Year in Review: April-June 2010

So maybe this is boring to everyone but I guess maybe I am just doing it for myself. I love looking back and seeing my belly growing. It’s so funny to me now that Rowan is here and we know her, to think back to the time when she was just growing in my belly. That our smiley, little chubby cheeked baby use to call my stomach her home. So weird. haha. Anyways, I love seeing the progression thru all these photos. Here are my favorites from April- June…




The 4th one in June is one of my absolute favorite Pregnancy outfits. I love that outfit. I should wear again now that I am not pregnant. Hmmmm…..

  1. you may well have been the most beautiful and stylish mama-to-be ever! 🙂

  2. I love how relaxed and happy you look in the 4th picture of April!

  3. I love these! You really rocked the prints in June. Such a well-styled baby bump. Cute!

  4. mega babe! Rowan has one stylin’ mommy!

  5. i love that you’re doing the year in review outfit posts! it’s so much fun to look back on your style & see how you adjusted your outfits for your growing belly. you’re adorable!

  6. Not boring at all!

    I started to follow your blgo somewhere this summer and I love to go through these pictures!

  7. I love these year-in-review outfit posts.

    It gives us an opportunity to see looks we may have missed along the way (and I missed a lot, I admit!) and also see how someone’s style evolved throughout the year.

    In your case they are extra special because we get to see your glowing and happy face as you waited for Rowan to arrive!

  8. you are such a cute pregnant gal! love it.

  9. super cute! i always love the year in review outfit posts as well! thanks for sharing!

  10. How fun that you have so many pictures to look back on. I love the 4th June one too, as well as the 4th April one. You are one cute pregnant woman! 🙂

  11. Ooh, here I like April #3 and #4 best! I actually remember searching for a peach cardigan after that post… didn’t find it, here’s hoping for 2011 hehe

  12. Love the pink dress on the 3rd pic!

    Xo Mandy

  13. <3 the first two from April! And, love that you're sharing back-track pics! I've been yearning for some warm weather (spring-like) for the past week. But the midwest is fierce with snow and cold right now 🙁

  14. Stephanie •

    You and I were pergnant the same time last summer and you make pregnancy look so easy to dress around and relaxing. Your clothes are awsome and you look beautiful. If ever I get pregnant again, I will use your photos as dressing inspiration….

  15. Thanks for sharing. I pretty much lost all of my style when I was pregnant, and now with all this extra baby weight, I am lost and in desperate need of a style makeover. You are an inspiration.


  16. Boring?! not at all!!!! my best friend is pregnant and it’s giving me baby fever. you managed to remain just as stylish as always throughout your pregnancy!!

  17. why are you so cute?!

  18. Love that last outfit too! So cute!

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