IFB Conference

One of the main reason Punky, Julie and I headed to NYC was to go to the IFB evolving Influence Conference. It is something I always look forward too. I will be honest and say my favorite part is getting to see my blogging friends all in one place but Jennine always does a fantastic job with the entire conference. I usually leave inspired with lots of ideas to move my blog forward. If I had one suggestion I would say it would be great if there was a little more variety in expertise of the panelists. Everyone that speaks is at the top of their field and sometimes its hard to relate too because such a small amount of bloggers will ever reach the point of working with luxury brands or needing a pr firm. I loved hearing some of my favorite bloggers up there though. Rebecca from The Clothes Horse and Keiko from Keiko Lynn both were fantastic. They sounded confident, well spoken and offered real and useful advice.
We had a blast!

So fun to finally meet Keiko and Christine

She needs no introduction but my lovely friend Jessica

Julie Rockin’ it for some very famous street photographers (haha- this is me taking her photo but right before she got her photo taken by Craig Arend from Altamira, Models Off Duty, and NYMag.com!)

*Last few photos taken by Punky.

  1. Ok. Next time I’m coming! Period. 🙂


  2. Oh, it looks like you had so much fun! I love love love your outfit.
    Love, L.


  3. Its so exciting getting to see so many of my favorite bloggers all in pictures together! Seems like it was a great week in NY!

  4. are you wearing leather shorts? I think the only way to describe your outfit is ‘totally slammin’! perfect!

  5. Everything that you wear is good for you.. How did you do that? I think because you have a nice figures and a very pleasing posture… Nice pictures.

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