Week 17 + 18

I think I am the proud parent of super baby. hehe. I am sure every mother thinks that, but I am positive Rowan is a genius. I feel like in the last week she has learned so much. I am amazed everyday at what she can do. She LOVES to touch everything! I know this is how babies learn and it is just so cute. Anything that is in arms reach- she is reaching for it. I have to be careful of what I stand near with her. The other day Kev came to find me and said “want to see the funniest and saddest thing ever?” I was like, yeah of course! He said “it’s called Rowan trying to hold a soda can.” haha. Her little hands don’t even come close to wrapping around the can, but she just keeps trying to hold it. It’s so darn cute. Every morning when she wakes up and I undo her velcro swaddle, her little hand shoots up and starts playing with the lace on the side of her pram. She also knows where on her playmat the crinkly texture spot is and she wiggles and flips around until she can reach it with her fingers. She just likes to run her fingers over it to make to the noise. It cracks me up.
Rowan has also learned to flip over both ways. Back to Stomach and Stomach to Back. She likes flipping from back to stomach the most. She is constantly flipping over trying to reach for her toys. She absolutely loves her blabla owl doll. It is her new favorite. The poor owl has hard crunchy hair because she chews on it all day. Rowan also loves her little blabla bird. They are soft, easy to hold and some have rattles in them. I really want to get like 100 more toys from there. They are the best.

She is getting all the typical baby rolls and I love it. Her little thighs are so chubby but the ones that kills me the most are the roll around her wrists- I want to eat her up!

and with that said… I wish everyone a Happy Weekend. I am turning off the computer to go enjoy some time with Rowan as we wait for Kev to get home from work! I love the weekends.

*Rowan’s onesie courtesy of Barley and Birch

  1. Her cheeks kill me. Baby cheek perfection.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Awww! She is getting so chubby and cute!!

  3. Super cute as always! And I love that her headband matches her onesie

  4. Have a great weekend, Jen! These photos are great and it has been a joy to watch her grow! 🙂

  5. She is just too cute! Oh, how I adore blabla dolls. I have picked up a few for our little one. I certainly hope she enjoys them once she makes her debut!

  6. love the headband! it’s so exciting when they’re able to be more interactive and learn and touch and do!

  7. Billy McGuiness •

    Jen she is adorable! However at first glimpse of that onesy, it brought me back to a few “blowouts” we had with our girls.

  8. I love that second to last picture the most! Those cheeks are to die for!!! <3

  9. Ahhhh jealous of those rolls!! I want to cuddle her up, both my boys are skinny babies!

  10. My girl was the same (1 year now) she learned to walk at 8 months kid you not – very very busy haha
    She is lovely!!

  11. michele •

    Oh my gosh…she is too gorgeous..and her little rolls crack me up 🙂

  12. I love reading about Rowan, I just gotta say. No matter what’s happening in my standstill of a life right now, your daughter is just a little pause for me to enjoy the little things in life. Thank you so much for sharing =D

  13. Krystal •

    You made my day posting about sweet adorable and yes chubby Rowan;) she is gorgeous!!!!:)
    Have a beautiful weekend with your family:)

  14. She is such a cutie!! I love reading her posts! 🙂

  15. Those action shots are the greatest! She looks like she’s wrestling. I love the purple.

  16. You’re not crazy – babies develop really rapidly from months 3-12, so you’re seeing some huge changes indeed! You’ll start to notice that she’s going to be learning more and more about social cues, so that by the time she’s about 12 or 13 months, she would understand that you open the fridge for the purpose of getting something out of it, etc. Very neat!! 🙂

  17. Ahh she’s so cute! My son just learned to roll over the other day! He’s 14 weeks and I swear it’s smarter then most adults LOL. I sent you an email yesterday about sending you some soakers I make, I dunno if I sent it to the right address or not though? Hopefully you’ll get it : ) Enjoy your weekend!

  18. She looks so much like both of you! Its crazy! Adorable!

  19. SO CUTE!! pictures of an adorable baby are exactly what i needed to make this day better.

  20. Squeeeee! What an adorable chubs!
    One “crazy mom note” about the soda can, though–The Pup was about the same age when his grandfather let him hold a soda can. Literally, within about 3 seconds, The Pup had stuck his fingers in the opening, squeezed hard to pick it up, and sliced his poor little baby finger. Just a word of caution–we were paying such close attention, and he still ended up bleeding…

  21. You’re right…she is amazing.
    Really, girls must develop faster than boys because my Levi is now 8 months and (though he is amazing of course,) he wasn’t rolling and doing things as early as Rowan I am sure. She is very advanced. :)..enjoy her–she looks edible!!!

  22. Supermom •

    I bet you Rowan is going to be an early crawler, she already likes being on her stomach.
    I also think my child is a genius, she’s 16 months old, she already knows so many words and even says a few together, trying to form a sentence. It’s so fun to see them develop healthfully.

  23. Oh, I love the flipping pictures!

  24. My little guys wrist rolls are my favorite too…

  25. I love seeing updates of Rowan. 🙂 what type of program do you use to format your photo’s for your blog? I’ve been trying to do something similar with my new baby boy but I’m clueless.

  26. i feel like i might die if i don’t nom on her.

  27. she is just the cutest thing ever!!

  28. […] adorable pics of the adorable Rowan rocking some barley & birch and looking totally adorable. The post accompanying the photos, about Rowan rolling over, is equally as […]

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