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JLKguestpost60 02.28.11
Hey Everyone! Happy Monday. I am off to Georgia this morning! I am probably on a plain right now. Eeek I am flying alone with Rowan and I am freakin’ out a little tonight as I pack up and go over everything I will need. Luckily it is not a very long flight. Plus on the other end is my bestest friend and her adorable little kiddos. I haven’t seen her in forever and in that time her little baby is now a little kid, there is a new little baby and Rowan was born too. Yay for a week of catching up!!

Just a short little post today letting you know I did a guest post over on one of my most favorite blogs! James from Bleubird Vintage was kind enough to ask me to participate in her Momma Style Posts. I have to say the pictures Kev took for it might be some of my favorites. Kev is so talented. Here is a sneak peak but you can see more pictures and read my style tips over on Bleubird Vintage.
JLKguestpost5 02.28.11
JLKguestpost4 02.28.11

Because I Love You Dress: c/o Modcloth
Blouse: Vintage
Sweater: J.Crew (old)
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Flats: Target
Belt: Thrifted

  1. These photos are dreamy and delightful, Jen! How lovely! I also love that ModCloth dress. I’ll have to bounce on over and check that one out. I’ve been itching to order a dress from them for some time now. This one looks great on you!

    Good luck on your flight with baby Rowan! I’m sure you’ll make it there in one piece!

    Lindsay Living

  2. Oops! Had to update my link!

  3. Catching up with friends is the best! I hope Rowan enjoys the plane – I’m sure you’ll be great with her! Also, great outfit. I saw it first at Bluebird and loved it.

  4. good luck on the flight, you will manage girl!! meeting friends after a long time is worth it! Looking cute in these photos 🙂 Love that dress!

  5. When I read the post yesterday, I, too, was so impressed with the photos! Great job, Kev! 🙂

  6. I LOVE the setting for these photos. Kev did amazing!

    Hope your flight went well!

  7. i love how spring timey this look feels!!! And your smile is warming these photos! xo, Kim

  8. Send a hug to GA for me. My home town! It is beautiful there.
    LOVE your style. This outfit is totally rockin’. The yellow is beautiful.

  9. The setting for your photos is spectacular! I love the yellow cardigan with that dress as well. 🙂

  10. I love love love that cardigan! Have a great time in GA!

  11. GrEAT photos! I just love all the yellow this season. Looks great on you!

  12. Jen, you always have such adorable dresses! I love your style!


  13. I hope the flight treated both of you well!! I love this pastel yellow on you. You look gorgeous.

    Oh, and, I tagged you here:

  14. So pretty!! The yellow sweater really brightens things up. Good luck traveling with the little one. 🙂

  15. These pictures are beautiful — I love the location! Have fun on your vacation!

  16. Very cute outfit!! The yellow cardi looks adorable with that patterned dress 🙂

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