Dear Rowan

Sweet Baby,
I know I write a post each week talking about you and how you are growing. Sometimes I even write little letters to you about how I am feeling and how much joy you have brought to my life. Today though, I want to talk to you about your Daddy. He was never good with babies. He had never even held a baby before. They were foreign and they were scary. When I was pregnant, I knew he was nervous. I wondered what it would be like to watch him hold you, how he would be with you, how he would love you. I wasn’t nervous about it, but just curious to see this foreign side of him. The day you arrived you changed him. I see it in him daily. It started as he watched you being born, haha it was something we thought he might not get thru (he sometimes faints) but he did. He didn’t even flinch. He knew that it was his time to arrive as a father. There have been somethings going on lately that are daily reminders of how thankful I am for him. We are truly blessed with each other and with you. I have grown to love him more and more since you were born. There is something so indescribable to see the man you love hold their baby. You. To see him hold you makes my heart melt. He loves you so much. You bring him so much joy and I know you have created in him an even better man than he already was. Every night he comes thru the door from work and can’t wait to hug and kiss you. His special time with you is bedtime. He dims all the lights, wraps you up tight and closes the door to the bedroom. Its just you and him in there. I can hear him singing to you thru the walls. He walks you back and forth until you fall asleep. He never wants to put you down until you are sleeping. He loves holding you. Sometimes when we are laying in bed to go to sleep ourselves, I will think he is sleeping but he will say little things like “she is such an angel.” I think he just lies in bed thinking about how cute you are. I know you will be a daddy’s girl. He is going to spoil you. One bat of your long pretty eyelashes and he is going to cave. You are wrapped around his heart and he loves you so very much. Always know that sweet little girl.
Love always,
Your momma

There is going to be a very special and awesome style file post later today!!! Check back!

  1. what a cutie she is… and such a sweet post!

  2. I completely agree that there is something undeniably attractive about a man holding a baby (haha have you ever seen ?).

    Rowan will love reading these later! I can tell how much you love her in these letters, not just for saying things like “I love you” but in the way you write to her and write about her father. They’re very beautiful to read, thank you for sharing!

  3. no way. those cheeks! you are one lucky mama! and rowan is a lucky lady to have parents who love each other so much.

  4. This is super sweet! I don’t have children yet but when I grow and get married I want to experience this feelings you wrote, having a a baby is my biggest dream, after reading this you just made me think so much about my daddy, he’s so sweet to me too! congrats for having such a cute family!

  5. i cannot believe how fast little Rowan is growing! she is just so beautiful with those humongous eyes. she’s going to love reading these things you wrote to her one day.

  6. She’s gorgeous!

  7. You really should put a disclaimer on these types of posts . . . “Notice, don’t read the following if you’re at work and around cowokers because this may make you weep!” . . . I’m just kidding! This is so beautiful (and did make me shed a few tears!) You two are so lucky to have each other and a happy, healthy, beautiful baby!

  8. Toni Lyn •

    This is beautiful. Gave me chills<3

  9. that was beautiful!! i almost cry reading this… congrats for the lovely family you have!! Hope you get happier and happier!

    Btw, love your style!! 😉

  10. those cheeks are delicious!

  11. Oh man. Those baby cheeks! She is too darling.

  12. She is so adorable it’s ridiculous! I don’t know why I thought she had brown eyes, but look at those baby blues!

    And your Kev is sweet. I love sweet daddy stories.

  13. Those CHEEKS! She is babylious perfection!

  14. this is precious. a daddy and his little girl are the sweetest thing to watch. i love it

  15. This was the sweetest note! My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of March/first of April and I know he has the same fears. He was rarely around children, rarely holds other babies and is afraid he will “break” them. I know he is going to be an amazing father and I can’t wait for him to hold ours for the first time. We don’t know what we are having, which I love, and the instant we see her/him it’s going to be love at first sight! Thanks so much for writing this letter and posting for all of us to read!

  16. well i’m tearing up… just plopped a few on my one month’s old head after reading this. dads & daughters are a magical thing. <3

  17. oh dear.
    these are just so incredible.
    those cheeks….i’m melting into my seat, currently.
    she is so so so adorable jen. i can’t wait to watch her grow up on your blog 🙂 that seems weird and sort of creepy to say but i think you know what i mean! she is absolutely gorgeous and i love the softness of these photos,

  18. Such a sweet letter. I am about to give birth to a baby girl (our first baby) any day and I too cannot wait to see my husband hold her and watch as his heart softens and changes in a way he couldn’t imagine. I have been writing to my little girl in a journal throughout my pregnancy and hopefully will always continue to do so throughout her life. Rowan is so beautiful and I just love her chubby cheeks! :o)

  19. This is incredible.

  20. Awww, I started crying reading this. You are such an adorable family. My husband and I really want to have children but we just can’t afford it yet. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful baby; I wish you all the best of luck in your growth as a family.

  21. How beautiful! A family is a magical thing 🙂

  22. Lovely post. I have recently seen my dear husband become a father, and an amazing one at that. It really is a remarkable and beautiful thing to witness. 🙂

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this! Me and the hubs are in a place where we hope that babies are becoming a very real reality and I know he’s terrified! I know he’ll be great, but he just doesn’t know that yet 🙂 Congrats on this sweet family!

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