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Are you getting hit with tons of snow? We sure are. It’s been snowing for days. I don’t mind though. It means Kev works from home and I like having him around. It makes my day at home much better. Rowan likes it too. She gets so excited when she sees him.

Good thing we have a garage to take some pictures in. I actually wore this outfit on Sunday. My sister was visiting and we went out for lunch. When I was getting dressed I wandered around the house asking everyones opinion on what color tights to wear. This is my normal routine. I usually have one color on one leg and a different one on the other. This is where Kev helps me out a lot. He helps pick tight colors. I do the same thing with shoes. Sometimes I take his advice, sometimes I chose the opposite, but I still like his opinion. In this case my sister picked the mustard and Kev picked the brown I had on the other leg. Both went good but I thought the brown was a little too safe. I wanted a little more fun that day. I went with the mustard colored tights.

Do you have someone that helps you make outfit decisions?
Vintage Fur Collar: Thrfited
Lace Top: Forever 21
Green Wool Jumper: Thrifted
Belt: Target. I got this belt when I was pregnant and it is way, way to long for me now. I took a page from the belt knot master herself, Ms. Orchid Grey.
Tights: Forever 21
Loafers: Forever 21
Purse: Thrifted

  1. The green and yellow is a fabulous color combination. Great choice! When I need outfit help, I ask my good friend, who is also the co-authot of my blog.

  2. Just repeating what everyone else has said: The color combo here is fantastic, and that stole/collar is the perfect finishing touch! Stay warm!

  3. i love this!!!! so very much 🙂 and i really enjoy snow days when matt gets to stay home. those are the best days. stay warm and cozy!!

  4. I LOVE this combo. Seriously, not only the green and yellow combo, but the little bit of lace sleeves and fur collar are all amazing.

    And I do the same thing with two different colored tights on each leg so my boyfriend can help me decide which one to go with. I actually ask him a lot for opinions or if something looks too silly, etc.

  5. you look fantastic! I think the mustard was a good choice. you’re a belt master!

  6. i often ask my boyfriend’s opinion, but like you did, I often go with the opposite for some reason. I agree though, I still like his opinion. I definitely think the mustard tights are super fun. Still loving that fur collar!

  7. Brown would have been cute, but safe like you said. This combo of yellow and green is very nice!
    I ask advice from my 5 year old son, and he is usually spot on. When the poor thing has to go shopping with me we’ll be in the dressing room and he’ll offer advice like “it’s too brown” or “it’s too raccoony” or “that’s great Mommy, you look like you are wearing a blanket!” The best was when he told me I shouldn’t buy a dress because I looked too pretty and someone would try to marry me! Ah, single mother-only child relationships…

  8. Gorgeous, Jen. I love the fur collar- it makes your outfit look so glamorous!

  9. AHH!!! I am LOVING all these colors. you are killing it girl! And the layers are fantastic. This look makes me feel so warm on this cold winter day!! xo, Kim

  10. I love that lace shirt underneath!! Super cute!!
    And i love the belt knot! I am obsessed with it! I never wear my skinny belts any other way now!!


  11. This outfit looks like what I always imagined the chicest girl scout uniform could be. It reminds me of when the girls designed their uniforms in Troop Beverly Hills! I need to find some huge belts and master that knot.

  12. You look lovely! I love the vintage collar!

  13. I love this look! The green jumper is like a chic-ified girl scout uniform! I do the same thing with the tights! I live alone though so I’ll usually quick take a photo with Photobooth on my Macbook to see which tights look better!

  14. I love your question! I do this all the time with my husband! One shoe on one foot and one shoe on the other. He ususally picks the one I was originally thinking of wearing, but there are times were I go the other direction. I love asking him for his opinion and receiving it.

  15. Oh my goodness, this outfit is AMAZING …I think it is my officially my favourite Jen outfit! I adore that collar (drool, drool), the lace sleeves, and the colour combo – so delightful! Sadly I have no one to ask …so I just wing it. I have tried to ask my hubby but he usually likes both options. 😉 xx veronika

  16. I love that you play with colored tights! I’m just barely getting the guts to venture away from black haha. I’ve been staring at your belt knot for at least 5 minutes- it’s gorgeous and so functional. I can’t quite figure out how you did it, but I have plans to try when I get home!

  17. ooh, this is super cute!

  18. This outfit is beautiful! I love the colors together, so whoever picked did a great job.

    I love that you sometimes take the opinion and sometimes take the opposite. I ask my boyfriend ALL the time about outfit things just because I enjoy knowing what you likes. Like you said, sometimes I take it and sometimes not – I just like knowing.

  19. Oh YELLOW! I love the flat loafers here, too–I’m always unsure about wearing mine with dresses, and you’ve proven that it’s absolutely possible. Super cute!

  20. Emily Teel •

    I truly love living alone, but I will always miss my former roommate, Kate. She was always super helpful when I needed an outfit consultation and she was the first person I wanted to talk with after a particularly successful thrift shop run.

  21. the mustard tights were a good choice!

  22. I want to tell you how much I admire you. I am a teacher, mom, wife, and blogger. I so appreciate how you bring a fresh, fun, and creative vibe to everything that you present on Jen Loves Kev. My little cherubs are 4 yrs and 3 yrs so I really appreciate how you show that you can share your family and fashion in one location. Thanks again and yes, here in Michigan, we are snowy as well:) Can’t wait for a little spring! We are watching for robins everyday! Keep up the amazing work:)



  23. I was just thinking the other day how I wished I had a roommate to help me make fashion decisions. I always ask my husband, and he thinks everything looks good, bless his heart.

  24. Jen you look awesome! And I love the setting!! Seriously, I couldn’t help but grin reading about you walking around the house with diff tights on each leg. You are so adorable!!!

  25. Very cute. And I can just imagine you with the two different tights on! I will have to try that. I do that with my shoes for my husband’s opinion. Usually I go with what he picks.

    I got that belt after I saw it on you and then I noticed you never wore it again. Ha 🙂 I like how you tied it here.

  26. I usually try to do that with my husband, but he always says “the pretty ones” or “the ones you like.” Thanks a lot. At least I’ll be able to ask Annora in about 3 years…

  27. I love this look, and it’s definitely all about the details for me – the fur collar, the hint of lace, the (exquisitely!) knotted belt, and the cute little loafers give this classic silhouette some serious personality.

    I consult my dear (patient) boyfriend on outfit decisions all the time too. I’m getting dressed from a suitcase for now, so choices are limited, but I used to end almost every morning with a different shoe on each foot! Usually the decision was between black boots and cognac – boyfriend tends to go for the cognac when I wear black tights, since you can “see them better.” Such good instincts, that one!
    the other emily

  28. Love the tights plus loafers! Is the wool jumper itchy ?

  29. I do the same thing with Nathan. One shoe on the left and one on the right. He HATES it when I ask and then do the opposite 😉

  30. The yellow tights are just the perfect final touch for this outfit, methinks. And, I always consult at least my husband on all of my outfits, although I don’t always go with what he thinks is better. But I do agree. It is nice to have his opinion regardless of what I choose to wear! 🙂

  31. Just wanted to say I like this outfit because I’m a Packers fan! You are rocking the Green and Gold 🙂

  32. I love this outfit! It’s super cute with the mustard tights. And I like the little bit of lace peeking out 😀

    P.s. I seem to be wearing all my belts knotted like that now, it’s super cute and makes any long belt wearable!!

  33. I do the exact same tights thing (one color on each leg) and get my husband to pick for me.

    Also, I’m loving the mustard!

  34. I love asking my boyfriend for outfit advice! Even when he isn’t a fan of what I’m wearing, it’s always helpful and interesting to hear what he thinks. He’s really good at picking out shoes, too!

    This outfit is so amazing – I love the collar and the lace sleeves peeking out!


  35. I love absolutely everything about this look! It plays to a very romantic/ traveler from a few decades ago- very vintage-y but with the yellow tights, so right now, too. Love it!

  36. Begoña •

    You look stunning, love the green mustard color combination. Lovely, i cant believe you were pregnant just some months ago

  37. I love the colour combination! I actually have a pair of thights with two different coloured legs (an old AA pair) that gets crazy looks when worn out in public.
    I sometimes ask my boyfriend’s opinion but like you not always take his advice (which sort of annoys him “why do you ask in the first place then” but i see it as thinking aloud in stereo 🙂 )

  38. i LOVE this outfit! its perfect – you look fabulous! xox

  39. That belt is superbly knotted! 🙂

  40. Definitely getting lots of snow up north! Outfit photos are such a challenge- because my living room wall makes for a boring back drop! We had a mild weekend and I was finally able to get outside and stand beside a snow bank as tall as me as my fiancee shot my photos!

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