First Running Monday

Last week I wrote about a BIG idea I had and today marks the start of that big idea. Today is the first day of marathon training. It’s always a weird day. There is always a pit in your stomach. You know there is a hard but rewarding journey ahead of you, one that will take over your life for the next 5 months. Once you start you are fine, but the days leading up to starting you are consistently thinking about it. I am anxious and excited. I am excited because 1. that high when you finish your race is something indescribable 2. so many people have signed up to run a race for Love 146 in their own neck of the woods 3. the impact we can make spreading the word about Love 146 and raising money for them and 4. I am excited about getting in better shape after the baby.

It’s not to late. If you would like to run for Love 146 this year, send me an email!! Any race is awesome- a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Here is the Marathon Training Schedule for the Ottawa marathon. Today we start really easy. We are starting right at the beginning with a 1 mile run…

  1. All the best Jen!!! Is this your first marathon?

    Hannah xx

  2. Very inspiring! I’m so excited for you! I’ve never been a runner, so I’d have to start small, but you’ve made me want to do a 5k… maybe 10k… and perhaps one day a marathon 🙂 I’ll have to do some research! Thanks Jen!! <3 xo

  3. Wow! That is amazing! Best of luck in your training! <3

  4. Hey Jen! I didn’t get a chance to comment on your first post about the marathon, but I will be totally following along on your training journey and try to keep up with your miles as May comes around (I am running my 2nd 1/2 marathon on May 1st so I think this would be great training for me!).

  5. Hi Jen!

    Do you have a larger jpeg of this? I’d like to use it for my half-marathon training!

  6. You can totally do it! I actually just posted something on my blog about the resources I’m using to get ready for my first marathon (May 1st), feel free to check it out:

  7. A marathon intimidates me so much! I run on the treadmill almost everyday (except sundays!) but I only go three or four miles. Running outside usually bothers my allergies pretty bad, but I’m thinking about doing an outdoor 5K when it warms up.

  8. Exciting! I havent run a marathon in a few years but would love to start training again! Maybe this summer. If I get motivated enough. 🙂 Best of luck!

  9. Woo hoo! Day 1 down! Congrats!
    I did the Chicago marathon last year and it was an unforgettable experience! The training took it out of me so much that I doubt I will ever do a full again but I’m so excited for you! I like that you are starting with one mile and working up from there. I will totally use this schedule to get back in shape after my baby is born. I will definitely need to start at the beginning again! 🙂 Enjoy the journey–I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  10. I have a question….I live in the very frigid Canada, it is -23 C today!!!! How do you train for anything in this weather. Do you work with a treadmill or a gym?
    Just curious.

  11. this might be just the motivation i need. i’ve always wanted to run a half marathone and seeing your updates might keep me motivated! seeing as i ran 3 miles this morning i guess i’m on my way

  12. Hi Jen, I’m running my first marathon this year, too! I’ve applied for a spot in the New York Marathon in November but I figure I have almost no chance of getting in, so I’ve also signed up for my hometown marathon (Sydney, Australia) in September. I’ve been reading your blog for ages so I’m psyched you’re in training as well! xLaura

  13. Are you doing the Ottawa (Ontario) Marathon? As in the one on May 28th? If so, I may not see you in the marathon line-up, but I will be doing the 10k! That’s what I’m working towards. I would like to try for my first half in October in my home province of PEI.. we shall see!

  14. This is awesome! Thanks for adding your training schedule. I also run and am preparing for one in Toronto in May and am always interested in how others plan their training.

  15. Heather •

    Yey Ottawa! I love it there.
    I’m training for the 1/2.

    Best of luck.


  16. jen, you make this whole marathon thing look so easy! so easy that i might just be able to do it! maybe.

  17. Jen, do you have a larger picture of this training schedule? I”m interested in embarking on a marathon training journey and find this schedule to be really easy to follow… let me know. thanks! 🙂

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