Style File 02.14.11

Happy Valentine’s Day! (I know I am a little late here, whoops)
Did you enjoy your day? Did you eat lots of chocolate? Did you proclaim your love to someone?

I spent most of the day off the internet which was lovely. I hung out and cuddled with Rowan and finished my gifts for Kev. Our friends offered to watch Rowan for us last night, so Kev and I actually had a little date night. Nothing fancy but it did include a delicious dinner, pastries and some chai tea. Mmmmm!

For our first anniversary he wrote me a fictional-ish (haha. not a word) short story about “our story.” The story of how we meet. He has continued to add to the story as different special occasions go by. They are always made into a book and bound. Today he gave me one that was talking about the birth of Rowan from his perspective. Let’s just say I was crying on the couch for a good 20 mins as I opened and read the story. It was very touching. What a good man he is.
This is the outfit I wore to dinner tonight. Like my new boots? I LOVE THEM!!! It felt like the friends episode when I brought them home and told Kev about them. You know that episode where Monica gets the expensive boots and tells Chandler how they will go with everything. haha. That was me the other night. They were super expensive (for me anyways) but I got them for 60%, so I think it was a good buy. Kev needed some convincing. Anyways, unlike Monica’s boots mine are super comfortable. They have a hidden wedge which is awesome and I could wear these things all day. I got them in NYC and have worn them everyday since.
Moto Jacket: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Shuffleboard Sweetheart Dress: c/o Modcloth
Tights: target
Matiko Boots: LF

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  1. I thought you were wearing a top and a skirt?! but it’s a dress i love it!! and you look great i like how you pair it with a jacket!! Cute outfit 🙂

  2. Totally love the new dress : ) And what a great present Kev gave you!

  3. Your dress is adorable and I love your boots!

  4. LOVE a good “Friends” reference. I quote Monica’s defense of the boots a lot.

  5. i love that dress AND the boots!!! you look so pretty for your valentine date night 🙂 and i totally remember that episode! i think there’s a friends episode to go with every occasion. so glad you had a lovely night 🙂

  6. My favorite plus-size fashion blog!

  7. Oh I love this dress! I thought it was a top & skirt, but am loving that it’s all one! So sweet! & your husband sounds like pretty much the sweetest guy ever! What a wonderful & touching idea!

  8. Haha, I loved the Friends anology…reminds me of how I’ve convinced my boyfriend that I NEEEEED a biker jacket! Loving yours, btw. And that gorgeous dress to. It looks unusual with different stripes on, but that’s what I love about it!

  9. You look utterly adorable and the boots WILL go with everything! Love!

  10. Your outfits are always so adorable, you are seriously a fashion inspiration. I always love how you put it all together. AND yes those shoes are fantastic. How sweet that your man made a book for you, about Rowans birth! A total heart melter, for sure! xx veronika

  11. I read over and over again: “Do you like my new boobs? I love them!” and thinking “…what the hell..?”

    Hahah 🙂

    Love the BOOTS by the way 😉

  12. You’re so funny, I totally remember that episode of Friend’s…Your new boots are super duper cute! Totally worth it, especially for %60 off. The wedge is my fav part!

  13. Yes! Love the boots. A little bit boat shoe, a little bit combat boot, a little bit dainty wedge… Very cool combo.

  14. I love LF! That was where I started shopping in middle school when I got sick of wearing abercrombie heehe. Like the boots!

  15. I adore the mix of stripes–too fab! Those boots are lovely, too! My favorite part is the heart in your hair! Love it!

  16. Oh!! That must have been such a cute story then! You are truly lucky with this nice man and the cutest baby ever!
    Love the boots and that dress!!

  17. I love the pop of red in your hair with the matching belt!

  18. Aaaawww, the storybook sounds like such a sweet gift!! Your valentine’s day outfit is so cute btw!

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