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This is the outfit I wore last Sunday. We went to church and then I headed out to Western Mass to visit some girlfriends. Don’t you love good afternoons with friends. I sure do. I wasn’t really sure what to wear Sunday morning. I was walking around my closet pulling things out and then putting them back. Nothing really was catching my attention. I saw this sweater and I have not worn it for a very long time. I never know what to wear with it, but its just so darn pretty. I ended up matching it with this skirt. I really liked the contrasting colors together.

Do you like pairing together odd color schemes or do you usually play it safe?
Cardigan: c/o Modcloth
Pencil Skirt: J.Crew
Tights: Target
Shoes: Forever 21

  1. I am SOOO loving this color combo!!! ROCK IT GIRL! xo, Kim

  2. I love these colors together! You have such a good eye!

  3. A color combo I’d never think f however it works perfectly together! 😉

  4. This color combo definitely works. The skirt looks like it’s kind of a gold color, which is a neutral anyway, so it looks great! I love the light blue tights, too.

  5. LOOOOVE the cardigan! I look at you so differently after hearing your voice on video! So cool. Made me love this blog even MORE!

  6. I love the color combo! So unexpected! Especially with the tights LOVE them. I need those shoes! Divine

  7. wow love the shoes!

  8. I love this colour combination! that sweater is so cute! great outfit 🙂

  9. ooh, lovely. I’m all for contrasting colours, those two look especially good. I particularly like red and green together. Sounds odd, but it works on my with my colouring (green eyes, red hair!)


    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  10. This is a totally unexpected but awesome color combination! I have that skirt and never would have thought to pair it with a light blue.

  11. Oh, this color scheme works so well!

  12. this outfit takes the cake of recent posts! lov the color combo, baby blue with chartreuse? whoulda thought? looking really good!! you make those forever 21 shoes look really comfortable, are they???


  13. You look fantastic!!! I love the two colors together, especially with the background 🙂

  14. Seriously, Jen you are rocking the outfits lately! I love this colour combo + the shoes are perfect. AMAZING. xx veronika

  15. They look great together! Definitely one of the cuter outfits that I’ve seen!

  16. love this outfit, it’s so pretty and the color combo certainly works! p.s. I just watched the video you posted yesterday and I love it. Rowan is so so adorable and it was fun to watch and learn how you picked out your outfits. More, please!

  17. Oh those f21 are to die for! … Great feminine outfit, colors are so ladylike!

  18. The tights really bring it all together. A little matchy with the sweater, so it goes. Very cute!

  19. I love the color combination you have going on! I like to wear cleverly mismatched things, too…pink and red, orange and red, orange and pink, pink and purple. yum! 🙂

  20. That outfit is just beautiful! I really mean it, just beautiful! You girls are all so much more stylish than I am, I am a play it safe girl all the way. Today I am wearing some kakis and a solid black top with black sandals (I love Arizona). I need to take a lesson from you Jen!

  21. Awesome color combo! Might have to try this one. I never experiment with colors but always wish I had a knack for it.

  22. I usually play it pretty safe, but this combo is so pretty! Love it!

  23. Gorgeous!!

  24. I love the skirt (it really suits you!) and this outfit is great!

  25. I LOVE that colour combo jen!! It’s really cute – but honestly, I have no idea how you come up with such brilliant ideas. I would never have though to put them together, but it really works. (Also, I now totally want those shoes. they’re ridiculously adorable!)

  26. It is such a pretty and unexpected color combo! And I love the casual, off-center ponytail (I just can’t call them side ponytails, it seems too 80s!)

  27. I love this outfit! That cardi is gorgeous and works beautifully with that skirt! S.

  28. I love love love these two colors together. But I also love pairing unexpected colors. To me there really are not many rules when it comes to color mixing! You look adorable 🙂 ANd I’ve been eyeing those shoes on Forever21. You may have convinced me to get them!

  29. I love the shoes. Super cute! <3

  30. I usually play it safe with colors, and HOLY COW I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

  31. I think these colours look great together! I tend to play it safe but you and other bloggers that play with colour (Kendi Everyday, What I Wore etc) are inspiring me to mix it up a bit!

  32. I really like this color scheme. I’m a big fan of light blue and yellow. And your shoes are amazing. I always seem to miss out on the greats at Forever 21.

  33. I do absolutely LOVE the style !!
    You look amazing !

  34. The more comfortable I get with my own style the more comfortable I have become with odd color schemes….it is so much fun and I always feel a little sassier when I pull it off! I love this look! I think the colors you chose really work well together. I would love to find a skirt like that!

  35. Love this outfit…I think it is my favorite of yours! And I love wearing crazy, unexpected colors together too. A student of mine once told me that I wear a lot of colors…and he was right!

  36. I love how your tights pull the whole outfit together – you look so cute

  37. This is definitely your best outfit ever.

  38. Love it! So pretty and feminine!

  39. I love the cardigan – the lace detail is so pretty. As for colours, I love this combination!

  40. I have a firm belief that every color goes with every other color. Just look at nature!

  41. wow, i really really truly love this outfit. that top is to die for and the color combo!? bravo!

  42. What a great cardigan, and this color combination is beautiful!

  43. LOVE your cardigan and shoes! Cute outfit!


  44. I love the scallop detailing on that cardigan! Gorgeous.

  45. Those shoes are gorgeous. I just love when places like F21 have cute stuff! Wonderful combo, jealous it’s not hanging in my closet.

  46. I adore this outfit! I’ve just recently found your blog, and it’s quite delightful 🙂 I’m really considering getting those shoes, so great.

  47. i love love love this cardi!! i guess they sold out already! but anyway, i am inspired by the color combo!
    lots of love, ayan

  48. I love the combination of colours! I usually play it safe, but the odd time I will mix some bright colours together. It always cheers me up… makes me think I should do it more often!

  49. I usually play it safe but I’m trying to get more out of my comfort zone and your outfit is GREAT inspiration to do just that! <3

  50. oh my – this entire outfit is amazing! beautiful style

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