Year in Review: July-Oct.

So, let’s finish this up. These are my absolute favorites from the whole year. It’s funny how when you look back at your pregnant self, all you remember is how much you loved it. I will say I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up my outfit posts and getting so creative with staying away from maternity wear.


September: These 2 pictures are very special because they are taken right before Rowan was born. The one on the Right was taken on Friday and Rowan was born Sunday Morning.


I am leaving out November and December because I feel like I just recapped them for the 30 for 30.
I am excited to see how my style changes in 2011!!

  1. Ohhhhhh that navy dress from July is SO SO beautiful!

  2. I love the 3rd picture from october! Its so nice to look back through the year and see how everything’s developed! 🙂

  3. Krystal •

    I love the lace shirt the best! My absolute fav. outfit:) I also like the one from right before Rowan was born:)
    I’m preggo with baby #3 and you’ve inspired me to dress well!!!:)

  4. Love, love, love! I love that you stayed away from maternity wear and that you made a point to look fab everyday! I hope to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. i am so impressed with your maternity style! love it!

  6. Wow! I just found you through What Would A Nerd Wear 🙂

    I absolutely love your style… can’t wait to see what you bring in 2011!!

  7. I love the one with the shorts, cardigan, and tank top. You were such a cute pregnant lady! You did a great job of looking adorable and not turning to frumpy maternity clothes!

  8. you definitely rocked the best maternity style I’ve ever seen. You’re my maternity style hero and you had better believe I will have your example in mind when I decide to have a baby someday!

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