Style File 02.11.11

You know what color I love, love love? Hot pink. It’s super fun to wear. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you wear it. I kind of feel like a circus in this outfit but at the same time I kinda love it. The whole point of fashion is to have fun right?

Well, today is the last outfit for Valentine’s week. Now, I just need to figure out what we are actually doing on Monday and what I am going to wear.

What was your favorite from the week?
Popscile Pink Retro Tank: J.Crew
Bow Belt: Forever 21
Stripped Skirt: ASOS
Heels: Chinese Laundry

  1. Oh my, I just adore that skirt <3

  2. What are your thoughts on ASOS sizing? I have always wanted to buy something from the website, but not sure if they run small/big/true to size.

  3. Wow, those shoes! Awesome 😀

  4. this skirt is great. totally makes me one try out some of the longer lengths. i wonder if someone my height (5’3″) can pull it off

  5. Oh, the shoes are awesome!

  6. Loooove that skirt. Both the bold stripes and the length. I don’t know, this might be my favorite one from the week!

  7. i need to get some hot pink in my life!

  8. You look amazing!! I have really LOVED all your posts this week. All the outfits and pictures have been gorgeous and so amazingly fun! Thank you for putting together such a fun week :o)

  9. Hmm, I think my favorite was the first one! It was so sweet, and perfect for Valentines Day without being over the top pink/red etc.

  10. Your skirt is so fun!! Even more fun (but perhaps over the top) would be to pair some red or pink tights with this outfit. Or black if you were feeling conservative. 🙂

  11. Uhhh, I love the skirt and the shoes! So pretty and you look lovely, as always!

  12. that skirt is amazing. i have so many striped pieces in my wardrobe as of late. love it!
    you look like you are having more fun in/with your photos lately, i dig it 🙂

  13. k my fave is the really full skirt you posted yesterday 🙂 so cute

  14. I think that pink is quickly becoming one of my fave new colours! I am so inspired by all of the fabulous colours that fashion bloggers are wearing. It’s a def “must do” for my spring wardrobe! I LOVE that you have added that beautiful striped skirt, and those shoes are divine. xx veronika

  15. so fun! love the poppy boldness. my favorites are day 1 closely followed by day 2. i think day 1 is so soft and romantic, perfect for valentine’s day 🙂

  16. A love this outfit! It feels sorta 80s. Bright punchy colors and the sunglasses! Makes me excited for spring and summer.

  17. Wow I LOVE this skirt! You wear it well.

    Are you going to be sharing any more about your trip to NYC?

  18. you are so freakin’ cute! Love the quirky poses and fun outfit!

  19. Awe:) Be still my heart! Love the color combination, sister! The perfect Valentine’s Day outfit!

  20. This is so, so cute! Love the outfit – especially that skirt!

  21. I am ADORING your valentines week outfit posts! All so cute. I love all things red and pink. That belt is amazing along with that phenomenal skirt!

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