Happy Weekend

What are you guys up to this weekend? We have a big birthday party bash for 2 of our friends tomorrow. I am pretty excited for margaritas and tacos. Hopefully this warmer weather will last a little while. I leave you with some cute pictures as I sign off and say “Have a fabulous weekend!”

* would you just look at how darn cute she is!

p.s to kev, dave, jon, erin and carrie “would you look at that, just look at it…”
p.p.s to julie and punky. rowan is trying to be cool, she has a bird on her bib.

  1. oh my, she is just too cute for words! ^,^

  2. Oh, she is the cutest thing! What a little beauty.

  3. Ha! She is so beautiful Jen! She’s like, “What Mom? Oh, do I have something on my face?” So classic. Happy weekend!

  4. ohmygoodness! Such a cutie pie! My 3-month old has the same carters cupcake outfit! It so soft, I want one for myself.

  5. Pack her up and move her to Portland!

  6. HOLY COW, soooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!

  7. that first pic is to die for! super cutie 🙂

  8. I don’t say this a lot but that is one adorable kid you got there. Way to go mamma!

  9. Oh my godness she is adorable!!! 😀
    Happy Weekend! I’ll be cleaning and organizing the whole weekend (just moved :))


  10. so cute!!!! those eyes are just precious. glad she put a bird on her bib so hip.

  11. aw Jen! soooooo cute.. our Rowan has those Dwell Studio bibs too.. they’re my fav!

  12. letsputbirdsonbabies.com we’ll make millions!

  13. okay so I just had to comment because of the fact that you made an ed bassmaster reference…I love those videos, I can’t even handle someone saying “look at it” in casual conversation without cracking up…definitely his best character…hahaha

  14. aw she put a bird on her bib! how cool!


  15. Lol she is such a cutie! I love her eyes as well. I’m going to be going to my cousin’s baby shower this weekend and cleaning out my closet! Oooh how fun! 🙂

  16. those eyes! I can totally see how she gets her mother’s beauty 🙂

  17. She is the cutest thing!!!! 🙂

  18. Someone’s been watching Portlandia!

    The Auspicious Life

  19. take that face outside, it’d melt the snow in seconds!

    just gorgeous…

  20. I still can’t get over those *adorable* cheeks! 😀

  21. Again you made my day!:) Rowan is honestly one of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen!! Sooo cute !! And I love the messy eating pics makes her even cuter! Haha and I love the REAL pic of dishes in the sink!!! Every Mom has dishes in the sink:) we all know baby comes first!! Good job Mommy:)

  22. Yup. She’s perfect. Love the messy face. Don’t you just kiss her cheeks all day long?? ALoha,

  23. Omigosh! Yes yes yes! Thank you! I totally just melted!

  24. Haha, I love it. She is adorable!


  26. ADORABLE 🙂 Hope you are enjoying weekend!


    themodernvv.com {stop by and say hi?}

  27. oh my goodness, how precious!!! Look at those chubby wittle cheeks! ( uh oh baby talk just came out..whoops!)

  28. Awww! Her cheeks are to die for! <3

  29. omg Jenn – those cheeks are ADORABLE! She looks like a little squirel storing food for the winter – she is beautiful!

  30. OMG she’s the cutest thing ever! <3<3


  31. This is a very cute little girl! Congratulation und a lot of greets from Germany! Love your stile!

  32. I love those big eyes and chubby cheeks! Adorable!

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