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I really can’t seem to get enough of thrifted sweaters this year. I love finding fair isle knitted sweaters. They always seem so cozy. I really liked the color scheme in this sweater when I found it. It was so feminine for such a thick sweater. I decided to match that with my Low Whisper Petticoat from Modcloth and my new sweet tall lace up boots.

I have been playing dress up in my head for the past week now thinking about getting ready for NYC in 2 weeks. I am super excited but I always get so nervous to meet people. I hate being awkward which I totally am. Anyone else heading in to the city for NYFW? I am only going for a couple of days but let me know if you will be there!!

Sweater: Thrifted
Low Whispers Petticoat: c/o Modcloth
Mocha Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Akira – Brown Boots: c/o Wanted

  1. Such a fun winter outfit…love how you paired that sweater with the petticoat! Those boots are so great!

  2. I love this outfit, especially the boots! I would totally wear this. it looks so comfy.

  3. I ordered the mocha tights from WLC. I’ve not seen very many (if any) outfits using them so it’s great to see them in an actual mix. I plan to wear them sometime this week!

  4. Everything in this outfit goes together so perfectly. Love the color of your tights, and those boots are officially on my most wanted list.
    That sweater is making me want to go thrifting, something I don’t do often (they rip us off over here!). I want an adorable sweater!

  5. I love all the colors! You’re brave for wearing skirts in all the snow.

  6. a great styling to a simple sweater!

  7. What an adorable outfit.
    And I’m still drooling over those boots as I type…

  8. I love the soft sweater with those edgy boots! Great outfit.

  9. Love the sweater! I’m totally hoping I find a fair isle sweater next time I go thrifting, but I really don’t seem to have much luck in the thrift stores I know. Actually, do you have any suggestions for thrifting in Boston or the North Shore?

    NYFW – I hope one day I get the chance to go. It seems so amazing!

  10. There’s nothing like a great fair isle sweater. It looks great with the lace ups!

    I’ll be here in NYC!! Let me know when you’re in town I really hope we get a chance to meet up!

  11. Jen- I’ve been feeling stressed about what to pack as well! (I’ll be there! Let’s hang out!)

    You look great in this outfit. I love the delicate petticoat with the cozy sweater. I may have to copy this exactly!!!

  12. i love this outfit! those kinds of sweaters are my favorite!! 🙂

  13. This is so cute. You pull off outfits that I only dream of wearing! Love this blog!

  14. I want! want! WANT!! those boots!! Enjoy your trip to NY.


  15. Great thrifted sweater! This makes me want to go thrifting to look for fun fair isle sweaters now 🙂 And I love how the violet tights pick up the color in the sweater pattern. S.

  16. Oooooh, those boots are darling!

  17. Holly Mae •

    I L.O.V.E. this look! such a cute, bright outfit in an otherwise cold, dull winter! Those boots are to die for. Want!!!!!

  18. Hey Jenn. Great to hear that you are going to NYFW. I will probably wait for the next one as my bloggy is so new. I too feel awkward meeting new people glad to hear that I am not alone on this one. Can’t wait to read all about your experience, have a great time!

    Loving your sweater, coloured tights, and boots combo -adorable! xx veronika

  19. I love fair isle sweaters too! I am lucky to have inherited quite a bunch from family and friends. And I have major shoe envy for those lace-up boots, I went looking for some this weekend but didn’t find any.

    Great outfit!

  20. That sweater is beautiful. I have almost the exact one, except mine has hearts on the top part.

  21. So WLC is a freakin’ rockin’ company. I can’t wait till I have some spare money to get some tights from them.
    I’m in southern Vermont and we’re about to get 2 feet of snow. I think their tights would be nice and cozy under a pair of jeans. Brr.

    Anywho. I originally started to leave a comment about those boots.
    Those boots.
    I think I’m in love with tall lace up boots.
    I really want a pair ;O;

  22. Hi Jen!
    I love your blog and adore this outift….especially your wonderful boots!

  23. Those boots are AWESOME!

  24. ruadhella (Lori) •

    Beautiful boots, want a pair like that! 🙂

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