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I really can’t seem to get enough of scalloped edge bottoms and peter pan collars. The combo I think it super cute and I am pretty sure this is one of my new favorite outfits. The detailing in the 2 pieces give enough character that I don’t even think any jewelry needs to be worn. I like that. I like simple outfits.

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Rowan has a tooth popping thru and she has been one sad little baby all day. She is anxiously awaiting daddy to come home for more cuddles and kisses. I just may be waiting for the same thing!

oh yeah. Dear Spring Temperatures of last week: Please come back soon!
Velvet Peter Pan Collar Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Black Scalloped Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Tights: H&M
Splendid Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (via

the skirt & blouse are new to my wardrobe but i’ve worn these shoes plenty of times before.
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  1. lovely lovely lovely. I LOVE this on you 😉

  2. love the black & white simplicity. simple but elegant and bold at the same time :]

  3. You look amazing! I love those tights as well. If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? I feel like I look so tiny (height wise) compared to you. 😛

  4. I absolutely love this outfit, Jen! You look amazing. I just bought those shoes so am always looking for inspiration on how to wear them – that blouse and skirt look great with them! Love how you match your background, too 😉

  5. you are adorable! i just love your bangs.

    all i know about teething is what i’ve read, which recommends frozen washcloths or bagels, or carrots, or tylenol or teething tablets (but those have been recalled i think?) and some people swear by those baltic amber beads but those seem a bit squirrelly to me. and they make really cute necklaces you can wear that she can gnaw on- smart mom teething bling is the brand i can remember seeing on amazon. poor little monkey!

  6. LOVE the skirt. Its now going on my want list.

  7. youre so beautiful!! your smile makes me happy just looking at it! I share your love for scalloped edged clothes but cannot find anything anywhere with it!!

  8. I love this. Every little thing about it is styled well- flattering and with trends in mind! xx

  9. I love this outfit! The skirt is beautiful, and the tights add a lovely whimsical touch <3

  10. I love this outfit and I love that it matches the plates in the background. Those plates are really great.

  11. i agree with hanna! i really like how you coordinate with your decor!

  12. Gosh makes your legs look never-ending!!! BTW, made your fruit, veggie sausage, cornbread stuffing, squash bake last night with a friend, and it was DELIGHTFUL!!! It’s a recipe I’m sure I will make many more times!!!

  13. i’m in love with your skirt and those tights are perfect with this outfit! all amazing!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  14. ooh, the scalloped skirt and peter pan collar, ARE a beautiful pairing! I am loving the polka dot tights with it as well + those shoes are tres lovely …I have always been a big fan of those. Have a lovely evening. xx veronika

  15. Girl you look great. Your legs are a mile long!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  16. This is such a cute outfit! I love the skirt!

  17. This is just lovely! I agree, I love simple outfits that don’t NEED anything, they just work as they are! And the detailing here is fantastic! Pretty, pretty!

  18. love this outfit! You look super sexy!! I would hate to stand beside you, I would look like a shrimp!

  19. are wearing all of my favorite things in one outfit.
    scallops, polkadots, peter pan collar and clogs/platforms.
    i love this whole look.
    you look beautiful.

  20. This outfit is too cute! I love your scalloped skirt!

  21. This is a lovely outfit, and you seem like a lovely gal yourself.

  22. Jen,
    this outfit is too cute! I love love love it. the polka dot tights are such a fantastically adorable touch!


  23. Can I borrow this one as it is? … It’s so cute! Loved the vintage preppy vibe on it! Gorge!

  24. I’ve been wanting that skirt forever from UO. I wasn’t sure the scalloped hem and waist would work but sfter seeing these pictures, I’m certain they do work. Sweet outfit!!

  25. ah jeez. black and white/cream/ivory always look so good. You can’t go wrong.
    Plus, scallops. So cute, so detailed.

    …and I still have a thing for polka dot tights.
    I’m definitely finding some and never giving them up.

  26. you look super cute!! such a lady-like look! and i liked you “preggo” look!

  27. I dont even know where to start describing what I like about this outfit…. EVERYTHING!!! 😀 my favorite is probably the skirt and teh scalloped edges… so so pretty! 😀 And so are you! 😀

  28. Really love the photos. I love the decor together with the dress. Really nice!

  29. You look absolutley adorable in this outfit. Scalloped edges and peter pan collars are the best together. Hope Rowan is doing better today!

  30. Adorable!!!! Love the structure of the skirt. Makes me want more/any scalloped edges! Maybe I’ll pay homage to scalloped hems by eating scallops for dinner… not quite the same, but it may have to do for today.

  31. Hee hee cute! Love it! I love the tights:)

    Oh for Rowan …. Wet a baby cloth, roll it up and put it in the freezer a bit… Not until solid just frosty:) then let her gnaw away;) may make her wet but maybe happier:)
    Awwww first tooth!!! Precious:)

  32. Girrrrrl, you are all leg!! And I say that with enthusiasm, admiration and a healthy dose of envy. What an adorable outfit.

  33. I love this outfit! Darling! I especially love the top. The black accents just make the whole thing pop! Also, how adorable are those polk-a-dot hose?

  34. your legs look super long and sexy in this skirt! great outfit 🙂

  35. love, love LOVE this outfit!!! and p.s. you look fantastic!!

  36. I love this outfit, it’s looks great on you!

  37. I LOVE this outfit on you!! You make black and white look so chic and interesting. You really inspire me 🙂

  38. This made me realize how I never go for black and white outfits. I don’t think i’ve seen you in such a color scheme either but I love it on you.

    Good luck with the little one’s teething!!

  39. Black &White – simple and powerfull! You really have great style, the photos look really awesome!

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