Valentine’s Day Gifts pt.2

In 2008 I decided I wanted to just stay in for dinner and made a special fondue dinner for Kev. We love fondue, it’s such a fun way to eat a meal. I feel like it leads to such good conversation. I bought a electric fondue pot that year as well.
My present to Kev though was a hand made chess board. I made all the pieces out of clay, fired them and glazed them. I cut the game board out of wood and painted all the squares on it to match the pieces. It was super cute. Kev and I love to play chess together. Our first anniversary was spent laying on a blanket surrounded by hawaiian mountains having a picnic and playing chess.

  1. that’s love, plain and simple 🙂

  2. gorgeous kitchen. your guys’ love is heartwarming.

  3. That’s amazing! Beautiful pieces and idea. Chess seems hard, I’ve always wants to learn but I suck at checkers so probably wouldn’t be any better at chess ; )

  4. Wow Jen, what a cool chess set! My husband and I love playing chess too… we bought a cool set in Jamaica on our honeymoon and played by the pool for hours! Very cool valentines gift 🙂

  5. What an awesome and creative idea! Love it!

  6. Jen, that’s amazing! I’ve been looking for a great chess board for my guy (also a Kev) and can’t find anything worth buying that isn’t uber expensive. I wish I had the resources (and your amazing creativity) to do this too! How cool is that?!?

  7. That is so cool. What a neat idea.

  8. This chess board is amazing! What a great gift!

  9. You guys play chess? I’ve never played but that just seems like a really cool and smart thing to do together 🙂

  10. Jen, I’m astounded by the amazing handmade Valentine’s gifts you’ve been sharing. So personal and creative!

  11. that is the absolutely coolest and sweetest gift ever.

  12. Wow! What an absolutely amazing gift! <3

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