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Day 2 of Valentine’s Day outfits. I bought this dress in Canada one year. I have only worn it a handful of times, well 2 to be exact. I think to a christmas party and once to the prom. Not my prom. The prom I chaperoned one year. I think it works exceptionally well for Valentine’s Day though.

It is very late right now. It’s 1:28am. I am trying to get some posts scheduled before I go to bed. Julie, Punky and I are off to NYC tomorrow. I am super excited to see all my blogging friends out there. Lots of hugs are about to happen. I have narrowed my clothes down and have fit everything into a tiny suitcase. Let’s hope I don’t regret any of my choices. I am not a good packer. Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Red Dress: Jacob (Canada)
Blouse: Vintage
Tights: H&M
Wedges: Jessica Simpson Collection

  1. I’m loving this look. and those polkadotted tights really pull it all together… you’re the best with tights by the way!! 🙂 I haven’t even thought about what to wear yet.. but I’m thinkin I’ll be using your posts this week for inspiration! 🙂 THANK YOU

  2. love the outfit but what i really love are the little hearts and arrow on the wall.
    i was inspired by your last v-day post so i went and cut a bunch out and decorated a bit myself.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jessica •

    Now I want polka dot tights.

    Oh and your book yesterday was ah-may-zing…

  4. Ahh so cute, again! I’m loving these posts

  5. Those tights are amazing!! Did you get them recently? Also, that dress is so great for Valentine’s Day!!

  6. I looooove the polka dot tights. I have a major polka dot obsession. And this is the cutest valentines day look. love.

  7. Love the tights! They go great with that look 😀

  8. love those tights and that dress is darling on you! i can’t wait to see the rest of the week 🙂

  9. love love love love love love this. the dress with the tights. perfection.

  10. Cute, Jen! You look like Minnie Mouse! 😀

  11. I love your tights!!!

  12. This dress is so flattering on you. And the tights are perfect with it. The silk/polka dot combo is lovely.

  13. You should definitely wear this dress more. It looks so good on you.
    I admit, though, I have a hard time wearing red too. I’ve had a certain a smokin’ hot red wrap dress for 3 years that I’ve worn about 4 times, because it makes me feel over-dressed or too sexy for most occasions.

  14. I love the hearts and arrow on the wall. You guys are so adorable!!
    p.s. the dress is super flattering on you. you look totally great!

  15. Love those polka dot tights!

  16. have fun in ny! these tights make this outfit…i love it.

  17. I love this outfit; the dress and a the shirt layered underneath and the tights really make this outfit pop.

    Perfect for a sweet night out with your valentine!

  18. Aw, so cute! Looks awesome with those tights.

  19. I love that dress! You should sell it and I’ll buy it!

  20. I’m mostly over the Valentine’s Day hype already, but your cute outfit posts are pretty much my one exception. I love the two outfits so far, and can’t wait for 3 more!!

  21. I love the white top underneath the dress! So cute!

  22. So cute! I love that dress on you!

  23. adorable. i love the polka dot tights! reminds me that i got a pair for christmas that i totally forgot about:)

  24. Monique •

    So, you look great! Totally defying the whole “mommy body” myth that you are supposedly bound to have after childbirth!

  25. You look so adorable, Jen! I love the little heart cut outs on your wall & this dress is a fantastic valentines day dress! Just lovely!

  26. As an RN, some days, I love wearing scrubs. No funky stains on my favorite blouse and no worries about what to wear come 5:30am. Your wardrobe selections, however, make me wish I had a bit more time to be creative with my clothes. I’d hire you as fashion consultant in an instant!

  27. Patricia •

    Jacob is one of my all time fave stores! They always always have the prettiest dresses. I think I own 3… which is a lot for me and my poor college student wardrobe.

  28. I thought the dress looked really cute in the first picture and then I scrolled down, saw the tights, and MELTED! SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT COMBINATION!

  29. That dress really is stunning! And I love the tights with it!

  30. Jen! You are so cute, I have a major girl crush on you 🙂 hahaha. Loving your Valentine’s day post!
    <3 Kastles

  31. Aw, I love these posts. So cute.

  32. So lovely outfit !!

  33. You look beautiful! LOVE those tights! It really pull it all together!

  34. again, the cutest idea ever.
    so glad you went all out for valentine’s day – this holiday oddly enough needs more lovin.

  35. I love this dress! Jacob always has such classic and pretty dresses.

  36. Cheese and rice I LOVE the tights.

    I didn’t mean for that to rhyme…but I think it really emphasizes my love of the tights…

  37. Great outfit, totally suits you! I love that you don’t have to match perfectly, not only does it suit you but says a lot of your fun personality:)

  38. Woohoo, Jacob! I always get a cheap thrill whenever I see a Canada-only chain on a style blog. Jacob really comes through for me every now and again. 😀
    Those tights are TO DIE FOR. I can’t believe they’re probably off store shelves by now…wonk wonk.
    I adore this whole V-Day outfit series! I thought it’d be too corny to dress in seasonal colours on the day of, but you totally have me inspired to bust out the reds and pinks on Monday.

    P.S. That chess set you made Kev is badass

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