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This week has flown by! I can’t believe it. It is suppose to be 50 here today and I really can’t wait for the snow to melt and the sidewalks to clear. This momma needs to get outside! We are getting a little stir crazy around here.

I am trying to prep myself for our 7 mile run tomorrow. I know it will be fine but I always like to make sure I eat extra healthy and a good amount of protein the day before the long run. It’s time to start looking for a fun 1/2 marathon to run in. A good midway point achievement!

Ok, on to the outfit. Isn’t this dress super cute? When I saw it in Annie’s shop I knew it was suppose to be mine. Kev said he liked it but that I looked like a flight attendant. hehe. I’ll take that. I would like to be traveling around to new places all the time. I could never be a flight attendant though. I hate flying. I get so nervous. I am flying to GA with Rowan by myself in a week. Yikes. I am getting a little nervous.
Vintage Dress: Etsy via Little Ocean Annie
Belt: Thrifted
TIghts: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21
Vintage boots: Beacon’s Closet


I always keep my coat on for as long as I can

  1. LOVE the dress! You look so cute and I like that it is longer. So many dresses today are too short for me to wear to work … I’ll have to check out Annie’s shop!

  2. Dont worry about flying – just focus on the fact that it was 75 degrees here yesterday.:)

  3. Jen!! Ahhh I love this outfit!! You look AMAZING!! Now I feel even sadder that i didn’t catch it before you hehe

  4. What a sharp dress! I love it with the polka dot belt!

  5. A half marathon? Good for you! I’ve always wanted to try one. I wouldn’t get past the 3 mile marker though. Very cute dress, the belt is perfect with it!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  6. You look great!! The longer hemline and the boots make you look sooooo tall. Good luck on your 7 mile run!

  7. What a cute outfit today!

  8. That dress is so cute and I love the belt! I am a SUPER nervous flier too! My sister married an airline pilot and it helped a bit. He is the biggest nerd (I say that with LOVE!) and very much a triple-check, then check them again sort of fellow, so I just imagine that he is flying the plane and I feel much safer. It’s so stupid, flying is ridiculously safe but my brain just goes bonkers over every bump!

  9. This is gorgeous on you! Love!
    I used to fly by myself with my infant son all the time between LA and Chicago. And we would bring our cat with us, so if we survived don’t worry because you will be just fine! The worst part is getting through security, especially if you bring a stroller, but I’ve found that the other travelers are always very helpful with getting everything through. I’ve had people offer to hold my son while I get the shoes and bags and stroller through the xray machine. And I let them, too! Where are they gonna go with a baby in that situation!

  10. I love your boots.

    And I love the dress. It would only look like a flight attendant if you tied a scarf around your neck and had a little wing brooch pinned to your lapel. πŸ˜‰

  11. love that dress, especially with the cute belt! and those boots are to die for!!

  12. Ugh, flying freaks me out too! Not because I think itÒ€ℒs unsafe, but because once (twice actually this has happened to me) as the plane was landing I got a killer migraine in my left sinus cavity above my eye, I thought I was having a brain aneurism! I never want to experience that again! It is somewhat common apparently, especially if you have allergies and that sort of thing. Take a decongestant before you get on the plane, just in case πŸ˜‰

    Love the dress! It’s very flattering on you!

  13. this looks great on you! so long and lean!

  14. I love this look! Those boots are amazing.

  15. This dress looks great on you, and those boots are fabulous! Loving the whole outfit.

    Lookin good! πŸ™‚

    ҝ€ Katherine at

  16. My mother always says flying with babies is the best kind of flying, because they will completely distract you from being scared or worried about anything else. πŸ™‚

  17. You look fantastic! I LOVE this look!!

    I’m getting ready for a 6 mile run this weekend! I am training for a half marathon in May. I’ve never done a half marathon so I don’t know what to expect.
    Any tips or advice for the big 13 mile run?

  18. wow, this is one of my favorite outfits from your style posts!! it’s fabulous!

  19. cute jen! i just traveled with my wee one for the first time last week, and i was alone too. i’m happy to report that it went great. i’m sure you’ve heard to nurse on the way up and way down, and i used our baby bjorn instead of a stroller, which was super easy. they do make you take the baby out of the carrier (and take off their shoes!) through security. best of luck!

  20. Hey, cute dress!

    Um, I flew internationally with my daughter when she was around Rowan’s age. I was really nervous too. But, my daughter loved everything about airplanes, the airport, and flying. She’s weird like that. Just make sure that you are super prepared. We had a lot of problems with layovers and delayed flights. So make sure you bring everything you think you even MIGHT need on your carry on!

  21. I LOVE this dress on you! Perfect length and with those boots you look fantastic! Goodluck with the flight. Some babies love it, some don’t. Just be prepared for anything and as calm as possible! πŸ™‚

  22. love this outfit! it is so perfect on you

  23. over the past 2 years ive developed such a ridiculous fear of flying to the point where i have nightmares weeks before a flight. im a normally fairly composed person so my boyfriend was in complete shock when the first time we flew together i was nearly hyperventilating.
    i actually feel best sitting by the window and watching the entire time. everyone thinks that would make it worse but it must be a control issue cause i just like to make sure nothing is going wrong. its ridiculous i know!
    anyway!!! love this outfit πŸ™‚

  24. This dress looks so great on you and paired with the boots…it’s perfect!

  25. This look is so adorable on you! I especially love how you paired the dress with the polka dot belt, very pretty!

  26. you look amazing!!!

  27. Jen, I LOVE these proportions on you! You are so gloriously tall and beautiful!

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