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The winter is back in full force here this week. It is cold! Last week was such a tease. I think I could really get use to 50 degree weather in the winter. That sounds pretty perfect to me. Anyways, when winter hits I pretty much bury myself in winter coats. I hate being cold. I feel like I start collecting coats like I do necklaces or some other kind of accessory. This coat is one of my new favorites. It’s not as warm as I would like it to be but with a sweater underneath it does the trick. Do you have a favorite coat? How long do you usually keep a coat? I seem to never throw them out. I have coats from over 5 years ago still. Whoops.
BB Dakota Jacket: Lulu’s
Jeggings (ugh I hate that word): Target
Dexter Shoes: Thrifted from Savers

  1. coat envy. every time.

  2. i. am. IN. LOVE. with that coat!!

  3. Umm… i have a long, wool coat that i’ve had since high school — over 15 yrs ago!

  4. I hate that word too. I think it has negative connotations to a lot of people but I mean, look how cute they are on you?!? And SO COMFY. And Ugh. I LOVE that coat.

  5. I adore this coat. It’s so fabulous. Veronika

  6. The coat is beautiful. I also collect coats, living in Canada it’s necessary to have a coat to suit every temperature, as I’m sure you know!

  7. that jacket! no words.

    well, just one: amazing!

  8. this coat is pretty sweet. i just bought a really nice raincoat at llbean that i expect to last ten or fifteen years. obviously a raincoat doesn’t see as much wear as a regular winter coat, but if you have a bunch that you rotate in and out they should last that long too if they’re good quality. you’ll probably have to do some mending every few years of lining and buttons, but the coat will still be functional and look decent.

  9. oh. i am in love with that coat! how neat that it’s longer in the back than the front. love!

  10. Such a great coat…totally spices up any outfit!!

  11. Oh man. I thought I was the only one who hated the word “jeggings”! Why is it so hard for people do say “denim leggings”? I get made fun of all the time by friends for my distaste.

    That coat is amazing. Living down south, coats don’t get much of a work out so its fun to see others work them! I am all about that southwestern print!

  12. That is pretty much a perfect coat. Definitely envying it right now.

  13. This coat is soo cool. I feel no need to throw out a coat unless it is really out of style or doesnt fit me anymore. A coat will always provide warmth no matter how old it is. Usually.

  14. I love that jacket! I’m all about patterned and pretty outerwear since in the winter that’s pretty much all anyone sees. I have a bunch of coats that I keep forever too. I like to match them to my outfits – is that weird? Haha.

  15. I love this style file! That jacket is so great!

  16. Wow! I love the coat and the shoes!

  17. that coat is amazingly cute

  18. Gorgeous coat! I went coat hunting during the first day of sales, not very successful :/ My coats are all pretty nice but not warm enough for the cold spell we’ve been having. I was searching for something with a fur trimmed hood just like yours. I hope my next attempt will go smoother.

  19. You can never have to many coats, the more choice you have the more variety for different outfits and moods. Plus coats are usually pricey, so you want to get your money’s worth out of them. This coat is a pure treat, its cool and quirky. Love it. Amy x

  20. love the coat- seriously love it! I’m with you, I keep coats forever, some of which are entirely too big, but they are so cozy. 🙂

  21. That is such an original coat, I love it!

  22. That coat pattern is so unique- great find! Looks so cozy too. You look great- I’m so bad at dressing fashionably in the winter so this is great!

  23. Wow I’m actually in love with this coat. I can’t seem to throw my coats out either… I have a teal one now that I love, but this is it’s third season, and I’m pretty sure it’s faded to a different shade of teal… I take that as a sign that it needs to go pretty soon.

  24. love that coat! and personally, i refuse to call them “jeggings,” especially since my otherwise darling boyfriend gets some kind of verbal tic every time he hears that word and just keeps repeating it, incessantly, as if “JEGGINGS!” was an appropriate dinnertime interjection. hmmph! i try to stick with “denim leggings” as much as possible 🙂

  25. That coat is amazing!! You wear it very well. I really love this outfit on you, very nice

  26. AMAZING coat–it looks like a vintage Pendleton jacket!

    I keep some coats forever, and give some away quickly. My favorite coat has been in my closet since I was 14 (gasp!–I know). It’s long black wool, with a fitted waist and flared bottom, with black velvet collar and cuffs. It’s SO Victorian–I adore it. It came with traditional gold buttons, which I removed in college and replaced with leather ones, and then replaced again last year with some beautiful vintage black jet ones. It’s one of my favorite clothing items!

  27. This is such a great sweater. And those jeggings look great even if the name is kind of icky.

  28. I know what you mean about the weather here – I was so happy when I could go out in just a sweater. And now its back to freezing. yay :/

    That coat is AMAZING! I’m seriously crushing….

    And I have a few coats, but my favorite and most worn one I have had for 5 years now. I still love it.

  29. Oh this coat… I’m in love.
    The whole outfit is dang cute. Stay warm!

  30. I hate the word “jeggings” too. But I LOVE your jacket. Sometimes I get jealous seeing everyone else all bundled up for the winter, and I ALWAYS turn green when I see the snow. But then I remember how cold makes me feel – cutting through my body and taking all warmth with it – and the envy disappears as I realize I’m very content with 50 degree lows and a smattering of rain constituting “bad weather”.

  31. looking pretty SKINNY there missy!

  32. OMG!! I hate you Jen, I was craving for this coat for a long time, but it is still too expensive for me :(((

  33. I love this coat so much.
    You are so gorgeous and I am a huge fan of your blog!

  34. why would you ever throw out your coats if they are as lovely as this one?! seriously.

  35. Krystal •

    Hey Jen:)
    So cute!
    Um when you can … Can you email about cloth diapers?? I’m curious what kind you use and how you like them!! I’m expecting baby #3 in May (yup I feel crazy!) and am cloth diapering for the first time:):) we finally have our own washer and dryer!! Up until now we have always rented places and had coin op ones… So yes now finally I get to use cloth! So exciting! I’m just researching all the brands though and it’s overwhelming!
    Thx ahead of time:)

  36. Such an amazing coat! I feel like I get to live vicariously through you and other NE bloggers, because you get to wear such darling coats. Although, I was up north last week and did not love the actual weather! So perhaps I’ll just keep looking at your cute coats and looking at my palm trees!

  37. Ooohh, I love your coat!!
    The length, the pattern – it looks great!

  38. I put a link to your website on my latest blog post -> right here :
    I guess you probably can’t read French so here’s a little translation : I’m saying that I bought my first Ruche dress and that I discovered this website thanks to my very favorite blog of 2010 : Jen Loves Kev !!! Just letting you know, maybe it’ll give you more French readers!
    Have a good day Jen!

  39. I love this one! Especially the jacket and shoes. Awesome!

  40. love the coat! its adorable!

  41. Oh my god, in New England, coats ARE accessories! 🙂 At least, that’s how I justify my packrat coat obsession…I have cargo, down, and wool numbers, some dating as far back as high school…and I’m currently waiting for an olive-green duffle coat from ASOS to arrive! A warm coat is the sartorial equivalent to a heaping bowl of mac n’ cheese.

    LOVE how you rock that amazing BB Dakota number! Jen, you look amazing…I’m beginning to think your ability to rock as a new mom and continue styleblogging is superhuman!

    xoxo Kacy

  42. That coat is beyond gorgeous! Such a great purchase.

  43. Jen – I LOVE those shoes! You call them “Dexter shoes”. I know you thrifted them, but what actual brand are they? Is it Dexter or something? I’m looking for shoes like them. Thanks!

  44. Love your coat and shoes! You look great!

  45. Sarah M. •

    Jealous! I only have three winter coats; I keep them until they aren’t wearable as I can’t spend a lot of money on a bunch. 🙁 I also refuse to have credit card debt so I can’t have a coat wardrobe unfortunately. Boo. I have a long charcoal grey one with a tie waist that I wear with dress clothes for work, a winter white waist length peacoat, and a ski parka by Columbia in light blue.

  46. Sarah M. •

    Oh and I have had the parka for more than 7 years and I got the winter white peacoat I got on sale for $25. The dress coat I got on a half-off sale for $75.

  47. I love love love the pattern and colors on that coat, and the little tail in the back is a cute touch.

  48. LOL, jeggings – I tried on a pair of those today. But did you see the “pajama jeans” LOL! the infomercial is so funny.

  49. i ADORE this coat. it’s gorgeous, and it looks amazing on you.

    i’m guilty of hanging on to coats for way too long – i’m talking freshman year of college old. i just threw out a couple from high school!

  50. Embarrassing fact. I sometimes wear the coat my parents bought for me when I was in the 5th grade! (I am 27 now!) It was enormous when it was new, but now it fits perfectly!

  51. […] overheat. I love this coat and I’m in good company becuase Jen from Jen Loves Kev wore it here and Bonnie from Flashes of Style wore it here. These ladies both have amazing (yet different) […]

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