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Ever have one of those days where you are just feeling down on yourself? ugh. I have been feeling like that since last night. I hate it. I want to shake the feeling but can’t seem to very easily. So, I am going to make this outfit post short and sweet and go back to putting the internet aside and enjoying cuddles from Rowan and kisses from Kev.

I have been really loving longer skirts this winter. They are perfect for colder weather. I am excited to see how I transition them into summer as the weather gets warmers. I scored this wool plaid skirt the last time I was at the goodwill. It’s pretty perfect. I love it to pieces. I do feel like when I wear longer skirts I need to wear heels. I am afraid of looking too matronly if I wear flats. I will have to work on that. I think the skirt would have to hit the floor if I was going to wear flats. Anyways, these Calvin Klein heels seemed to fit seamlessly with the outfit.
Hat: Forever 21
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Lace Top: Forever 21
Vintage Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Forever 21
Calvin Klein Heels: Thrifted

  1. It stinks when you get into a funk and you can’t seem to get out. I think cuddles and snuggles with the ones you love are the best remedy!

  2. Sorry you’re feeling down. The weather probably isn’t helping any of us. If it makes you feel any better, this outfit is FABULOUS! Great Goodwill find, my lady! xoxox

  3. I love all the colours in this outfit, they look great on you! I agree with you though, sometimes you need to get away from it all and spend time with the people who love you.

    xx emma

  4. I love LOVE love your shoes. I want to come steal them off your feet. But I won’t because that would be rude.

    I get down like that sometimes (more often now because I don’t have a job and am at home alllllllllllll day with just me and the dog. Sometimes I carry on entire conversations with the dog just so I can speak out loud. It sounds pathetic). It helps me to start/finish a project or read a really really good book. If that doesn’t help it’s time to bust out the chocolate and wine.

  5. I am loving the lace tops you’ve been wearing! It’s on my list of things to purchase after the 30 for 30!

  6. Jen, can I just say you are KILLING it on the outfit front this winter? I LOVE everything about this mix. It’s so 70s yet modern at the same time! I get those days sometimes too. It always helps me to think of how thankful I am for what I have. I work with disabled teenagers and it makes me so appreciative that I have a functioning body and mind. Anything else in my life is just gravy. I’ve got NOTHING to whine about. That usually snaps me out of the funk.

  7. You hit the matchy-matchy button JUST RIGHT this morning. Love the combo of burgindy and navy, especially when you brought it in to the tights and heels. Don’t be down–you look adorable. Now go cuddle that baby.

  8. love this outfit! i’m so glad longer skirts are coming back around. I also feel like I kind of have to wear heels to make it look right, but there’s something about the longer style that feels so classic to me.

    sorry you’re not feeling great. . . this time of year is definitely not the easiest, especially when you have a little one and you kind of get to feeling like you’re just stuck inside for months on end. i hope some quality family time gets you back to feeling your best.

  9. I hope your funk ends soon! I hate days like that. Snuggling cute babies always helps. 🙂 I LOVE those shoes with that outfit.

  10. love the skirt, but i love, love, love the cardigan.
    that cerulean blue is gorgeous!
    hope your day gets happier – go get cozy!

  11. love the skirt on you! and plaid is one of my very favorite things to wear in the winter. it’s just so cozy, you know? and i know just what you mean. i feel like that all too often sometimes, especially in the winter when cold temps keep me from going places and seeing people. but i do know that being with my boys makes it all better. strangely enough, i feel more myself when i am with them. my husband and son remind me that i am loved and i am lovely and i am worth more than rubies 🙂

  12. Totally had one of those days just yesterday. Blah.
    Anyway, your outfit is great! I love the colors and just how the whole thing is styled in general!

  13. That length is really hard to pull off and you did it effortlessly! Must be those long legs.

    I love the color of the tights and the shoes with the skirt. Actually, I kind of love the entire outfit.

  14. i felt like that for the last 2 days… but let’s blame the weather .. cute outfit!

  15. What an absolutely lovely outfit.

  16. i know all about those funks. so easy to get into and so hard to get out of some times. i love the colors of this outfit! Jen, you are the master of colored tights!!

  17. you look great 🙂 adorable skirt.
    what baby weight!? i don’t see any!!

  18. I’ve been feeling just the same! Winter can really get the best of me sometimes. I’m totally biting your style (did she just say “bite”? as in 1990’s bite=copy? why yes, yes she did 🙂 ) today and will post about it later- it’s a perfect combination of cold day cozy and hopeful cuteness.


  19. Such a great look! I think you could totally pull off that skirt with flats. You have the height to do it! Us little shorties would look like someone’s grandma. 😉

  20. Gosh I love this look. I know what you mean about the skirt length and heels – but at least you’re tall – i always look tragic in long skirts because i’m a shortie!

  21. I love you in long skirts! I think you look a million miles tall. You can really pull off the “hip-librarian-granny-chic” look too. (I mean that in a good way…re-reading ‘granny’ and hoping it doesn’t come out wrong.)

  22. love love love this outfit! that skirt is gorgeous and i am a total sucker for cardigans. you’re right about the shoes, too, they look like they were made for this outfit. beautiful, one of my all-time favorites. hope you’re in better spirits soon!

  23. I love these colors together. I’ve been really into that deep shade of blue lately. Saw your birth story on Design Mom today. I’m sure that put a smile on your face.

  24. What a gorgeous skirt! I wouldn’t even think about wearing a long skirt, but this post made me want one. Love it.

  25. Aaah, I HATE when that happens, feeling down for no particular reason 🙁 when those moods strike it’s hard to break out of them. I’ve even tried mapping them out on my cyclus to see if I could find a pattern and predict them so I could give my boyfriend advance notice – didn’t work…. just something I have to sit out I guess.
    But anyway, I love that skirt on you! I’ve been trying out longer skirts all winter, but I’m rather short so it looks a bit awkward on me, but with your lenght it is fabulous.

  26. I have the perfect skirt for you! I’m loving these wool skirts too!

  27. I love love love this outfit! I have a vintage skirt similar to this.
    You inspire me to buy more colored tights.

  28. I am loving the longer skirt! Hopefully New Zealand stores cotton on to this emerging trend in time for winter! They are just so lady like and I totally get the need for heels.

    After this 30-4-30 business I’m hitting the op shops for a winter skirt (never mind that it’s summer here!!)

  29. Cute outfit! Love the heels. I think that length of skirt suits you 😡

  30. You look amazing as always. This outfit is such a fun blend of colors. Well done! And wow you look so tall and slim. I think most of us have those funky days every now and then. It’s no fun and I hope you come out of it soon. Baby snuggles help!

  31. love all the pieces here. i feel like that skirt length can be tricky but you wear it perfectly!

  32. The colors all blend perfectly. That skirt is great on you!

  33. Sorry to hear that you’re in a funk. You look great though! And I love that last picture of you, it’s not too often we get to see a genuine smile on you! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Just remember, you’re a very lucky and beautiful girl who is healthy and has a loving husband and a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl!

  34. I love everything about this outfit, but especially the pom pom!

  35. It won’t be cold for much longer. I think a lot of us are experiencing winter madness. Keep your spirits up!

    This skirt looks amazingly lovely on you. I love your use of color vs neutrals here.

  36. Awesome shoes 🙂 Very nice outfit.

  37. you look beautiful =)

  38. Hi Jen,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling kind of crummy. I hope you’re feeling better!

    Your outfit is very cute. I got a similar skirt a little while ago, but it’s in black and white. I really like the colors in yours! Like you, I feel like I can only wear the skirt with heels or it looks “frumpy.”

  39. You look absolutely darling! Feel better xoxo

  40. I know exactly what you mean- for me, that mood usually strikes when I feel overwhelmed with work and the blog and homelife. It’s like it all happens at once, so I’m sorry you feel this way! You look really cute, though, and that always brightens my spirits! I think the skirt would also be really cute with a darker colored racer back tank and the same heels without tights!

  41. When I am bring hard on myself, I try to tell myself the same thing I’d tell a friend. Things like, “don;t be silly, you are doing fine”. Because it is so true, we judge ourselves so much more harshly than we judge others. It kills me when a beloved friend can;t see just how awesome they are! So I try to give the same advice to myself. Its hard to do but really, we should be a friend to ourselves… if that makes any sense.
    PS. love the skirt length! I happen to be wearing a plaid skirt that is the same length and I am getting compliments today. When I’d bought the skirt I was a little worried about appearing schoolmarmish but I’d read that the golden rule for pulling off this length skirt is to always wear heels. So glad I bought it. I feel very academic in this look, which works because I work at a university.

  42. It’s hard not to be down with blizzard after blizzard after blizzard in the northeast. I feel like I have been snowed in for weeks without fresh inspiration! This skirt is adorable and very cheery though, just what the doctor ordered. Hope your day is looking up.

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