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Happy Monday Everyone!!!
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Just wanted to say that I started a little inspirational tumblr site over the weekend. It’s a way for me to keep/share everything I star in my google reader throughout the week. I’m sure it will also be home to a lot of random pictures of Kev, Rowan and I that don’t really have a home here on this blog. I hope you will check it out and enjoy the things that keep me feeling creative and inspired.

*haha this picture cracks me up. It’s a screen shot of my family and I having a video chat with my sister in Alberta.

  1. what a pretty tumblr! i’m looking forward to following it. looks like we already like many of the same things, like fancy treehouse and dear baby!

    La Rizada

  2. Welcome to Tumblr!!! I have 3 blogs all on tumblr. – randomness – letter to my baby (8 weeks old) – cooking

    I’ve had these blogs for a while now, so if you have any questions about anything – let me know!

  3. Why haven’t we skyped yet!?

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