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Yay! Welcome to Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays. I know lots of people think it’s stupid by why not have fun with it? Any day that is made to spend with your loved one is ok in my book. Kev and I always try to make it special for each other. We use to go out to dinner a lot on Valentines Day, I am not sure if we will be doing that this year with Rowan, but even if we have a nice dinner at home all together I will definitely still want to get dolled up.

I played dress up for this weeks outfit posts. Each day I will be showing an outfit I think would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! I have had this dress for a while. Since I was pregnant. I guess I have been waiting to wear it for a special occasion. It’s so pretty and feminine. It has coral colored polka dots on it and a skirt that makes you want to twirl around in. I decided to pair it with a peach colored cardigan and my bright coral belt.
Dot Couture Dress: c/o Modcloth
Cardigan: c/o Modcloth
Heart Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: J.Crew
Glitter Socks: Forever 21
Heels: T.J Maxx

I’ll be back later this afternoon with a post about a Valentine’s present I made for Kev when I was in College.

  1. Beautiful!! Great color combo and I love that dress/necklace! : )

  2. This is such a cute idea! Adorable outfit for a Valentine’s Day dinner with your sweetie. I’m looking forward to your looks throughout the week!

  3. I love your outfit! It’s so beautiful!
    And I love your necklace!

  4. eep! you look lovely! also, no joke: i have that same dress and that same cardigan and i have totally worn them together in just that way. oh, modcloth! haha!

  5. Oh my goodness! So cute! I can’t wait for more ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yay! I’m definitely going to need to find some inspiration from you this week because I have no idea what to wear for Valentine’s day! This outfit is so pretty and girly. Perfect color combination for a Vday date night.

    Hope we get a chance to meet up this week in NYC!

  7. What a fun and sweet outfit! And the pic of you blowing the heart kisses is absolutely adorable.

    Thanks for embracing Valentine’s Day–I don’t know when it became cool to avoid it, but that makes me sad. I love homemade cars and cookies and flowers. I’m not saying it has to be a production in any way–but I think it’s pretty fun to have a day to bring back some sweetness to an otherwise busy life.

  8. Oh my goodness. I’m not a big Valentine’s fan, but your outfit (and shoes!!!) may have just changed my mind. Adorable.

  9. oh wow, I love this oufit!! That dress is absolutely perfect! I’m so scared of buying stuff from Modcloth though. Of the 5 things I’ve bought, only 1 of them actually fit me. I can’t really figure out their sizing :o(

  10. i have been looking for a long peach cardigan. this is perfect!

  11. What a CUTE dress!!! I love the pale pink with a bright pink belt.

  12. My husband created a holiday he calls The Seven Days of Valentines (and he did it BEFORE they did it on The Simpsons!) 7 days and 7 gifts. I get a poem about the gift as a hint, and then the gift itself. It’s my favorite holiday!

  13. i love this look! i know it’s the first one but it’s my favorite- evverything about it i’m falling in love with! p.s. you look good after baby girl.

  14. i absolutely adore this. such a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚
    you look amazing and the hearts are super creative — love the love too ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love the print on that dress! You’re right, it looks pretty and feminine. Can’t wait to see the rest of your outfits.

  16. this outfit is so sweet. you look so pretty and feminine! I agree, perfect for Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to see all the outfits and V-Day crafts ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. You look so lovely! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the outfits. I agree, let’s get a little extra fancy for Valentine’s week!

  18. I agree! People make fun of me for being a “sell-out” but I can’t help it–I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Having a set-apart day to do something extra special for my gentleman (and expect he’ll do the same) is so fun and exciting!

  19. I love the soft color palette and the socks with sandals add just the right amount of quirky interest!

  20. I love the Valentines theme outfits! And those socks are just so cute!

  21. can you do a post showing how you knot your belts? this outfit is so cute and the belt totally cements the valentines theme!

  22. cute outfit, cute photos, cute blog! <3

  23. Ashley J •

    Love this outfit and those heels!!!!

  24. Jessica •

    This is so adorable! You really pulled off the socks with the heels ๐Ÿ™‚ I may have to invest in some glitter socks now…
    this blog always makes me smile, thanks jen!

  25. ahhhh this is so girly and flirty and i love it all!!!! The fact that you are blowing kisses to those little paper hearts is making my tiny little heart warm up!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE. THIS. xo, Kim


  26. Oh, how darn sweet are you blowing heart kisses on the wall! You look so romantically adorable I want to make you my valentine. But you’re already taken. Boo.

  27. i know its not cool to like valentine’s day, but i love it!
    yea to loving loveรขโ„ขยฅ
    list of love.

  28. Firstly, I love that you are doing a Valentines themed week. And secondly, I LOVE this adorable outfit. I am loving everything about it …the socks, shoes, belt, that necklace. LOVE IT ALL. Can’t wait to see the next outfit and lovely pictures too by the way. xx veronika

  29. What a beautiful outfit! I feel like you have really hit your stride lately…looking beyond perfection!
    Question: is that necklace current F21 or are you tempting me with something that is no longer purchasable?!
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Love the little hearts on the wall. Couldn’t be cuter!

  31. you are so adorable!!! I love this outfit hun! I hope you and kev get to go out!! I don’t think we will this year, we haven’t been here long enough to find a babysitter. boooo

  32. You blowing the hearts on the wall totally reminds me of Katie Sokoler’s profile pic at Color Me Katie. Super cute and fun! Love the outfit too ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Monique •

    Love this look, I’m looking forward to your other v-day inspired outfits!

    Ps- I love how you rock the socks/heels combo, I’m still trying to see if I can pull it off!

  34. What a lovely little Valentines Day inspired ensemble, Jen! I love love love the book you made for your husband! What a fantastic idea! I need to get my creative juices flowing to surprise the love of MY life ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos!

  35. i LOVE this outfit! the colors, pink belt, socks– too cute. i am excited for the rest of the week!

  36. I love the soft colours in this outfit, and also your color-me-katie-esque hearts on the wall. Cute!

  37. Oh my word! I loooove this outfit!

  38. I’m a super huge fan of this outfit. You look amazing. It’s so nice to see color. I’m stuck at the moment in a gray winter funk. It must be the freezing cold climate that’s affecting my brain.

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