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We are redoing our color scheme in our living room right now and I am looking for some new items to add to the decor. I am swooning over these super cute prints from Paper Sparrow. I just can’t decide if I want animals with shirts and neckties or all cats with sweaters? Either way it’s a win, win situation but I think my crazy obsession with cats is leaning me towards an all cat print. Which is your favorite?


Woodland Family Portrait

Sweater Cats

So cute!

  1. I love the ‘Woodland Family’ print, how cute is that deer!?!

    I also love the brighter colors mixed in the cat print… I’m a sucker for oranges.

  2. Most definitely the cats! So great!!

  3. I really love the top one. Animals in neckties? Too awesome.

  4. CATS! 🙂

  5. Hahaha! Cats in sweaters is fantastic!! The cat second in from the left on the bottom row looks just like my kitty, I must buy one!

  6. The cats in sweaters. I think I need that in my living room, too.

  7. Hahah, I love the Woodland Family Portrait. They’re spiffy

  8. I love both, but if I had to choose, I love the animals with shirts and neckties.

  9. Deytona •

    Definitely the cats! Such a conversation starter!

  10. oh. my. goodness. the cats one!!

  11. i love the cats in sweaters! it’s been on my etsy wishlist for a while now, but i can’t order it until i have the perfect place for it….

  12. Love those woodland animals!

  13. like you said, you can’t lose, but those woodland creatures! reminds me a bit of fantastic mr. fox

  14. I personally lean toward the animal portraits, but the cats do seem more approriate.

  15. Going with the top, the woodland creatures are sweet!

  16. kitties:) what did you pick?

  17. i love the animals with shirts and neckties!!! so cute!

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