Over the Weekend…

Hi Friends! Did you have a good weekend? We had a wonderful weekend spent with friends, a 4 mile outdoor run, lots of cuddle time with Rowan and a late night Hockey game last night. Kev grew up playing hockey and I grew up loving hockey. I guess we are a match made in heaven. He hasn’t played in a very long time but he found a pick up game last night, so off we went to watch him. It was Rowans first of many Hockey games.

I am hoping to get better at bringing back Over the Weekend post. I like sharing pictures.

  1. I love this idea of sharing your weekend pictures. Your family is just too cute!

  2. rebekah kessler •

    such a cute last picture….

    ive been curious about your running clothes… what do you use? any favorite items for marathon training and running? also, i have a problem sometimes, because its so hard for me to just dress in the “running gear” and not think about my individual style while working out. does this play into your mind? i hate it because i hate thinking about it when im just going for a run. i feel stupid that i care … but i cant help it. you look cute in your hat and long sweater… anyways, if you do try to keep your uniqueness on your workouts, what do you wear? and if you dont try, do you just set it all aside and wear whatever is practical?

  3. Krystal •

    Aww pretty pics!!
    We took our boys to a local hockey game here in the afternoon yesterday it was a lot of fun! They are 100% hockey fans !!!
    Yumm what’s cooking in the pot?! Looks very yummy!

  4. I love how I see Sophie the Giraffe all over the blog world 🙂 Rowan is adorable all bundled up for some fun.

  5. awww, your daughter is adorable! my son is eighteen weeks tomorrow! he just rolled over from belly to back this last week…he was not a big fan of tummy time so this was very exciting! i am new to your blog and can’t wait to catch up on older posts =)

  6. Hockeeeeey!! Haha that got me pretty excited. And the picture of Rowan watching the game is was too stinkin adorable. She is so cute 🙂

  7. Rowan is so adorable! We love hockey too (even though we live in Florida), my hubby is from St. Louis so he’s a huge hockey fan. I spotted Sophie the giraffe with Rowan, my daughter loved hers when she was small. I enjoy the over the weekend posts.

  8. aww such cute pics, looks like you had a nice weekend



  9. Looks like a good weekend! Rowan’s chubby cheeks make me smile, what a cutie!

  10. The picture of Rowan watching the hockey game is adorable!!!

  11. Yay, hockey! Who’s playing? Rowan looks so cute and cozy!

  12. Jen, where did you get the mittens you wear for your run?

  13. Rowan looks so cute all bundled up. I love those cheeks of hers, so chubby and sweet!

  14. i LOVE hockey so much. i grew up going to my dad’s games and was even a hockey cheerleader in high school! (okay so.. hockey cheering is uneventful, but we got to go to every single game for free! totally worth it.) i also love weekend recap posts. they’re so fun, especially with pictures. thanks for sharing & i look forward to more!!

  15. I just LOVE these kinds of posts!!! I like the picture of you and Rowan at the hockey game, so cute!

  16. looks like fun… i love weekend photos!!! & i just have to say, rowan is a cutie! 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness, Rowan is just adorable, especially in the last 3 pictures from the hockey game! I think these weekend posts will be great. Oh, and those sandals are definitely something to look forward to once the weather gets warm again!

  18. Birgit_Wo •

    Sopie la giraffe! and I thought this would be a French thing! cute!

  19. Isn’t running outside the most amazing thing when you’ve been stuck on a treadmill? I love it. Rowan is seriously the cutest thing ever. What a fun weekend!

  20. oh man! rowan’s cheeks and chin look delicious! i want to take a nibble!!! she is so gorgeous!

  21. How cute are her little cheeks? There is something about a sweet baby face that just makes me smile. What a cutie!

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