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Yesterday was pretty disastrous. Rowan was in the worst mood ever. Every time I tried to put her down she would scream. I don’t know if she wasn’t feeling well or what, but my long list of things do was making me feel very frustrated with the situation. After awhile you just have to give up what you wanted to do and be her mommy. It really makes it better for everyone when you take the pressure off. There really was no time to take any kind of nice outfit picture yesterday. This is all I got. Me in front of my messy book case in a giant sweater and flowy blouse. Outfit 29.

Sweater H&M
Blouse: Tucker for Target
Jeans: UO
Flats: Target

We spent most of the day on the couch…

  1. I’m sorry Rowan was out of sorts yesterday 🙁 those are harder days for mommy forsure!!! But you did the perfect thing:) it’s amazing how everything else pales in comparisson to your baby:) it seems nothing else matters but making them feel better and keeping them happy:) I hope she is back to normal for Christmas! Merry Christmas ! I love your blog andnlove reading about Rowan!
    Ps- what is your cat’s name? Love him/her!

  2. I love love love that last photo, so incredibly adorable! What a keeper!

  3. I know days like that can be frustrating. The best thing to do is give up on anything that you wanted to do and enjoy it. I think sometimes it’s Gods way of making us stop and smell the roses… snuggling with baby.

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I really like this outfit! it’s simple, cozy, classic. And your hair looks really great in these photos (your hair always looks good, but looks really really good in the top photo). Is you hair naturally wavy like that?? I wish mine was like that 🙁
    I have such thick straight hair all i basically do with it is wear it down (i like it curled but i just don’t have the patience to do it myself). And forget trying to get it up in a nice up-do – i can do a pontail, but that just seems so childish to me.
    Anyways – you look good!!! Rowan’s santa pic on facebook is super cute by the way – gotta love those cheeks!

  5. Hang in there, hon. You will look back on that last picture and remember this day fondly, even though you might want to screech right now. You’re on mommy time.

  6. Rebekah kessler •

    Love this post. It’s so real.

  7. Haha – Seriously Jen, I hope I look half as good as you do when dealing with a cranky baby someday … I really like the outfit – Very much my style – Comfy, yet pulled-together.

  8. you look lovely as always. the Santa picture could not be any more perfect. i wish you and your little family a very happy Christmas. kids bring a whole new element of awesome to the holidays and life in general. Rowan is a doll!

  9. I hope Rowen is doing better today. My son had a day or two like that when he was a few months old and it turned out to be an ear infection. Just wanted to pass that on in case she’s still irritable. When my son was like that I had no idea it could be an ear infection until a girlfriend of mine told me about her similar experience with her daughter. Mommies need to stick together!

  10. I love the last photo, so adorable.

  11. We’ve been having a week like this too. When I can’t get to anything on my to-do list, I try to remember what Dr. Sears says – I am doing something, the most important thing, by being there for my baby. (Baby Hudson is also just about 14 weeks old. Maybe it’s just the age they are at?) But it does make for an exhausting day, doesn’t it? Hope your day was better today.
    Merry Christmas to your family!

  12. There will be a TON of days like that but that’s how it is. You looked really cute anyways and ready to tackle that couch,bubba and anything else coming your way. 🙂
    xo MODELmumma

  13. I know that is soo frustrating, it seems like when that happens, I go and do something with my baby, like go shopping or hang out with family because she loves to be around other people. Every wednesday it seems like she gets in this mood…its weird!!

  14. Ack… I hate days like that. My son is almost 11 months and still has days like that. I have to listen to him scream just so I can pee/cook dinner/feed his big bro. They’re the pits… glad she seems to be doing better today!

  15. this outfit is really cute- love messy bookcases, they’re the only kind of bookcases to have

  16. You look adorable! And I loooove that last photo. It is so cute!! Your kitty looks rather pudgy. (:

  17. Aw my mum tells me that I was like that pretty much all the time! She would always have to put me in my carrier and take me everywhere around the house with her so I could watch otherwise I would just scream and scream. I love the way you did the first photo! Love the cardi! And that picture of you, rowan and your cat is so cute! 🙂

  18. oh, my. that photo of you with rowan on the couch with your cat is just melting my heart. you are blessed!

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