Running Monday

Week 2

Here is my running schedule for week 2. It’s still not all that bad. A 4 mile long run this weekend seems like nothing in comparison to what you get up to. It is still hard though. It is hard to start back up again. It takes a few weeks to get in the groove. Everyday now is pretty tough to motivate yourself to get up and run. I make sure I go and run at the gym when there is something good on tv to watch to keep my interest. Like tonight, Erin and I watched Sex and the City. It passed the time quite well. I am really looking forward to running outside though. I am not a huge fan of treadmill running.

Here is my list of must have runners gear:
1. New Running shoes. Never get a new pair of shoes right before a race but it is good practice to get new shoes. You will be surpirsed how fast you flatten out the support if you are putting in the miles. I need a new pair desperately. You couldnt tell from the look of them, but I trained for my last marathon with them and it is time for some new support

2. A well fitting sports bra. I can’t say enough about a supportive sports bra. Worth the money.

3. A headband. haha. So 80’s I know but I like them because I guess I sweat a lot and I hate the stingy sweat getting in my eyes. It works for me. I try to keep it cute with braided pigtails. haha. I am such a dork.

4. An armband for your ipod. I hate holding on to my ipod. It cramps my arm up. I love having an armband for it.

5. A runners belt. Also not cool looking but hey! a girls got to stay hydrated right? I don’t use this till my miles start getting up over 6 miles but it comes in handy. I can fill bottles with gatorade and then use the little pouch to hold my runners gel. To bad it didnt have a jet pack on it to make me run faster.

If you are still interested in running a race for LOVE 146 this Spring/Summer and haven’t emailed me yet you still have time! Jenloveskev(at)
We would love to have you in our runners club!

  1. these are good tips! im trying to “love” running. my problem is that i get pretty bored so it DEFINITELY helps if you have something interesting to watch if you are forced to run inside.
    also, champion has decent prices in their outlet store right now!

  2. Hey Jen, congrats on setting a running goal and training again! I’m trying to keep running through my pregnancy and would like to run a (very slow) 5 K this Spring while preggers. You’re right – the hardest part is starting again after not having run for a while. Good luck and go you!


  3. Good ideas! I need new running shoes pretty bad too. Can’t wait to see blue skies! All we have here is snow, snow, snow.

  4. I wear the same running shoes! I’m training for a half marathon right now and hearing your little tips and encouragement is so great!!

  5. I think it’s so inspiring you’re running another marathon so soon after having a baby. Rowan is going to be like, “My Mom is a rockstar!” Good job Jen! I also love seeing how you trian, could you keep posting these??

  6. great tips! i’ve got to get myself a headband!

  7. Soo…honestly, you are such a role model to me! LOL, A marathon was a goal of mine for 2011 but for obvious reasons…I have to wait until 2012. I’ve only done an 8K, and that was tough enough! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!!! I’m sure you’ll do really well.

    Also, I’ve been saying I’m going to get new running shoes since…2008, eek! There’s always something more sparkly that I get in place of good running shoes!

  8. I’m soooo glad I got a runner’s belt for my marathon training last year! The cost kind of irked me ($45 at REI!), but I was able to carry all the water I needed for most long runs, and it had a zippered pouch where I could store my keys and some cash in case I got hungry on a 20 mile run. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like a fanny pack…only slightly cooler…

  9. I’m finally getting back into the groove. I ran 7 miles last week (wed-sat) and I’m already feeling so much better. Going out and getting some super sexy stretchy pants and tops that don’t absorb the sweat motivated me to run more!

  10. I live on the other side of the world. Thus, I can not run for the cause. But, I support all the way!

  11. You are amazing for running another marathon. Wow, cudos to you!

    Have you read Born To Run? It’s an amazing read about running.

    On the fashion side of sports, I have to say that I absolutely love workout clothes. Although pricey, they will make you a) look fab b) keep you dry c) their bras are amazing. I wore them throughout my pregnancy and I still wear them on the weekends even when not running.

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