30 for 30 Round up

Let’s take a look back thru all 30 outfits shall we…

Done and Done.
What do you think. Do you think it was a successful use of 30 items? There are a few things I think I would had switched out but overall I was happy with my choices. Do you have any favorites?

  1. The chartreuse skirt with the plaid top, black cardi, and dotted tights! Love it!

  2. My favorite article of clothing is those green shorts! They are so flattering on you and I loved all the ways you styled them. My favorite outfit is the 2nd one, forth row down (plaid shirt + jacket combo). It might be that awesome chunky scarf…It’s just a fabulous look!

    I hope you have a great holiday Jen! Rowan’s first Christmas must be very special for you & Kev.

  3. I really love the checkered shirt with the reddish-orange tights!

  4. You did great!!! I think #30 was my favorite — I LOVE that black checkered shirt, so much!

    Thanks for joining in sweet girl! XO

  5. You did such a great job of creating really diverse looks. It doesn’t look like there are only 30 items here, that’s for sure!

  6. You did awesome! I love all the different outfits that you did! You are so stylish!

  7. I basically love every outfit! You have great style and a great wardrobe!

  8. I love almost every outfit! You look great and your wardrobe inspired me!

  9. I love ALL of these! you did an awesome job. my favourites are the first one, third row from the top; the last one in the fifth row; and the third one in the sixth row! they’re STUNNING.

  10. Love that mustard pencil skirt!

    Your styling was amazing… this doesn’t even look like a challenge for you because every outfit you put together is so great!

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