Le Mode Accessories Giveaway

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to buy yourself some accessories? Who doesn’t right? Le Mode has a great selection of purses, clutches and jewelry. They are giving away a $25 gift certificate that you can use on whatever you would like.

You can enter 3 times…

1. Leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from the site is. Take a look around!

2. Leave a second comment letting us know you “like” them on facebook

3. Leave a third comment letting us know you follow them on twitter.

Contest is open from now until next Monday. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted Tuesday Morning.
Good luck!!

  1. my fave item is the Paving Studs Handbag in Cognac

  2. i also Like them on FB (Kileen Cheng)

  3. Oh, such a great website! I love the Fanning Allure Bracelet. It is so delicate but “hip.”

  4. anapaula •

    My favorite item is the Fanning Allure Bracelet!! 😀 amazing!

  5. I also follow them on twitter (@kileencheng)

  6. anapaula •

    I like them on FB!

  7. anapaula •

    and yeah yeah.. i follow them on twitter… (i really loved that bracelet! (anapau_borbolla)

  8. Following on twitter! @acciohagrid444

  9. And liked on facebook as well! 😀

  10. I adore the fuschia and gold clutch and already own it. Great selection!!

  11. oh so cute! love the c’est amore earrings & the paving studs handbag.

  12. and liked on facebook :]

  13. I love the Blooming Romance Necklace!

  14. I love the Loving Time Necklace: http://www.shoplemode.com/item_204/Loving-Time-Necklace.htm

    So cute and practical!!

  15. Really love the Oh My Dots! Handbag!

  16. I’ve been loving the Traveling Bag (in mocha) that’s being passed around the blogosphere. I think I’ll treat myself to it, if I find out later this month that I’ve been accept to grad school (And of course, if I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway!)

  17. Follow them on Twitter!

  18. Like them on facebook!

  19. I could go for the owl stud earrings AND the orange flower stud earrings! Both are so darling, and stud earrings are all I’m wearing these days because of my dear little baby boy and his curious hands!

  20. Liked on facebook!

  21. Oh how I love the “my one and only” handbag in grey.

  22. The Fluttering Hearts Charm Bracelet in silver is absolutely adorable.

  23. i am loving the ‘Wear Her Leaves Necklace’
    such a versatile piece!
    i am also liking them on facebook 🙂

  24. I LOVE the blooming romance necklace – so perfectly cluttered and romantic!

  25. oooh i die for the wallpaper necklace!

  26. like on facebook!

  27. Jenny Day •

    Vertically Structured Handbag by Nila Anthony is GORGEOUS!!!

  28. Christine •

    I am in LOVE with the Stary Mesh Bracelet, but sadly it is out of stock :'(

  29. Christine •

    I also liked them on Facebook 😀

  30. the ‘hoot time is it’ necklace is absolutely darling!

  31. also liked on the fb 🙂

  32. anddd following on twitter. @ashcart!

  33. i love the wear her leaves necklace!

  34. As for me, I like Paving Studs Handbag in Grey. I wish I had one.

  35. I love the travelling bag in mocha and adore your blog!

  36. I love the Traveling Bag in Mocha, too! It would be so perfect for work.

  37. I also like Le Mode on Facebook.

  38. I love love the Keeping it Cozy Purse. So cute!

  39. I love the Bubbly Cheer Necklace. It makes me happy!

  40. The Dearest Owl Studs are adorable.

  41. I like the Rebecca messenger bag. It’s very nice!

  42. Really loving the Messenging Twist Clutch

  43. I like LeMode on FB. 🙂

  44. Liked them on Facebook

  45. and followed them on twitter! (KCCC)

  46. and I follow them on Twitter. 🙂

  47. They have so many lovely things! Hard to choose, but I really love the Bubbly Cheer Necklace. Lovely lovely.

  48. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for the traveling bag, but also discovered the riding messenger! Thanks for another lovely giveaway!

  49. There’s a lot of stuff that I should probably want more (i.e. replace some older pieces in my wardrobe) but unfortunately I’ve fallen in love with the Hello Robot! Necklace.

    That’s practical, right?

  50. I have ‘liked’ them on Facebook! Such cute owl stud earrings!!

  51. Done followed on twitter. They need a new background. I’ll volunteer to make one for that necklace!!

  52. I also “Like” them on Facebook 🙂

  53. and I follow on twitter! @fatalefashion

  54. My favorite is Keys to Happiness necklace!

  55. Julie Simpson •

    I’d like the travelling bag in any color or the owl earrings (so cute)!


  56. Liking them on facebook!

  57. Following on Twitter : BetaBoutique

  58. Julie Simpson •

    I liked them on facebook.


  59. elizabeth •

    I’m pretty obsessed with the Traveling Bag right now…

  60. elizabeth •

    I follow them on twitter: elizabethmarley

  61. elizabeth •

    …and I “like” them on Facebook!

  62. I LOVE the Traveling Bag–especially the maroon version. http://www.shoplemode.com/item_194/The-Traveling-Bag-in-Maroon.htm


  63. I follow on twitter @thecatsjimjams

  64. I love so many things on the site! But I think my favorite is “Key to my Love” necklace.

  65. I liked them on facebook….:)

  66. …And followed them on Twitter. 🙂

  67. i like them on facebook!

  68. i follow them on twitter!

  69. my favorite is the Valerie Messenger By Urban Expressions in Rustic Brown. love!!!

  70. Oohlala! These bags are all ferosh, but I would go with urban tote…I love the mix of textures!

  71. Ashley P •

    I love the City Messenger Bag. It’s super cute.

  72. I love the messenging twist clutch! Great giveaway!

  73. “Like” them on Facebook!

  74. Following on Twitter, too!

  75. I love the Riding Praise Messenger Bag in Pewter!

  76. I liked them on Facebook!

  77. I adore the A Roaming She Is Backpack; I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a cute backpack for college, and this one fits the bill beautifully.

  78. I would love.love.love. the Travel Bag in Mocha! Fingers crossed!

    kelly (dot) amcguire (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. Liked them on Facebook!

  80. I loooove the owl earrings!!

  81. Ruching the Lace Handbag!!! Spring cannot begin with out this on my arm!!!!

  82. Liked on facebook!

  83. Following on twitter!

  84. Liked on Facebook!

  85. I also liked them on FB!

  86. My favorite is The Traveling Bag in Navy so cute!

  87. I need a good chunky silver necklace, just like the Bubbly Cheer Necklace!

  88. It was hard to choose just one item…but I would have to say my fav is the Oh My Dots! Handbag

  89. My favorite item is the Cute-See Time necklace! It is ADORABLE!

  90. I am loving the paving studs handbag in gray- along with just about everything else on the site! Super-affordable stuff 🙂

  91. I also just liked them on fb.

  92. I love all of the vintage looking rings. Especially the Humming Love Ring. Put a bird on it!

  93. my favorite is the Pile the Chains Necklace *crossing fingers*

  94. I’m literally drooling over the “My One and Only Handbag” in grey! http://www.shoplemode.com/item_197/My-One-and-Only-Handbag-by-Nila-Anthony-in-Grey.htm

  95. It’s official. I LOVE (like) Le Mode on Facebook!

  96. And of course, I’m following Le Mode on twitter!

  97. …and I follow Le Mode Accessories on Twitter (@LadyOfPemberley)

  98. I like them on facebook 🙂

  99. Oh wow. I love this website. My favorite is the Riding Praise Messenger Bag in Pewter!

  100. I liked them on facebook!

  101. I am also following them on twitter

  102. I love the Messenging Twist Clutch!

  103. And I liked them on FB!

  104. And I am following them on Twitter!

  105. Kristine •

    Love the Pile the Chains Necklace, but everything on the site is amazing!

  106. Kristine •

    Also I liked them on facebook!

  107. I like the Love Potion No. 9 necklace in silver, Pile the Chains necklace, and the Oh My Dots! handbag.

  108. I would get the Keepin It Cozy Purse by Nila Anthony. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I am already liking them on facebook

  110. I love the loving time necklace.

  111. The Valerie Messenger is very lovely.

  112. Hmm…I don’t have just one favorite! I love the Flowers A Bloom Studs in orange, the Radcliff Ring, and the Peaches n’ Rosetta Handbag.


  113. I “liked” Le Mode on FB! And I don’t do Twitter so I’ll have to pass on that one…

  114. What a beautiful selection of rings. I love the Paris 1863 ring!

  115. I follow them on twitter too! (@sweetersalt)

  116. fun! I like this necklace:



  117. I already like on facebook!


  118. I would have to go for a handbag since I don’t even own one (gasp!). Maybe the Vertically Structured one…

  119. I follow them on Twitter (@bethesurrealist)

  120. justine b. •

    I liked them on FB!

  121. The Radcliff Ring is bananas. Love it.

  122. justine b. •

    I love the owl stud earrings. so cute and only $12.

  123. I like LeMode on Facebook.

  124. I follow LeMode on Twitter. @missanomaly

  125. I am in LOVE with this bag!! I am not sure i can wait to see if I win.!
    The Oh My Dots Handbag



  126. I like many of their necklaces, esp the blooming romance one.

  127. And I follow Le Mode on twitter.

  128. I like the orange flower stud earrings– it is so hard to find cute and unique stud earrings

  129. honestly, that traveling bag is completely adorable. hope I win it!!!

  130. I love the “A Roaming She Is” backpack! I would definitely get it for my trip in March!

  131. I like Le Mode on Facebook!

  132. Easy peasy! I adore Le Mode and I have been obsessing over necklaces lately. I would love the Simply Love Necklace.

  133. Love this bag! So cute. I want it so badly!

  134. I just love the Hold Onto Paisley Clutch!

  135. I like the owl studs, the simply love necklace, and the valerie messenger even though it is out of stock!

  136. I have fallen deeply, deeply in love with the Traveling Bag in Camel. Deeply in love =)

  137. And… I’ve liked Le Mode on Facebook.

  138. And… I’m following Le Mode on Twitter.

  139. I like the Collecting Studs Clutch. It’s a great combo of colorful yet neutral! And shiny 🙂

  140. Courtney •

    Love the owl stud earrings! Super cute!

  141. I like the Radcliff ring.

  142. Shannon S. •

    I love the Hello Robot Necklace.

  143. I love that Radclif Ring… it looks like it would go with so many things!

  144. And.. I’m following them on Twitter.

  145. liked on fb 🙂

  146. I like them on fb!

  147. I follow them on twitter

  148. I’m thinking…
    my heart is set on the bow are you necklace (even though it’s out of stock)
    and the black and white affair earrings.

  149. Love the Eternally Yours Ring in Blue. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  150. Follow the shop on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

  151. I liked Le Mode on facebook LOVE UR BLOG :))

  152. i <3 the Long Travels Backpack by Nila Anthony its SOOOOO cute!

  153. My favorite is the her quiltedness crossbody!

  154. Really digging the Radcliff Ring!

  155. oh! and I liked them on facebook!

  156. Right now my favorite item is The Traveling Bag.

  157. I like them on facebook!

  158. And of course I follow them on twitter!

  159. Ooh! I was looking at the Traveling bags on Le Mode earlier today, in fact!

  160. My favorite is the front weave belt!

  161. I love the Stary Mesh Bracelet

  162. I would definitely put the giftcard toward a new bag! Perhaps the Riding Praise Messenger Bag in Pewter? Or the Autumn Hues Necklace, since I have the bracelet that matches it 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  163. I am a fan of theirs on Facebook!

  164. And I love getting Le Mode’s tweets 🙂

  165. i like them on facebook!

  166. Oh! the Delightful Buds Statement Necklace is adorable. I also really like the Key to My Love Necklace.

  167. This is a good one! I looove the long travels backpack. Perfect for school and work!

  168. I’ve been lusting after this ring forever!


  169. And liked on facebook! 🙂

  170. i love the little yellow bow necklace! soooo cute.

  171. Oh I just adore the “Key to My Love Necklace in Blue” <3

  172. Facebook like (:

  173. Twitter followww

  174. My favorite item is the Traveling Bag in Mocha. Definitely getting it if I win!

  175. Liked them on facebook. 🙂

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