My Valentine

No, this really doesn’t have to do with Valentine’s Day, but I do have a very special little Valentine this year and I miss her so much right now. Ahhh it’s been 1 day and I am going crazy with out her. Sniff sniff.

I just wanted to share a few super cute photos of our little game we play called “figure skater.” When you hold her up she stiffens up and stays perfectly straight. It’s so cute. Oh gosh I love this little baby.

  1. Those cheeks!!!

  2. Ahhhh Rowan is cuteness overload!!!

  3. She is so cute! Omg those cheeks lol I love them and her little shoes! 🙂

  4. aww so cute! those sparkly shoes are adorable too 🙂

  5. oh how cute. i love that even she has no hair yet she’s rocking that yellow headband oh soooo cute.

  6. she has some of the best baby cheeks i’ve ever seen! what a cute lil’ ice skater 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness! OK. She is officially the cutest baby ever, adore those cheeks. Boo, you MUST be missing her so much. Can’t wait to hear all about the IFB meet up on your blog. xx veronika

  8. she is the CUTEST

  9. So cute! My dad used to do this with me but he just called it “airplane”… but be careful! Even now, 28 years after it happened, he loves to tell the story about how one time when he was holding me up like this and I threw up and it landed in his mouth. Consider yourself warned!

  10. Shes adorable !
    Perfect mum, huh ? 🙂

  11. This might be random and if you don’t watch ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ you might not even know what I’m talking about, but an actress and actor on the show are married in real life and they have a son named Axel. His cheeks are almost the exact same as little Rowan’s & they both have those beautiful big eyes – photographic evidence ( TOO CUTE!!

  12. Oh my, those cheeks! So adorable!

  13. Ahhh, CHEEKS! She and my Griffin could have a cheek-off. Love her!

  14. Oh my God, she is so super cute 🙂 real sweet and beautiful baby …

  15. she is so adorable!! the perfect valentines gift

  16. Ashley J •

    Awww, I wrote about maybe being ready to have a little one today on my bloggy blog!!!

  17. Ha! That’s adorable.

  18. She melts my heart. I especially love the sparkly shoes, that’s very figure skater-y. And who could deny those cheeks? You make a mean mama, my dear

  19. Figure skater? Possibly. I am reminded though of the iconic lift in one of my favourite movies, Dirty Dancing. Perhaps appropriate that patrick swayze is in fact lifting “Baby” above his head.. lol wow I am such a dork.

  20. She’s so darn cute! What a good little mix of you and Kev haha and those CHEEKS!

  21. omg, that last photo with the drool is so dang cute! you really do have the most gorgeous baby jen!

  22. LOVE the drool picture … Rowan is SO cute!

  23. First time commenter, long time reader!

    I love love love her bow and those chubby little cheeks just waiting for mamma’s kisses!

  24. Oh those cheeks! In the last photo you can see so much of Kevin’s features in her! 🙂

  25. The drool is the one that gets me. Love it! What a cutie pie.

  26. Oh my gosh! I don’t think she could be any more adorable!!! Her cheeks are seriously the cutest thing ever! 🙂

  27. Oh my goodness! Next time bring her cute little butt to NYC and I’ll nanny for you. for reals.

  28. Baby love…..:)

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