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I have to say I feel very Max Fischer in this outfit. No, its not a red beret or a navy blazer but maybe more like a new and improved Max Fischer. Oh man I love that movie. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Maybe I should get these pencils.

Anyways, I really love how this outfit came together. I started with the blazer and kinda went from there. I added the chambray shirt and then tried on a couple skirts, until I settled on this lace one. I just got these shoes the other day and I really love them. Forever 21 has some great shoes right now. I like buying better quality shoes but you really can’t beat the price of the shoes at forever 21. Whoops. I saw these same shoes in a navy suede and I really wanted those too but couldn’t find my size. Probably a good thing. This cute beret was a Delightful Dozen Secret Santa gift from my lovely friend Julie. Thanks my dear!

Blazer: LOFT
Chambray Shirt: Target
Lace Skirt: Target
Brooch: My Grandma’s
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Beret: DD Secret Santa Gift (Thank you Julie)

  1. Bah I totally have that exact skirt and a chambray blouse and I never thought to pair the two together! I think I might have to try to recreate this outfit tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Also those platforms are beautiful, f21 kills me!

  2. This is such a cute outfit, I love it!
    And I love the setting also!

  3. You look so cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! They look like they would hurt me though, I have pretty wide feet.

  4. you look stunning, love the blazer, it suits you very well!

  5. Love the outfit! You do have great taste! And, um, where did that baby weight all go? You look incredible!! =-) Happy Thursday!

  6. I actually said “ooooh” out loud when my screen loaded and I saw the first photo! I love the mix of pattern and texture you have going on here! That blazer is such a fantastically unexpected piece!

  7. Everyone seems to have the same lace skirt from Target and it looks great on everyone. Why didn’t I buy it when I had the chance?

  8. love the beret & stripes.. you look french chic!

  9. Jen, I really really like this outfit – I don’t know what it is about it, but it just works so well and really seems like you!

  10. how cute are those shoes! and the sweater, you got great style lady!

  11. LOVE the blazer, and the shoes don’t LOOK like Forever XXI at all. I was expecting them to be Jeffery Campbell or something.

  12. That blazer is so cool! I’ve seen tons of striped cardigans but never a striped blazer like this and it’s seriously awesome! You do seem like you belong at Rushmore!

  13. J’ADORE! Those little running into the frame pics are great. I love love love this look.

  14. Any reference to Rushmore is good in my book! You look lovely!

  15. hehe- i could see a little girly version of max fisher. so funny. and i love those pencils. i saw them around christmas time and was so so tempted!

  16. Okay I thought you were pretty cool before, but now that I know you’re a Rushmore fan I’m crushing pretty hard. I’ve been admiring that LOFT blazer for awhile and just adore the Max-ish way you styled it 🙂

  17. The lace skirt makes the whole outfit – ladylike and quirky and preppy and oh so chic. And I definitely need some navy tights!

  18. love your blazer and totally agree with you on the f21 shoes– i got my first pair after seeing so many bloggers wearing them! i thought to myself, “they can’t be that bad!” they really translate well in pictures! love it!


  19. I love how you styled that blazer with the denim and lace…I have that blazer and next time I style it I think you will be my inspiration.

  20. jen….you just, you really need to stop okay? this isn’t fair anymore and i’m not playing around, i’m sneaking into your house and stealing your wardrobe. it’s totally unfair to girls like me who have to see you wearing these insanely adorable outfits every single day…that i don’t get to wear. it’s mean really.

    okay, i’m obviously kidding but it does sometimes get tough to open your blog because i’m just like “damn, that outfit is phenomenal…why can’t have i her clothes” haha…not that it stops me from reading your blog though. it’s still one of my favourites. i just get insane pangs of jealousy, that’s all.

    kay, love you!! xo.

  21. I need to go to Forever 21, those shoes are adorable! Love em.


  22. Loooove the blazer (well, the whole outfit, really) but especially the blazer! I fell in love during one of my many visits to LOFT and when I went back to actually but it, it was gone. True story :/ But glad you have it and posted some pictures. It definitely looks awesome on you 😉

  23. Oops. I meant BUY it. 😉

  24. loving the jacket!

  25. I love any and all Wes Anderson films, so this outfit and the reference made me smile! F21 shoes are great for trying out trends and adding versatility to your shoe wardrobe. Are they comfortable? I usually have the problem of buying F21 shoes that look super cute but are completely unwearable for day-to-day activities.

  26. That coat was my favorite from the Loft preview pics you posted. I waited patiently for the store to start carrying it. I love how you paired it with the neutral beret!

  27. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand another blogger in the lace Target skirt…you totally redeemed yourself! This is BY FAR the best remix of this skirt on the web. Bravo, Jen.

  28. I love this outfit and want every piece especially the blazer! Great stuff!

  29. I almost died when I saw you got that lace skirt at target, I love it! The blazer is awesome too! You’re right this outfit did come together great!

  30. love this look – i love the mix of colors and textures 🙂 super cute.
    and your baby keeps getting more and more adorable! ekk. i love her.

  31. First timer to your blog site. I love your style and did you really just have a baby not too long ago? You look amazing! Not only that but you find time to post AND you don’t look exhausted. My little girl is 15 months and I still am impressed I have clean clothes on for work.
    Look forward to following you!

  32. Cute, cute, cute! I love this! The lace skirt & the blazer are gorgeous, and I love the little brooch you added to it!

  33. I love this! I never would have thought of putting these items together. I find such inspiration in your fashion choices. So many mom’s get all frumpy when they have kids but you’re just as stylish as ever. I could be asking too much but I would love to read about how you put your outfits together. Do just randomly try things on? Maybe you have specific inspiration for each outfit? I’m curious! Also, you do a fabulous job styling with belts which I fail miserably at, so you know, if you ever did a post with how-to’s that would be amazing. Although I’m betting most of your readers already have all of this down. I’m a little behind the curve in this area. 🙂

  34. That blazer is SWEET!

  35. I am a fan of that Blazer. I just love blazers though, I’m kind of a sucker for them.

  36. I did NOT buy this blazer when I saw it at LOFT and have regretted it every day since (of course its now sold out EVERYWHERE). you styled it just lovely.

  37. love your wedges and lace skirt!!!

  38. you look adorable!

  39. Very cute outfit. great use of color.

  40. i think this is maybe one of my favorite outfits i’ve ever seen you wear. totally max fischer, but even better….and those pencils….totally need to happen.


  41. It makes me so happy to see you in that LOFT blazer. I was eyeballing it as soon as I saw it in the store, but didn’t end up buying it because I’m just not a blazer gal. It looks fabulous on you though. I’m happy it made it into such a wonderful closet. It’s probably partying all night with the rest of your fun clothes. 😉

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