month in NJ though. It should be really fun. I love race weekends. It is always good to plan to run a smaller race before your actual planned race. No matter what length. Well maybe not for a 5k. But if you are running a 10k, find a 5k before. Or if you are running a half marathon find a 10k to run. It is good to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you on race day. What to eat, what to wear, etc…

With all this running I have had a crazy appetite. I have been trying to make sure to eat healthy and meals that have lots of protein. I have been making lots of soups to save for lunches throughout the week. A little while ago Annie asked me to do a guest post for her while she was loving on her new little baby and I shared one of these soup recipes.
Minestrone with Arugula and Spinach
1 Tbs. Olive oil
2/3 cup of chopped carrots
2/3 cup of chopped celery
2/3 cup of chopped onion
1 tsp. light brown sugar
1 tsp. smoked paprika
1 bay leaf
1 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes
1 14 oz. Vegetable broth
1 15oz. can of cannellini beans
1 cup of uncooked Whole Wheat elbow macaroni
3 cups of arugula and spinach chopped
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat oil in pan. Add celery, carrots and onion. Cook 2-3 mins.
2. Stir in tomato paste, brown sugar, paprika and bay leaf. Cook 1 more min.
3. Add diced tomatoes with juice, broth, beans, macaroni and 1.5 cups of water.
4. Stir and cook all together until elbows are al dente.
5. Stir in arugula and spinach. Cook till they are just starting to wilt. Maybe a min.
6. Salt and Pepper to taste.
7. Serve hot and with some bread.

Keeps me fueled and energized for evening runs.

TxSCC Style File Pt.1

Well we are going to take a step back this week, as I share my outfits from the Conference. I really loved everything I got to wear throughout the weekend. I just wish it was warm enough here on the east coast to wear it all too. Boo. It’s snowing outside right now. Dear Winter: Please leave and don’t come back till December.

I wore this outfit on Saturday during the day for the Scavenger Hunt. I got this skirt a while ago at the Goodwill or somewhere and I have been waiting for warm months and a non pregnant belly to wear it. It went perfect with this super pretty blouse from Lulu’s. Ahhh Summer hurry up!
Blouse: c/o Lulu’
LL Bean Belt: Swapped
Vintage Skirt: Thrifted
Heels: c/o Lulu’
Earrings: Prize from Lulu’s Prize Wheel at TxSCC Party
Excursion Handbag: c/o Lulu’

Over the Weekend

Hi Friends! Happy Monday. Did you have a good weekend? One of my favorite things about the weekend is brunch, but brunch with friends is even better. We called it Buddy Brunch…
BudyBrunch 4
BudyBrunch 5
BudyBrunch 9
BudyBrunch 18
BudyBrunch 21

BudyBrunch 25
BudyBrunch 29
BudyBrunch 31

Gang signs for Buddy Brunch?

BudyBrunch 34
BudyBrunch 39
BudyBrunch 46
BudyBrunch 48

I love our dear friends. I love Buddy Brunch and I love car dealership silver streamer photos.
It was a very good Sunday indeed.

Thanks to Punky for making such a delicious spread and Adam for taking pictures.

Guest Post 03.18.11

I was honored when Mandy over at Harpers Happenings emailed me and asked if I would participate in her Mama Style feature on her blog. I took these pictures a few weeks ago on our first 60 degree day. It was our first walk together since last fall when she was born. Now if we could just get this pesky snow to melt.

Make sure you head over to Harpers Happenings to read my interview about my Momma Style.
Blazer w/ Faux Fur Collar: LOFT
Blouse: H&M
Jeans : Target
Regal Boots: c/o Wanted
Belt: Thrifted
Sunglasses: RayBan Clubmasters

Happy weekend everyone!! Next week I will be posting style files for my Texas outfits. I know a lot of you asked where items were from so you can check those out next week.

Texas Style Council Conference

I’ve been kind of avoiding the internet these last few days. I came home to a sick little baby and well some really, really nasty comments that honestly crushed my spirit a little. The mean comments on this blog have been getting kind of out hand for me lately. They are constant and are they hurtful. I know that is what happens when you put yourself out there but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes it makes me want to retreat into my family and forget the internet world, but then I remember that for every mean comment there are hundreds of sweet, lovely girls out there that make all the mean words worth it. I also think back to this weekend and how fan-freakin’-tastic is was and would never think of giving any of it up.

The Texas Style Council Conference was probably one of the most fun and exciting weekends ever. It kills me Kev wasn’t there to be a part of it but it was seriously one of the best weekends of my life. I have never meet so many wonderful girls all at once. It was a big party all weekend long. This conference had such a different vibe then the ones during fashion week. It was laid back, but so well planned out and stylish. I was overwhelmed with how sweet and genuine all the girls were. Thank you to each and every one of you that came and introduced yourself to me. I made so many new friends. Austin is an amazing city. Like, I would move there in a heart beat kind of amazing city. I want to bring Kev there so bad now.

Friday night was the Swap. Of course Amy and Melissa pulled off a fantastic night. The store front they got to use was awesome. There were people lined around the block waiting to get in.

The next day I got to spend shopping around 2nd St., there was a great scavenger hunt planned, eating bbq, hanging out with Kendi and Jentine and husbands and helping Lulu’s set up for the party. It was a great laid back day. The party Saturday night was super fun. It was held in Bo Concept which was this awesome furniture showroom. All the sponsors of the event had little pop up shops set up with lots of prizes and discounts. The photo booth was of course my favorite.

And then there was the conference. Oh boy was I nervous. I think I did better than I thought I would. I was sure I would be passed out on the floor or have an extremely shaky voice, but I think I held it together enough to make some coherent sentences. I really enjoyed speaking on the panels. I could talk blogs all day. haha. It was an honor to speak on the Authenticity Panel with Indiana and James. I loved getting to hear all the panels as well. Everyone has their own unique take on blogging. I always leave pumped and ready to make my blog better. After the conference there was an etsy party where I swear someone told me there was a dj with 2 eyepatches. I was excited and started telling everyone, but was very sad when I realized that they meant she had 2 ipads. Eyepatches seem way cooler. We rode lots of pedi cabs around the city that night. So fun!
TXSCCDayConference1 30
TXSCCDayConference2 13

It was sad to say good bye that night. I really felt like I had made all these new friends and saying goodbye meant I didn’t know when I would see them again. Next year for sure, but I really loved all the ladies that were there. What a great blogging community that we are building.

* Big HUGE thank you to Lulu’ for providing my travel and accomedations. You ladies were awesome!

* All photos by Adam Towner except photo booth photo by Nathan Russell Photography

Texas Style Council

So, this weekend was beyond what I ever imagined. I don’t think I have ever meet so many fabulous, fun, charming and truly genuine ladies all at one time. I seriously had so much fun. I have lots I want to say about it but am not really sure where to start yet. So for now I want to share some super funny photobooth photos from the party on Saturday night. One can’t resist props, chalk boards and camera fun…
I didn’t have any doubts but Kendi is my new best friend. Hehe. She is packed in my suitcase right now to come live in NY with me. Sorry Kendi, can you breath in there? We had a little Love fest with the Camera together. I know you know already but this girl is seriously awesome.
Haha. Everyone’s pictures came out awesome but these might be my favorites. Adam, Amy, Stew, Amanda and Merl’s photos are too funny to not share.

All photos are by Nathan Russell Photography. You can see all the pictures on their facebook.

Style File 03.10.11

I really can’t stop wearing this skirt lately. It has quickly become one of my favorites. I kinda wish I had it in a bunch of colors. I feel like it instantly makes any outfit a little more fun and makes me happy. Especially when stupid winter wants to hang on with a vengeance and we keep having these cold, grey days like in these pictures. I tried to brighten up my day with a bright sweater and neon pink watch. At least I was cheery.

I have been packing all morning. I head out to Austin tomorrow till Monday. Eeek. I am so nervous to speak at the Texas Style Council Conference. I am going to be a moderator of one of the panels as well as speaking on a panel myself. Here’s to hoping I don’t pass out. Haha. Wouldn’t that be funny? Well, not for me but for everyone in attendance though.

Wish me luck!
Floral Cardigan: c/o Talbots
Black Circle Skirt: asos (similar skirt in white)
Tights: Target
Flats: Target
Watch: c/o TIKKR and TxSCC

Tunnel Scarves

There are still a few more weeks of winter, but the temperatures are still freezing here in the northeast. Yikes! These will be the very last 12 tunnel scarves for a very long time I think. So, grab one quick for these last cold days and then have it ready for next winter!!

Check out the Shop Now!

A little food video blog

Want to see how easy it is to make your baby fresh homemade baby food? I even want to eat it! Yum!
1. Get out your Beaba Babycook. Yes. You can make food with out it but this is just so convenient. It’s a one stop shop.
2. Chop up your food. I chose to make some sweet potatoes.
3. Drop them in the steamer basket. Add your water. Turn the steamer button on.
4. Drop steamed pieces into blender. Blend together. You can blend with formula, breast milk or even just the cooking juices.
5. Eat some yourself. Mmmmm! (I am looking forward to introducing some spices later on)
6. Scoop into handy baby food containers to freeze for later feedings.
7. Done. Food for the whole week!

*song in video is a remixed version of Now by Mates of State

Style File 03.08.11

We are going for the casual weekend look here. Jeans. Cardigan and plaid shirt. I really liked these bright colors together. Also, these brown desert boots are my new obsession. I wear them with everything. You can’t beat cute and comfortable.

What is your go to weekend look?
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: UO
Boots: c/o Spotted Moth

hahaha. I have a hair mustache. Thanks a lot wind.

Running Monday

My running week this week looks like this…
As you can see I have been running a lot lately and it’s hard not to get in the mind set that I can eat whatever I want because of that. Yes, I am getting stronger from my runs, but it would be a nice benefit to shed a few extra pounds. I am not one for diets. I really believe more in a lifestyle change if you want to loose weight. That just works better for me. It’s longer lasting than some fad diet (everyone has something that works for them though- so do what works for you) As I was reading this months Runners World, I was pleasantly surprised with an article about the golden rules of weight loss for a runner. They were simple rules that you can add to your day that you can carry with you for years to come to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rule 1: Take really good notes.
Write down what you eat for a week. Not just what you eat but what time, where and why? You may start to notice where your downfalls are. This can help you adjust your eating habits. Maybe you need to have a snack in the afternoon so you don’t overeat before or during dinner? Writing it all down can help you figure that out.

Rule 2: Measure what you Eat
Our portion sizes are usually way off. I know I measure with my eyes a lot and if I am hungry watch out. By measuring an appropriate serving size it helps train us to know the correct amount we should be eating.

Rule 3: Beef up your Protein.
Every day, runners need at least half a gram of protein per pound of weight. So if you weight 150lbs you need 75 grams of protein. Yikes! Thats something to be careful of. Protein helps you stay fuller longer, build stronger muscles and preserves lean body mass. Good snacks with protein are greek yogurt, cottage cheese, soy nuts, whole grain toast with peanut butter, Protein shakes or a cup of edamame.

Rule 4: Add color to every meal
Pack your diet with fruits and vegetables!! They’re low-calorie and loaded with vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Rule 5: Stop Grazing!
Divide your calories up over 3 meals and 1 or 2 snacks. Going at least 3 hours without eating. The goal is to eat when hungry, not starving. This reduces the risk of overeating.

Rule 6: Always have a plan.
Plan out your weekly meals. Make a list and go to the grocery store and get those foods. If you are left with out a plan you run the risk of eating something you weren’t planning on or filling your cart with junk. Stock up on quick and healthy staples, such as tomato sauce and whole wheat pasta for nights you are busy.

Rule 7: Slow Down
Don’t eat so fast! I am a super fast eater, especially now with Rowan. They say it takes 15 mins for your stomach to know it’s full. If you are a faster eater you will have stuffed your face before you ever realize you ate too much.

Rule 8: Do not rush Weight Loss
It takes time to learn how to eat properly and how to apply that to your daily life. Quick-fix or fad diets, like those that rely too much on one ingredient or exclude nutrients (like fat or carbs) are destined to fail because they’re just that- a quick fix. You want habits that are sustainable for years not a few days. Remember, you are a work in progress as an eater and an athlete. Make your food taste good. Healthy eating doesn’t mean boring eating. Get creative with textures, spices and flavors. Variety is key.

*Golden rules taken from Runners World.

Georgia Recap

My trip to Georgia was great. There was warm weather, a crazy tornado, ice cream, fondue, nice walks, time at the park, a trip to Athens, and most importantly my dear friend Laura and her family. Laura and I have been friends since 5th grade. We were in a three-legged race together and we totally fell and got all scrapped up and have been best friends ever since. Most of our friendship has been long distance, but every time I see her its like no time has passed at all. I love those kinds of friends. They seem to be few and far between, so if you have a friend like that hold on to them tight. They are the real deal.
I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years now and it’s funny to think back to the beginning of our friendship and to where it is now. We are grown ups with kids! We had a backseat full of them. haha. It was so great to meet her newest little man and for Laura to meet Rowan. I love them with all my heart.

Rowan Style File 03.03.11

Hi Friends. I took a little break there at the end of last week. I flew home Thursday and was busy popping in to see grandparents all along my trip back from Boston to Albany. We were so excited when we finally got home to see Kev again! Yesterday, Rowan was miserable ALL DAY LONG. I think she cried all day. The verdict is still out as to why but it was def. a Momma day. Everything else got pushed to the side.

So, here we are Saturday morning. It’s a grey day out and we have been hanging out in bed all morning. I love lazy mornings. We finally got up to go do some errands and thought Rowan looked too cute to not share. Who said little girls have to wear all pink and bows, huh? I always have to check out the little boys section at baby gap. I got her a little flannel there before too. So cute! I couldn’t resist this little pirate sweater.

Can you see her little teeth in the pic she is smiling. They are so far up now and boy, they hurt when she chews your finger. Rowan did have little cute boots on but she kept kicking them off. So, off they stayed.

Sweater: Baby Gap
Patchwork Jean Skirt: H&M
Tights: Walmart
Boots (notshown): Gift from Punky&Adam

Style File 03.02.11

I wore this outfit out over the weekend. I have to say I am very much enjoying my week here in Georgia, but it is such a tease. I know when I leave tomorrow I will be headed back to the snow that is in these pictures. I wore a dress with bare legs yesterday. ahh. I want it to be spring so badly. Rowan felt the warm sun on her for like the first time ever. All she has know pretty much is winter.

With that said, I am trying to get the most out of my favorite wintery items before I get to pack them away. This corduroy blazer is definitely one of those things. I love this thing. It seems to go so well with so many things. I got this silk J.Crew blouse for christmas and it is probably the prettiest thing I own. It’s just really beautiful. Also, I have been wearing jeans a lot more lately than normal. They are the quicker, comfier choice sometimes.
Corduroy Blazer: OU
SIlk Blythe Blouse: J.Crew
Jeans: UO
Matiko Boots: LF (sale)

My Favorite Places

I got asked a little while ago on formspring where I thought the most beautiful place was. I am sure there are many beautiful places out there that I haven’t been to yet but I chose from places I have been and places that I love. I could’t pick just one though. I had to pick 3.

Paris: I have been lucky enough to travel around europe and extremely lucky to have been able to come back to visit Paris 3 times. I have said it before and I will say it again, I think I was meant to live there. I truly love Paris. It is a dream of mine to be able to spend an extended amount of time there. The buildings, history, culture and food just totally sweep me off my feet.
(pictures from my last trip)

Hawaii: All the islands of Hawaii are beautiful. They each have something unique to offer but I will always hold a special place in my heart for Oahu. I love the smell of the pineapple fields as you drive up to the Northshore. I love more than anything Makapu’u Beach and walking up the trail to the lookout point or climbing down to the tidal pools. I love all the hikes you can take and the breath taking views. I love the little beach access ways to Lanikai and sandwiches from Kalapawai Cafe. I love that this is where we spent our first year of marriage together. I want to bring Rowan there so badly.

Ontario (Cottage Country)
It’s no secret that I love Canada, but where I wish I could spend every summer is up in a cottage on a beautiful lake, like in the Muskoka’s or near Bobcaygeon. My uncle has had a cottage up there for as long as I can remember and I have so many memories there. I think I love it so much because whenever I think about it, I can’t help but think of my family. I love family gatherings. We had a sail boat when I was younger and I remember being rocked to sleep, listening to loons as we would sail around some place like Thunder Bay. Kev and I want to own a cottage someday up there. We will call it our Canadian safe house. haha.

Those are my 3 favorite, most beautiful places. What are yours?

Style File 03.01.11

This past weekend, Kev and I took a little afternoon date around town together. Rowan was hanging out at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, so Kev and I took some time to hang out with each other. We didn’t do anything in particular but it was fun to play dress up a little for our time out.

Did you ever watch The Polka Dot Door? I think it is a Canadian show because Kev doesn’t know what it is, but I use to love that show as a kid. Maybe that is why I have a small (ok big) obsession with polka dots. I can’t help but sing the song when wearing them.

Here’s to polka dot lovers everywhere!
Dress: Delightful Dozen (via Tick Tock Vintage)
Belt: J.Crew
Glitter Socks: Forever 21
Seychelles Heels: c/o Lucky & Bing

Are you checking out all the fun on the Delightful Dozen’s new site today??

Some Facts

Fact: Rowan is looking more and more like her daddy everyday. Her eyes have started to change. I thought I had a chance with brown like me but they are definitely turning hazel. I think she is going to be a little blonde, hazel eyed baby girl.

Fact: Seeing your baby cry in pain is absolutely heartbreaking. Rowan obviously has cried before but this past week we had some constipation issues from switching to solid foods and it had me in tears a long with her. It was a different cry. A helpless cry. Poor baby. It was a very long night that night.

Fact: After having an excellent sleeper for the past 5 months, well since she was born this new waking up 3 times a night thing is killing me. Any suggestions on what has changed?

Fact: As much as you (ok, I) said I didn’t want any of those monster baby toys in the house (swings, walkers, exersaucers) when your baby sits in one at a friends house for over an hour playing happily, all goes out the window. Get me to the nearest Target please so I can get one. Your pre-baby arrival ideals sometimes go out the window when baby gets here. We have learned that a lot!

Fact: Being a single parent is hard. I really have major respect for single parents. I have only been with Rowan for 1 day and night so far alone and I already look like I got hit by a tornado. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and my patience are frazzled. Heres to a good week away I hope!

Fact: I may not be the best mom, I definitely don’t know all the answers but I really love who I have become since becoming a mom. I still have my flaws for sure but I feel stronger and more confident with myself. I try to be less stressed, more easy going, more loving, more giving, more thankful, a better friend, the list could go on and on. For me having a baby has made me want to be better in so many areas.

Fact: Everyday that goes by I can’t believe how much more I love this little baby girl. I fall more and more in love with her everyday.

Fact: We decided to use disposables on our trip to Georgia instead of bring our bumgenius diapers. Awk. I hate them. Rowan has never had a diaper rash until now. It is terrible. I will always use cloth for every baby.

Fact: Rowan is a wiggler. I can not wait for the day (if it even comes) where she will want to sit quietly on Mommy’s lap and cuddle.

Fact: I miss Kev. Rowan misses Kev. It is hard to be away from him even when it is somewhere I want to be. I am so super excited to be here with my friend Laura but it’s still hard to be away from him

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