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Isn’t this dress so neat? I don’t think I have ever owned a dress like this before. It is very unique. I grabbed it at one of the Clothing Swaps I was at in September. I love the muted nude color of it.

Anyways, I am here in NYC and we are having a great time. The Lucky FABB conference yesterday was fan-freakin’tastic!! I got to meet and talk with Jenna Lyons. Gosh, I have a girl crush on that girl!! I will share pictures and outfit pics sometime soon! I also was just so happy to see more of my blogging friends. Ahh it makes me so glad to be part of such a fun, creative and awesome community.

Dress: Swapped (visit The Swapaholics for a clothing swap near you!)
Necklaces: NY&Co.
Purse: Thrifted
Peep Toe Wedges: Thrifted

  1. I love the dress paired with the necklaces! I like how it cinches at the waist. Glad you’re having fun in NYC!

  2. Beene31 •

    The dress is absolutely beautiful!

  3. I love this dress! Such a beauty.

    I caught some of the Lucky conference thanks to Tieka`s fb post linking to the livestream. I got to check out some of the speakers I was hoping to, namely Ms. Lyons. Amazing! I am super excited to hear that they are organizing another one for the fall! Which I am hoping to finally attend.

  4. I love the little ribbon straps! They are adorable, but possibly slippery?

  5. i love the dress! It’s really cute and looks great on. Also, I probably would have never thought to pair it with burgundy, but I like it!

  6. Beautiful! I love all the detail.

  7. I’m so jealous you were at FABB and met with Jenna! Go you!

  8. That dress is so amazing! I have to admit I am totally jealous of you getting to go to fashion week and all these other great events. I can only dream about getting to go one day :o)

  9. I am seriously loving that necklace! And I love your Valentine’s Day themed week of fashion. Yay for girly! 🙂

  10. Love that dress. It’s very feminine and delicate. And the burgundy pumps were just the right touch.

  11. Gorgeous!!! I love love love everything about this outfit!

  12. those shoes are AMAZING!

  13. Such a sweet dress. I have yet to decide what to wear for my V-day date with the hubs. And I don’t know yet what he has planned. I do love Valentine’s Day. Especially if it involved great food. Looking forward to hearing about the NYC trip!

  14. Jen, Love the purple color with this outfit! So darling! I am jealous of you NYC adventure this week. And meeting Jenna Lyons! Love it! Have lots of fun!
    <3 Kastles

  15. Oh! I LOVE this dress!!!! Le sigh!

  16. Way to be a troll, “anon.”

    I actually saw the first pic and thought, “WOW. She looks so lean in a single color!! I think you’re lovely, lady, and this is a fantastic VDay outfit. And, as always, I love your smile in the 2nd pic!

  17. What a gorgeous dress! I wish I could steal that right off of you for date night! Its really beautiful.

  18. Well, am I looking at different photos? For you, because you’re tall & gazelle-like, I think the nude colours make you look so, so, so slim & lean! I’m loving all of your Valentines outfits so far, it’s given me great inspiration for my date with my man on the 14th 🙂

  19. i love the subtle sexiness of the dress–it’s cut is kind of modest but the color and the lace make it a little sultry. plus the layered necklaces add such a fun touch. it’s beautifully put together!
    (p.s. i’ve been secretly dying over your adorable cut-out hearts and arrows this week–so ridiculously sweet!)

  20. This dress is beautiful and those shoes are the perfect shade. What a lucky find!

  21. That dress is stunning AND it looks positively amazing on you! The color looks so good with your skin tone 🙂

  22. Wow Jen, this dress takes my breath away!

    So delicate and pretty 🙂

  23. So jealous you got to hang with Jenna, must of been a fun night. I am liking the nude dress, it is a good look on you.


  24. I am curious as to why you delete some comments, but leave others. Not to be rude, just genuinely curious.

  25. P.S. I love this dress and think it looks great on you! I always shy away from wearing nude tones… but this is making think I just need more confidence 🙂

  26. This is a really cute outfit! The shoes remind me of a pair you wore when I first started reading your blog! love ’em!

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