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I am training for the Marathon with 2 of my closest friends. When we started training we said we would always do our long runs outside. We thought as the weeks went by and the miles got longer we would get closer and closer to warmer weather so it wouldn’t be bad. We thought we would never have to run in anything lower than 30degrees. Then this weekend came around. Saturday it was suppose to be 24 and Sunday was suppose to 18. Not much to pick from. We decided to run Saturday because we were having a bday party Saturday night with Margaritas and knew no one would want to run the next day after that and a gut filling mexican feast. The temp was not our only obstacle… there were also 50mph winds. It was the run from HELL!! Oh man we wanted to stop so many times. I tried to stay positive and keep everyone motivated to continue but its hard when the wind it seriously pushing you backwards for 7 miles. I am really hoping that will be the last run of that kind of craziness. The miles aren’t bad. I can run them but the cold and the wind just kill you.

Are you training for a race this year? Have you emailed me yet to be a part of our LOVE 146 running team? We are setting up everyones donation page on the website this week. It’s not too late to run for something bigger than yourself and to make a difference in a child’s life! If you are interested email me at jenloveskev(at)

This is my running schedule for this week:

I got a question a little bit ago about what I wear when I run and if I try to stay fashionable. I definitely pick things that I like but is running gear fashionable? I really just focus more on comfort, fit, and if it suits what I need it to be when running. Running gear can be expensive, but I think it is well worth it. When you our outfitted in new awesome gear it is a great confidence booster. Spend the extra money if you can and get items that will last, work good and make you feel like a pro athlete. Here is what I wear (or similar) in these cold days of winter…
1. Under Armor ColdGear Fitted Crew | $49.99

2. Nike Cyclone Vapor Running Jacket | $100 (keeps the wind out!)

3. Nike Pro Thermal Training Tights | $50 (built in insulation layer)

4. Champion Double Dry Full- Support Sports Bra | $29.99 (a good sports bra is a must!)

5. Forever 21 Pom Pom Hat | $6.80

6. Columbia Sportswear Glacial Fleece Mittens | $12

7. Asics GEL Turbulent | $75 (a good pair of runnings shoes is where it’s at! I am a die hard asics fan!)

  1. i’m a diehard asics fan too!!! i run in gel nimbus. they are the best! i love reading about your training. next month i’m going to start training for a half in may. i’m pretty excited to start the long runs again!

  2. I’m training for an 8K (my first race ever!!!). I just made my distance goal today, so excited!!!

    I ran just a 5k on Saturday, but we had 40mph winds here in Virginia Beach. It was definitely not quite as cold as where you are, but let me tell you, my time sucked. I hope on race day there aren’t winds like that, haha. I do need to pick up some real running gear (until now I’ve only ever run in shorts and a cotton tee. ICK)… and I really really love nike stuff. Saving my pennies!

    My race is March 19th, so I don’t think I have time to do much with love 146… maybe next time! 🙂

  3. I’m training for a half marathon in May! My first race ever. I have the Nike thermals and I love them. Most of my gear is Nike. I agree, awesome gear boosts confidence!

  4. I have found it way too cold here to run outside. It was amazingly 11C the other day, but has plummeted back down to -17, -26 with the wind. Ugh. Treadmills it is for me, at least until things warm up more.

    I don’t think running gear is so much fashionable. I do have to say that I love lululemon stuff for working out in – pricey though it may be. It just looks nice and is super comfy and lasts forever, which I love.

  5. The wind was so crazy here on saturday that it ripped our front awning off, and a few shutters too.

    I’m not training for a race, but I do want to get into running. Any tips for a rookie?

  6. I just wanted to make a recommendation for a different hat. A hat like that is probably acrylic or a wool blend and probably wouldn’t breathe very well and it might be a little bulky. Asics and other running brands make great cold weather beanies that you and others might love and breathe really well while keeping you warm. They still are fashionable and very streamlined. Hope this helps!

  7. I’m glad you shared these outfit tips, I seriously need to buy some new running shoes to get myself ready for my May race. I feel kind of pathetic with my 5k as I read about you training for yet another marathon, but we can’t all be super women! :o)

  8. Good luck with training! My husband and I just ran our first marathon on Saturday. We never had to deal with wind but we did have some cold and rainy long runs. I was just happy there wasn’t any snow.

  9. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and think that it’s great! You’re a super cool mom! I am also training for a run (a 10k – working to a marathon length one day!) so this post is awesome. Though I’ve mainly been training indoors since it is SO cold in good ol’ Toronto! =) Good luck!

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