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Wanna hear some crazy news? I signed up to play on a co-ed indoor soccer team with Kev. haha. Don’t ask me why. I am not sporty at all. I am a tomboy and I like running but that does not translate well into organized sports. I am so super nervous. Our first game is tonight. Some how they convinced me to think it will be fun to play with Kev and our 2 other couple friends that are on the team as well. Ahh I am so nervous. I don’t know the first thing about soccer. Wish me luck!

I feel much more at home with a pair of colored tights, a pretty dress and a scarf around my neck wondering around in the brush. That seems more like me. This cardigan is my new staple. I pretty much wear it over everything I own everyday. Oh J.Crew you can do me no wrong!
Tunnel Scarf: Made by me
Cardigan: J.Crew
Dress: c/o Kissing Tree Vintage
Tights: ? Maybe Vera by Vera Wang
Flats: My sister

P.S This tunnel scarf and a handful of others will be up in my etsy shop at the end of the week. I will make an announcement on Thursday when they are all set and up for sale!

  1. My boyfriend plays on an indoor coed team as well and though he begged me to join, I A) have never played soccer and B) didn’t know how I would find the time with student teaching hahah. And those scarves are amazing, I want to snatch one up!

  2. Good luck :).
    LOVE the tunnel scarf and I can see that cardigan being an all time favorite! Have a great day.

  3. How sweet, really love this outfit. GREAT tights.
    While dresses, tights & cardigans DO seem more like you, somehow I picture you running around in a gym playing soccer! Have fun!!!!

  4. Love the colour of the scarf and your lipstick together! Have fun playing soccer – whenever we played in high school I volunteered to do the play-by-play commentary 🙂

  5. Lovely outfit! The tights complement the dress perfectly, and it’s a really good team with the khaki cardi! <3 Good luck with the soccer – thanks God my boyfriend isn't interested in this sport at all 😀

  6. I love the earthiness of the mustard scarf and brown cardi with the bright purple tights, what a great unexpected combination!

    Good luck at your soccer game! My SO is a pretty serious soccer player too – fortunately he knows better than to invite my uncoordinated self onto the field 🙂

    the other emily

  7. Good luck playing football (or soccer) today, it will be fun. Once you start playing you’ll forget about being nervous and just hvae a blast! Love your outfit, the colours are gorgeous together.

  8. Such a great outfit, I love the mix of unexpected colours. Good luck with your soccer, you’ll do wonderful!

  9. Love your outfit 🙂 The tunnel scarf looks brilliant with your cardi – love those colours 🙂
    Enjoy the footie!

  10. This is a beautiful cowl! You have such a talent for anything creative its amazing. Have fun at the soccer game 😀

  11. The soccer idea is so fun! I think it will end up being way fun. But I would also be intimidated. I think I have bad memories from 9th grade P.E. that has ruined a lot of indoor sports for me, haha.

    Love the dress. I need to pick up some vintage pieces for my wardrobe. I play it too safe sometimes!

  12. I love everything about this outfit… the floral dress, the color of your scarf the vibrant tights… sweater. Great outfit!


  13. I’ve heard those leagues are really low key and fun. I hope you have an amazing time!

  14. i love how you pulled out the gold and purple from the dress. On paper it might not ‘sound’ right, but that way you styled it is SO right. Really great Jen!

  15. Oh, I looove the colors together in this outfit! They’re unexpected but work very well.

  16. Such a fun winterization of a springy dress. I adore the gold scarf with the pinks and purples! (Let’s be honest–I adore the scarf, period…)

  17. I love this dress!!

  18. What a gorgeous outfit! So bright and colorful!

  19. I love the olive and purple with a floral break in between. I played on a kickball team for work last year. I was nervous for every game and was not a good player but it was a fun and humbling experience.

  20. that scarf is amazing! i love the color combos in this outfit.

  21. this is adorable! love how the dress compliments your figure. oh and don’t worry about the soccer game- good for you for signing up! i’ve done this in the past with my husband and the nervousness always turns into fun. good luck!

  22. I really enjoy your blog. I think you have a great style…not one that I can pull off, but I love how different everyone is in how they dress. Anyways, I hope this encourages you today.

    P.S. As far as soccer tonight. Start out as a defender. I played indoor soccer (the first soccer stint I have ever played) with my husband years ago and I was completely frustrated by not knowing how to do footwork. The team stuck me in as a defender and I stopped many goals from being scored.

  23. Hi Jen,

    TUNNEL SCARFS! Am I the only one that just set a reminder for myself for Thursday?!

    I’m not sure whether that’s cool or just sad. Hahahaha.

    Anyway, as usual I love your outfit! And hey, soccer could be fun…it’s kind of like running, but with just kicking the ball here and there (if you can even get to the ball, which I never could). So basically, it’s just running for me. Oh well! 🙂

    All the best!

    Kristen XO

  24. I love your little princess leia buns. They work with your playfully pretty outfit.

  25. Good luck with your soccer game tonight!

    I love your beautiful outfit, and especially the color scheme. You look like you’re in a little magical wonderland! 🙂

  26. Haha – I’m sure you’ll do just fine with soccer!

    I played on an intramural team at school with my boyfriend and a bunch of our friends – We had a blast!! Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just run around, kick and be confident – No one will know the difference!

  27. I love the tunnel scarf! I am terribly jealous of your knitting skills! The color choice is also superb. Good luck tonight! I feel your nervousness – I am not athletic at all. Hope it’s fun!

  28. I love the colors in this look–they brighten up winter! And to me, winter needs as much brightening as it can get! Love the tunnel scarf as well.

  29. super cute jen! i played indoor soccer and LOVED it! i’m sure you will too! it’s great exercise and i’m sure it’ll be super fun to play with kev! 🙂

  30. I think this is my first post ever on Jen Loves Kev; I’m one of those silent but regular readers. I just wanted to say that I’m so excited to see your tunnel scarves for sale! The scarf you’re wearing is so cute, and I’ve been looking for something just like yours. I’ll be sure to check in on Thursday, and I hope I’m on it enough to snag one up from your shop!

  31. Kristina •

    Hey Jen,
    Love the look and the snow!!! So hot where I am. Any chance you’ll do a tutorial on how u make your tunnel scarves?? I love em.

  32. Are you still making those scarves? I’d love to buy one if you are. Let me know!

  33. Of all the coed recreational sports I have played, soccer has always been the least organized and therefore easiest for non-experienced players to learn! You will have fun!

  34. you’re so adorable!

  35. Damn girl u r sooo skinny!!!

  36. rebekah kessler •

    how’s the game go?!

  37. Love the outfit. Adding a little color to your tights during a cold winter is fun. I know i live to mix it sometimes too.

  38. This is totally something I would wear. Dress this length, cardigan that length, colored tights and cozy scarf. Love the color combination here! So creative!

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