A Peek at our Bedroom

I was sad when we moved from our house because I had just spent so much time redoing our bedroom. I loved the birch tree mural that I had painted. I was also sad because I knew the Loft style apartment that we were moving to wouldn’t let me paint the walls. Bummer. I had to figure out someway to add something special to the room with such tall ceilings. I think our ceilings are around 14ft. We live in an old factory building where they made the union army uniforms for the Civil War. Cool huh? I was pretty sure I wanted to attach real tree branches to the wall. My mom called me one day after her and my Dad came in from a walk to tell me she found the perfect trees. She took a special trip out one day to visit with all the trees sticking out the back of her car. She was right, they were PERFECT! I still wish I could paint the walls but we did the best with what we could do. It’s hard decorating with such tall ceilings.


At the moment Rowan doesn’t have her own room. We never made her a nursery because we knew she was just going to sleep in our room for awhile anyways. We have a room that is going to be her nursery, I just could never decide how I wanted to decorate it. I am still working on it. We are getting to that time though that we are ready for her to have her own room. For now she sleeps in her vintage pram in our room. We also brought her change table and added it to the bump out where the window is. It fits perfect in there. It is very convenient for early morning changes.

Most of the artwork in our room is by Kev or I. He took the photo above Rowan’s Pram and I painted the Ship and Mermaid painting as well as the Deer painting on the shelf. I also made Bruin Cat. haha. I love that thing. I found an old vintage bruin patch at the good will one time and decided it needed to be attached to a cat. I also made the skeleton/teeth etching, as well as the screen printed “Don’t be an art Killer.”


  1. so beautiful!! i love all the colors. and how cool that sweet rowan sleeps in a vintage pram πŸ™‚ what a little sweetheart! πŸ™‚

  2. thanks for sharing photos of your space. ahh i love the bruin cat!! (and the real live kitty, too). πŸ™‚

    our loft has very tall ceilings as well– about 14ft and the shortest points and approx. 24ft at the peak in the middle. feels spacious and luxurious, lol. it’s going to be weird if we ever move into a “real” house with normal height ceilings and walls. we have a cool wooden truss running along the entire span of one wall, and exposed brick on adjacent walls, so that helps break things up a bit… but our walls are kind of bare.

  3. I am so jealous! We have had the worst time trying to decorate our bedroom, I just haven’t gotten it right. I love the colors, and the branches are great.

    I should really drum up some inspiration and get decorating!


  4. Rebekah kessler •

    I’ve been waiting for this! I love your loft style. It’s so simple but still homey. It’s nice and clear and I bet that helps your brain be at rest since you are having to think about so much.

  5. Oh, I love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside! Could you please tell me where you purchased that gray pillow with the heart? I love it!

  6. Couldn’t help but notice the Soothe-n-Glow Seahorse. Mia has the exact same one & loves it! Γ’β„’Β₯

  7. Love both cats πŸ™‚ and your baby sleeps in a vintage pram? Awesome. And that’s my new word for the day: pram. Oh it’s short for the british word, perambulator? Thanks, Mr. Webster!

  8. LOVE your guys’ bed, where’s it from? I’m shoppin’ around for one these days.

  9. so many unique touches. we’ve really been wanting a bed frame like that, i like how you picked a lighter color. really brightens the room:)

  10. Oh wow… your room is so soothing and comfortable looking <3

    The nicest room in our house is our baby's room, lol! She isn't sleeping in it yet, but I love being in there with her stuff πŸ™‚

    Rowan is lucky to have such a creative mom. I bet her room will look just a nice as yours does when it's done πŸ™‚

  11. Wow what a pretty room! I love your white wall shelves. I am about to get some for our living room and yours are inspiring!


  12. I love the branches behind the bed! I saw something similar on Apartment Therapy, but they just used three small branches and fastened them to the wall….not full length, like you’ve got behind your bed! I like I even like them better than the painting, because they’re three dimensional and feel more a part of the room than in the background.

    And Rowan’s pram is just darling. I know you’ve written about it before, and I probably commented then, too, but I love the nostalgic feel of it. And it looks fantastic in your room!

  13. what a great room! thank you for the glimpse into your home. I think your space is amazing – and those floors look awesome! I think the tree branches add that perfect somthing to move your eye up, but without being too loud. I love your bed by the way! can you share where you go it??? And it would be awesome to see a tour of your loft – if you’re up for it.

  14. This is really pretty! I like it even more than the old bedroom. I like all the personal touches but my favorite part is the branches!

  15. umm…just noticed your ceiling too…fantastic!

  16. Where did you get that bed from? I love it.

  17. I love the tree branches behind your bed — what a great idea! And that fuschia-purple color is so beautiful! I wouldnt have thought to decorate with it, but it fits perfectly with your space and art!

  18. What a fun post! Love the sneak peek at your bedroom.

  19. Kendall •

    Love the trees. And the cat. πŸ˜‰

  20. you’re so talented! Love it.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us! The real trees are equally as cool as your wall mural! What a great way to fall asleep – under the trees. We had a super tall ceiling in our old apartment with a super low bed. It’s a total challenge! I hung giant paper lanterns & some sheer patterned panels (Ikea) to fill the void.

    Also I love that you decorate your space with personal art. It just seems more special that way.

  22. Ashley J •

    Gawd! It looks like something that should be on the cover of a home living mag! I cannot believe how clean your room is…and you have a baby!!!

  23. i love this! what a sweet and calm space for your family. i have a knack for birch trees and alium blooms and birds, so this is right up my alley.

  24. So serene and beautiful – Thanks for sharing! My boyfriend and I also live in a very old building (200+ years!) with antique wood floors and ancient features – A home like that just has so much personality and history!

  25. this is fabulous!!! it looks so natural but so put together, right out of a magazine : ) im jealous.

  26. So pretty and calming! I can’t believe Rowan sleeps in a pram all through the night! So jealous (of the sleeping through the night in your room, that is)!

  27. Mind sharing where the bed is from? The room is gorgeous!

  28. Loooove the trees behind your bed, you make simple look so beautiful!

  29. Wow! Your bedroom is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of room I want for myself. I will be bookmarking this for inspiration! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  30. I love when you post photos of your home. It’s right up my alley; bright & airy and minimalistic. Please continue to share, especially as you decorate Rowan’s nursery.

  31. Love your bedroom! That is a total bummer that you can’t paint, after growing up with all white walls I’ve gone a little crazy painting ours. We too live in an old factory with 14 foot ceilings, and I’m definitely jealous of your wood floors, our are stained concrete, and while cool they can also be a total pain.

  32. I LOVE the way you decorate. i wish I had your eye for things, the branches are so brilliant! I also wish I could keep my place as neat, haha.

    I would lovvee to see more photos of your place if you’re willing to share!! I could use the inspiration. πŸ™‚

  33. It’s beautiful and I love the real trees as your backboard. It really anchors the room. Your artwork is amazing! I love the way you decorated…will you come decorate my place?!

  34. the floors and ceiling are beautiful and the trees are awesome! i love bringing nature inside… you should try some maiden hair ferns, ivy or even some air plants in there – thanks for sharing jen – it looks lovely!

  35. Ouu…so lovely! Love the branches. The vintage pram for your babes to sleep in – amazing!!

  36. I love the trees and the bright white accents!

  37. I love how you’ve decorated – especially those trees! Wow wow wow. They look amazing!

  38. Love it! I adore how you re-created your mural with real trees! The colors of the room are so soothing, I feel all rested just looking at your pictures!

  39. Oh my goodness! I love it!
    Makes me really look forward to getting a real home again one day :).
    YOU have such a great decorators touch!!

  40. Beautiful! The giant window provides the perfect amount of natural light! And the tree branches were so a cute idea : )

  41. Thank you for inspiring me to decorate! I would never have thought of using actual trees to decorate. This is really awesome!

  42. Love your bedroom! I’ve definitely been waiting for a peek into your house πŸ™‚ I haven’t commented on your blog in forever (sorry) but I’ve been loving looking back through your pregnancy style files, since I’m pregnant now! Eighteen weeks and drawing lots of inspiration from you! Have a great day, and keep enjoying that incredible little girl of yours! You’re both so beautiful <3

  43. Beautiful! I am crazy jealous of your high ceilings!

  44. I love everything about this room! The branches are great.

  45. I love love LOVE your room. It’s almost exactly how I picture my dream bedroom will be when I get my life together. Haha. The trees along the headboard are perfect.

    I also second the suggestion of doing a house tour if ever you have some spare time! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Can’t believe how gorgeous your room is Jen! I long for a day when I have the money and space to decorate my own place. Love the lyrics on your mermaid painting too!

  47. Wow, your room should seriously be on apartmenttherapy.com or something. It’s amazing.

    And I love that Gully was included in the pictures! πŸ™‚ So cute. Anything with cats makes me happy.

  48. Those trees are fabulous and how cute is your mom! πŸ™‚

  49. Love your room! And I have that exact same bed! Great idea using the real trees to imitate your mural – so cool:)

  50. Love it! super cute, yet cozy for Rowan!

  51. I really love how you decorated your room! Home decor is not my strong point. I know what I like and what I don’t like, it’s just finding all the pieces and then putting them together coherently that’s the challenging part for me.

  52. wow
    you’ve done some great job out there!!

  53. Really sweet and fresh!

  54. That’s so neat that you guys made that and most of the art in the room. The branches is such an orginal idea- I love it! You guys must always be creating!

  55. Monique •

    Love it, the tree adds such a cool feel, love the original art too!

  56. Love the tree branches! Brings such a natural feel to the room. Question though… do your cats every try to get at them? I know if I ever put something like that in our room our cat would go bonkers trying to eat them haha we can’t even put fresh flowers out because he loves to bite them hahaha

  57. Looks great – and gully matches too.

  58. Wow. You guys are really talented and put a lot of work into this to create something extraordinary! I bet you WOW anyone who comes over!

  59. This is a great room – I loooove those floors. And those tree branches are so beautiful! It’s funny how sometimes decorating setbacks become a focal point in a room.

  60. Your bedroom is beautiful– I especially love your bed and all of the colors that you chose in the room, not to mention all of the natural light!

  61. The framed issue of Charlton’s I Love You is fantastic! πŸ™‚

  62. Oh my gosh…you have the coolest room! You should definitely post more pictures of your home…you have terrific style!

  63. Krystal •

    GORGEOUS!!! I love love your posts about Rowan:) as a Mommy I really love reading about other babies. BUT this might me my favorite post of yours ! I love decorating and love seeing how others decorate too:) your bedroom in simple and gorgeous ! I love your style!:)

  64. So, my husband and I are in the process of hopefully buying our first house and there has been many a discussion on decorating. I would show him this, but I fear he would read that you’re in an old factory that made the Union uniforms and, as he is a curator and assistant museum director, he would begin the hunt for such a building here. But alas, we live in the south. Kinda. Maybe I will just print the pictures? Love love the colors and the art!

  65. Jen! Your bedroom is so beautiful and inspiring. I am super jealous of your high ceilings and the beautiful, natural light. And I love all the art.

  66. oh my gosh your bedroom’s inspiring!
    actually, I peeked at your flickr album of your old house, and that’s inspiring as well! I can’t wait for spring cleaning to kick in. so glad you shared!!

  67. Oh Jen, I love how Rowan doesn’t have a nursery yet, it feels like sometimes with kids we get cough up in social habits instead of what we feel is best for our children and you have certainly inspired me to have my (futur) babies be close to us for the first few months! It’s also inspiring not to have a space to cram with an unlimited number of toys, which small babies don’t need but we sometimes buy out of consuming habits…

  68. mad in love with ya’lls room! it’s sooooooo lovely πŸ™‚

  69. Love the simplicity of the color scheme and that you haven’t let your bedroom get cluttered. The tree branches add a lot for being a small part of the overall decor. Very Pretty.

  70. What is that piece above the fireplace – with the birds? it looks really neat

  71. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your room and the tones that you choosed, so beautiful!

    Jen you are so creative!
    jealous (healthy jealous) eheh

    Kiss for you and Rowan (such a beautiful little girl)

  72. Jen, I think you should do a blog on some of your decorating skills and ideas because this was just plain amazing! How do you keep it so clean???

  73. You should really sell your artwork!!!!!

    Have you ever thought about it? I would love to buy some!!


  74. adorable! I love it, and I think the tree branches are an awesome touch. love that Rowan sleeps in the pram, so sweet!!

  75. I’m in serious LOVE right now!!!

  76. Thanks for sharing! This is so GORGEOUS! It makes me feel like my bedroom is way too cluttered. Although, it’s all my husbands piles so I guess if he cleans them it’s not too bad =P

  77. You should post soon a photo from that amazing ceiling! I love it!

  78. […] Large Branches as a headboard! Love the lines. Spotted here. […]

  79. Heather •

    How did you attach the trees? Do you know what kind the trees are and did you treat the trees first!

  80. Did you treat the branches ? I’m afraid od vows in baby’s room

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