A First for Rowan…

We tried to give Rowan some Earth’s Best Organic Rice Cereal tonight for the first time. haha. It was hilarious and well, unsuccessful. I am not sure she liked it much, nor did we really get all that much in her mouth. It was quite entertaining though and we will try again soon. Maybe next time with some bananas or apples mixed in. I love these cute and messy pictures though…

Love Her!
Rowans “R” bib courtesy of Lola Miren

  1. HAHAHAHA LOVE! Those 3rd and 4th photos are to die for. She is adorable and hysterical. And based on your expressions in photos – totally your daughter. 🙂

  2. Mallory •

    My now 10 month old hated cereal. Instead we gave her mashed banana mixed with breast milk when she was a little over 5 months.

  3. ha! those photos are so precious.

  4. Cutie pie! Makes me wish my girls were babies again:( Awe.

  5. Such a little cutie!

  6. Oh geez, this is too cute! Better luck next time :]

  7. Aww too cute!! I can’t wait till my son starts rice cereal. Rowan’s bib is so cute too!

  8. Oh my goodness! These pictures are just too damn cute. I love Rowans plump little baby cheeks. What an amazingly beautiful baby you have. My husband and I are trying for a baby …love that you share your style + family life. xx veronika

  9. UGH I could just DIE from this cuteness! lol

  10. Such a cutie!! My daughter must be about the same age as yours – 22 weeks – we tried rice cereal a ciouple of times but she hates it…will keep trying though! I tried peaches last week and she gobbled them, just loved them!!I’ll try mixing peaches and rice cereal and see if she likes it 🙂

    BTW I Love your blog!

  11. Lol so cute! We tried rice cereal about 2 weeks ago and she hated it. I tried again about an hour ago and she ate more but it still seemed like she didn’t like it haha. They make the cutest faces. 😛

  12. Be still my beating heart! She is adorable. I love the third and fourth pictures.

    (<3 the Bumbo. I learned of them when my first was just about sitting up on his own. I made sure to get one when my second came along.)

  13. I LOVE those little cheeks!! 🙂

  14. OMG that third picture is priceless. Please frame and put out at her graduation party!

  15. that third picture cracks me up!

  16. Monique •

    OMG, Rowan is such a cutie!!! Great pics!

  17. She is sooooo sweet…
    I have that same bumbo for Levi–he is using it in the bathtub now. Hilarious…they look like such cute miniature people in them!

  18. Adorable!

    Xo Mandy

  19. What an ADORABLE first food photo 😀 Heehee! Can’t wait to take these with my babe 🙂

  20. food experiment photos are the BEST! Our babe hated cereal too…and everything until just last week, she is 6 months now, we started introducing foods around month 4! Sweet potatoes have been a huge success…we just boil one up, throw it in the food processor and she has meals for a week! (still not down with cereal though…I didn’t think it tasted too great either!)

    Rowan is a doll 🙂 Your doing great mama!

  21. I think she looks so much like Kev in these photos. you are truly blessed.


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