Style File 01.25.11

This is what I brought to wear to the swap last Thursday. I didn’t end up wearing it because I was much to lazy to change out of jeans, military boots, a stripped tee and J.Crew Cardigan. I do very much love this outfit though. I got to go out by myself the other weekend and hit up a few thrift stores. It was like heaven. That is the one thing I think I miss the most before Rowan arrived. The time to just wonder around thrift stores looking at everything in the rack. It takes time to find treasures. I do very much appreciate it now when I do get a chance to do that.

I love finding someone else’s old clothes and taking them home to make my own.

Cynthia Rowley Wool Hat: c/o T.J Maxx
J.Crew Stripped Shirt: Thrifted
Olive Green Belted Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Liz Claiborne Bag: Thrifted
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

  1. You look great, as always! That skirt is such a great find!

  2. Love the shoes! And hat! You pull it off too well 🙂

  3. I am so envious of the jcrew breton striped shirt thrifstore find.

  4. The olive green is so pretty! Lots of thrift magic going on here 🙂

  5. I love the striped shirt! I melt at anything with stripes.
    Gorgeous pictures!

  6. Oh the BAG!!! I’m adoring all the details in this outfit. It’s so 70s ladylike glam.

  7. Jen what an effortlessy chic look! I especially love the details the shoes and bag add to the outfit.

  8. That is such a cute outfit! I know what you mean about getting out by yourself, I really appreciate it when I get to. But when I don’t, I just take the kids to the thriftstore with me hehe

  9. I’m sure you already know this but it’s Breton Stripe day over at and I just know they would be THRILLED to have the fabulous outfit added! <3

  10. ah, jenn! you’ve done it again. this outfit is so perfect, i might have to steal it. er, you know, the concept. the length and fit of the skirt is just right!

  11. I love your 70s feel! The hat + clogs are lovely.

  12. Love love LOVE the skirt.

  13. This is a great outfit, Jen! It’s so simple and classic – what a great look for you!

  14. What a great outfit! I love the colors and how you accessorized.

  15. I can imagine how much of a treat thrifting must be now that you’re so busy with Rowan all the time! Each of the individual pieces in your outfit is so great–one of my favorite looks of yours so far! Those clogs especially–dayyyum. Love it.


  16. This skirt is great and SO SO SO flattering!

  17. Those shoes add the perfect touch! And the skirt color makes the outfit so interesting!

  18. That hat is just perfect! I wish I was a hat person.
    I’ve had such great luck at the thrift stores lately too… and I take my toddler and bubba with me… they do really well.

  19. Ya know, I recently saw a felt hat like yours and wondered if I could wear it in winter and now I know I can! I love this outfit!

  20. Great outfit! You look very ladylike! I love the hat!

  21. Oh, I wish I had the good fortune of finding a skirt like that!

  22. the hat and shoes sealed the deal for me. okay, fine, and the pencil skirt too–what a beautiful color olive is. and the stripes. ummm…i’m sounding weird listing out each item of your outfit here. basically, i love it all. you look fabulous and feminine and chic. 🙂
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog)

  23. great outfit!

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